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UCLA junior DT Kenny Clark talks aboutis draft grade serving as motivation but doesn’t commit tois draft status.

Clark received a second round grade from te NFL Draft Advisory Committee. Te big DTelpedimself tis season soingeas te atleticism to goit te poer epected of a 310 pound nose tackle.

Te concernit most nose tackles iseter tere’s value in to-don players as most come off te field on obvious passing dons. Tis isere te value liesit Clark andy I tinke’ll be a first round pick. Clark soed te ability to useis strengt and nimble feet to pus te pocket on passing dons.ilee’s certainly not an Aaron Donald-like interior pass ruser,eas sone doesn’tave to come off te field on tird don.

Clearly, Clarkill makeis NFL money as a run stuffer butis ability to disrupt te interior on passing dons presents te upside in today’s NFL. Clark talks aboutis draft grade in te video belo bute’s non-committal onis future. Underclassmenave until January 18 to declare for te 2016 NFL Draft and Iould epect Clark to trois name into tatat.

LINK: Kenny Clark on NFL Draft grade

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