The “Suck for Luck” Power(less) Rankings – Week 4

Posted by Brad On October – 4 – 2011
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Week four gave us an important matchup in the Suck for Luck rankings; Minnesota vs. Kansas City.  It was a hard fought battle full of QB/Head Coach spats and Donovan McNabb tomfoolery with KC edging out the Vikings and losing ground in for the Stanford sensation.  Miami’s dysfunction is clearly showing and Tony Sparano will be fired mid-season.  A new team, the St. Louis Rams, have emerged this week with their 0-4 start.  It could be real interesting if the Rams emerge from the 2011 season with the number one pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.  Here’s a look at this week’s “Suck for Luck” Power(less) Rankings:

1.  Miami Dolphins

Miami needs next week’s bye week to regroup.  It’s doubtful that they will actually regroup but at least they may have a new coach by the time they play their next game.  The pass defense has been awful and the schedule doesn’t get any easier the rest of the way.  I’m seeing a two win season for the ‘Phins.

Previous Week:  3

2.  Minnesota Vikings

Sorry to say for Viking fans but I see you finishing dead last at the end of the season.  The schedule is brutal and Christian Ponder will probably start in the very near future.  They are running the ball  well and stopping the run but can’t pass or stop the pass.  This is a bad football that needs answers quickly.  And even worse they just lost to last week #1 team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Previous Week:  4

3.  St. Louis Rams

Part of me just didn’t want to believe that the Rams could suck this much…but they do.  Sam Bradford is sophomore slumping while watching most of the game from his back.  He has no weapons around him and the defense CANNOT stop the run.  They are dead last in the league against the run at almost 175 yards/game.  It’s getting bad in St. Louis.

Previous Week:  Unranked

4.  Indianapolis Colts

NO way the Colts risk Peyton Manning in a December comeback.  Without Manning for an entire season, the Colts could be faced with a major decision to make.  Sad to say but Curtis Painter didn’t look too bad last night and is a much better option than Kerry Collins. 

Previous Week:  2

5.  Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs big win over the lowly Vikings may have cost them a chance at Andrew Luck.  Congrats on that win.  The Chiefs are second to last in the NFL in passing yards at 130/game, so they didn’t need Luck anyhow.  I fully expect the Chiefs to come down to the wire in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes with two key games against the Broncos and a November 6th matchup with the Dolphins.  This team appears to be the second most dysfunctional team in the NFL to the Miami Dolphins.  The Head Coach and quarterback are at odds with each other and both are likely to be replaced after this season. 

Previous Week:  1

6.  Denver Broncos

Denver will be Tebow’s city soon enough.  With Kyle Orton’s struggles will come the pressure to play Tebow to see what they got.  With two games against KC, one with Miami, and one with Minnesota the Broncos could be a long shot to win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.  The Broncos are 28th rushing the ball and need help at the RB position.  Knowshon Moreno and Willis McGahee are not long term answers, so it could be a race to Trent Richardson for the Broncos.

Previous Week:  6

7.  Seattle Seahawks

Seattle’s defense is actually pretty good despite not knowing one player on it (ok maybe a couple but not many).  The Seahawks offense is abysmal.  With Tarvaris Jackson at the helm and Marshawn Lynch running the ball the Seahawks are assured of their place in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.  They do have one thing going for them…NFC West.

Previous Week:  5

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