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<1 class="main-title">Zac Dysert Film Study

Zac Dysert is struggling to get tings going on a consistent level in Mobile. On te biggest stage,itis competition breating donis neck, Dysertasn’t taken full advantage of tis enormous opportunity.

Tis comes to my utter surprise as Dysertas made a career of soing up on te biggest stage. Dysertas fantastic in a loss to Oio State tis season. I counted seven dropped balls in te contest, some oficere drops in crunc time or in big spots. Tat pretty muc sums up Dysert’s career at Miami of Oio.eas 20-27 against Boise State. As a true fresman,e tre at a 70 percent clip against a Cincinnati team tat finised eigt in te country.

Dysertad tree coordinators inis four seasons.eas a relative no-name from Ada, Oio tatas emerged from Ben Roetlisberger’suge sado to break all of Big Ben’s passing records. If you’re looking for an eperienced starter, look no furter tan Dysert. Outside of Matt Barkley, youon’t find a more seasoned quarterback in te draft.e’s played in a sle of offensive scemes, sometimesit aodgepodge of offensive principles. In 2012, Dysertad little to noelp from te running game, a porous offensive line, and very fe legitimateeapons.

Tere’s no doubt tat Dysertas te skill set to compete for a starting gig at te net level. Tere’s also a lot to be frustratedit in Dysert. A four-year starter souldave a grasp on simple defensive concepts. Dysert, often,ill make mistakes against very simple concepts. It’s maddening toatcim play outstanding and miss aang corner to tro a pick si. Just about every collegiate quarterback could be criticized for locking onto teir first read, but Dysert does itit regularity. It leads to batted balls and costly picks.

Iill look at all te aspects of Dysert’s game, bot negative and positiveit a conclusion at te end tat may surprise.


Zac Dysert doesn’t possess te arm strengt of Mike Glennon or Ryan Nassib. Tat said,e can make every tro on te field. Te Miami offenseas based on te quick passing game tis season, so its a rarity to see Dysert making te deep out from te oppositeas. Don Treadell spent muc of te seasoniding an atrocious offensive line, particularly te interior. Tey used a lot ofest coast principles to get te ball out quick. It doesn’t allo for muc evaluation of Dysert’s arm strengt but it can be seenen Dysert is on te roll,ic Treadell did often tis season.en youave a porous offensive line, you tro quick or move te pocket. Miami did plenty of bot tis season ande look at a playere Dysert is backed up inis endzone and tey rollim out. A dangerous play but it’s a real opportunity to see te arm talent tat Dysert possesses. Oio State is in a quarters lookit te free safety getting nosey in te backfield.

Dysert can’t setis feetit Jonatanankins bearing don onim. Dysert could ceck tis one don into te flats (87) bute decides to takeis sot as teyon’t come often against Oio Stateitis receivers. Dysertas to make a great troit Brad Roby’s closing speed and te free safetyorking back over te top. Tis is a great eample of Dysert troingis receiver open and soing plus arm strengt.

For tose counting, tat’s 45 yards offis back foot, inis on endzoneit Jonatanankins ready to makeim a permanent fiture of te Oio Stadium grass. Tis ball is as perfect as you can tro. O by teay, it’s just one of seven drops in tis contest.

Dysert gets gets a toig safety lookit te boundary corner backpedaling to 17 yards dept pre-snap. An easy read but difficult ball to fit into a tigtindo. Te boundary corner is going to attempt to get a ‘bang’ on te vertical receiver aseas responsibility to number toorking intois flats.

Te corner doesn’t get enoug of a ‘bang’ on te vertical receiver ase’s unable to re-routeim enoug off te spot. Dysert tros a laser sot into a tigtindo beating te safety to te spot. Tis one goes for big yardage as te safety overpursues te ball instead of making te tackle. Tis is an NFL troit zip and accuracy.


Dysert is emptied outit tree verticalsorking. Ife’s going toit te seam sot,e’s going toave to make a perfect troit zip and accuracy.

Dysertolds te safetyitis eyes and allosis receiver toork beteen te safeties.en Dysert is activeitis eyese canork te middle of te fieldit te best of tem in tis quarterback group.

is eyes make tis play and ten te accuracy and great mecanics take itome. If tis ball is anyere butere it is, tis could be trouble. Dysert releases tis ball asis receiver is on te oppositeas. Tis is picture perfect.


Inevitably, every Miami (O) quarterbackill be compared to te incomparable Ben Roetlisberger. Big Ben’s knack for etending plays and poer are special. Dysert doesn’tave Ben’s size butis ability to keep plays aliveitis atleticism and strengt are eerily reminiscent to Ben. It seems tat every game Dysert makes a play or toit guysanging all overim. Tis is a great eampleit to of te Big Ten’s finestanging all overim.

Tis is a variation of teest coast snag concept. You see a lot of tis in Miami’s 2012 offense. It’s a core concept in teest coast passing game tat gives a triangle stretcere youave ai/lo read (drive to flat)it aorizontal read from inside to outside (snag to flat).

Te left tackle is abused by Jon Simon off te snap. Dysert is a sitting duck aseas Jonatanankins closing Simon pulling te topalf andankinsrapped aroundisaste, Dysert completes tis pass for a first don. Every game tat Iatced of Dysert’seas making tis play at least once.eill surprise youitis atleticism and strengt.


At least a couple times a game, Dysert leaves youanting more.e leaves youonderingo coulde miss te read. It can be summed up in tis one play.

ere’s a trueest coast snag play. #1ill run te snagit #2orking beind on te corner route and te back coming out running te flat. I couldn’t tell but it looks like it’s cover tree to te field. Basic read and sould be a gimme into te flats. Dysert doesn’t read te corner bailing and forces te corner route into te meat of te coverage.

Easy pick for Travisoard as Dysert tros into te coverage. Te flats areide openit te field corner bailing in cover tree and te safety lined up over #2 dropping rigt into te snag zone. Tis sould be a first don, instead it’s a turnover inside teir on 20. It could be an issueit Dysert pressing as tese situations seem to come upenis team is don big.atever it is, Dysertas to grasp coverages at te net level and be able to takeat te defense is givingim regardless of te score or situation.

Like all of te 2013 quarterbacks tere are donsidesit Dysert. 1). Locking onto first read, 2). Strugglesit basic reads, 3). Missesigene misses. All correctable concerns tat sould comeitis integration into an NFL system.

Te good nes if you’re a team drafting Dysert is tat you get eperience tatas productive despite inadequateeapons and system canges. Dysert doesn’tave tat cannon arm bute soed tatead te arm talent to make all te accuracy is better tan advertised and may tro one of te best deep balls of any quarterback in tis draft, including Geno Smit.

I promised a surprise and it may be a surprise to only a fe tataven’tatcedim or just judging by Senior Boleek. Dysert is going to competeit te Ryan Nassib’s of teorld for a selection at te top of round to.

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