The “Suck for Luck” Power Rankings

Posted by Brad On September – 28 – 2011
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Let the Sucking for Luck begin

Last week as I began to write my NFL Power Rankings article, I realize how pointless the rankings are in the grand scheme of what NFL’s Future does.  We decided a true measurement that works with our site is the “Suck for Luck” Power Rankings because that is truly what we are interested in.  Wins and losses that help or hurt a team’s chance of drafting Andrew Luck.  The big loser for week three of the NFL season is the Seattle Seahawks with their division win against the Arizona Cardinals.  In the big picture, the Seahawks aren’t good enough to win the sad NFC West and this win is one that they may regret in their battle for Andrew Luck.

I’m never a fan of a fan base rooting for their team to lose so they can get a higher draft selection but in this case you have an opportunity in a once-in-a-lifetime quarterback prospect, so lose away.

1.  Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are in bad shape, losing Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry for the season.  Matt Cassel has been inconsistent throughout his career and KC can’t take the next step with Cassel at the helm.  This organization probably goes a different direction at quarterback and head coach next offseason.  At this point, I don’t a team in worse shape than the Chiefs.

2.  Indianapolis Colts

NO way the Colts risk Peyton Manning in a December comeback.  Without Manning for an entire season, the Colts could be faced with a major decision to make.  After giving Peyton the extension, they lose him for the season and could be in position to take Andrew Luck.  Not exactly how Jim Irsay planned this one to pan out.  But it could be worse than debating between Peyton Manning and maybe the next Peyton Manning.

3.  Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are not this bad on paper but they can’t seem to find ways to pull out games.  They seem disinterested in playing for Tony Sparano and who could blame them after the way the Jim Harbaugh situation was handled by those above.  Sparano is going, probably before season’s end, and they will have a new head man in 2012.  The question is will that unnamed coach be willing to take part in the Chad Henne experiment.  Henne has actually been good this season but it just doesn’t seem that Miami is a good fit at this point.

4.  Minnesota Vikings

Would the Vikings take Luck with 2011 1st rounder, Christian Ponder, waiting in the wings.  That answer is a simple, yes.  There are only a handful of teams in the NFL that would pass on Luck and Minnesota is definitely not one of them, despite what my emailers say.  You don’t pass on a legitimate franchise QB that is one of the highest rated prospects to come out since 1998.

5.  Seattle Seahawks

I really think the Seahawks will be closer in the hunt for Luck then where I have them this week.  But the win over the Cardinals is a step in the wrong direction.  With each “W” they take a step closer to Tarvaris starting next year.  The Seahawks need to get on board with the “Suck for Luck” campaign.

6.  Denver Broncos

Denver will be Tebow time in the very near future at which point he will have the same opportunities to throw to no one, no running game, and running for his life as Kyle Orton got.  We would really get a chance to see the allegiance for Timmy if the Broncos were in a spot to draft Andrew Luck.   Tebow and Orton would be shipped out of Denver on the first thing steaming.  The fan base would quickly adapt to life without Touchdown Timmy.

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