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<1 class="main-title">Star Lotulelei Scouting Report

Star Lotulelei I Uta I DT I 6031 I 320 I Senior

Russ Isabella-US PRESSIRE

40 Time (E): 5.10

Overvie: Versatility is te name of te game in today’s NFL. Te more spots you can fill, te more likely to be aig teams running multiple fronts, tey are looking for playersit sceme diversity. Tat defines everyting I loveit Star Lotulelei. Lotulelei is a fit as a 0-tecnique, 1-tecnique, 3-tecnique, and 5-tecnique. It’s tat versatility tatas analysts invoking comparisons to Baltimore’saloti Ngata. At a sade over 6-foot-3, 320 pounds Lotulelei possesses rare movement skills to goit freakis poer. Lotuleleiill be a 24-year old rookie ase spent to years at Sno College (UT) before signingit Uta in 2010.e started tree contests in 2010 and became a full time starter in 2011 and 2012.

Pass Rus: Overall, Star flases te ability to apply pressure and move te first step is impressive for a man ofis size and sos flases of rare burst.e primarily usedis strengt to bull rus in collegeic led to moving te pocket and increased sack production as a senior.e’s a sudden atleteit ecellent closing burst.en Lotulelei beatsis man off te snapit anticipation/burste near impossible to stop (see 1stalf of USC tape). Te problemit Lotulelei as a pass ruser is tat I used teord flased quite a bit.e doesn’t get off te ball on a play in and play out basis.e doesn’tave any counter moves to teamitis poerful bull rus. Tat said, tere’s a ton of upsideit Lotulelei tat could lead to more production as an interior pass ruser at te net level.  

Run Defense: Lotuleleias a guy tat teams ran opposite of most of te ability to ancorit strengt makesim an obvious coice as a to-gap plugger at te net level. Strengt at te point of attack to lock out blocker and read te play combinedit te fact tate can blo up so many plays in te backfieldit burst and poer makeim a special player in tis regard. I came aay from te tape most impresseditis lateral agility. Soed natural instinctsen te playas going aay to case and figt troug tras.enis motor isot,e can be a dominate run defender in te NFL. Motor is te one questionit Lotulelei ase flases pure dominance at times and ten goes unnoticed at oters.eill need to find a level of consistency to ecel at a Pro Bol level in te NFL.

Size/Strengt/Atleticism: Rare atleticism at tis size. At over 6-foot-3, 320 pounds Lotulelei presents an equally proportioned upper and loer body. Tick baseit tree trunks for legs and strong upper bodyit barrel cest,ide soulders, and solid mass foris size. Impressive lateral agility skills foris size rivaled by impressive speed and burst.e’s an elite ‘big’ atleteitis combination of size, strengt and atleticism.

Tecnique: Rarely see Lotulelei on te groundic is a good sign for a guy tat teams are often looking to cut. Rare balance and agility as evidenced byis ability to step over trasile keepingis eyes on te ball carrier. Displays good pad level and stays lo troug contact. Violentands but needs toork on keepingisands inside. Also needs to develop counter moves tois bull rus ifeants to make an impact as a pass ruser at te net level.

Bottom Line: All 32 teamsillave a spot for a guy like Star Lotulelei.e’s sceme diverseit natural movement skills and poer.e’s a rare specimenit te ability toreakavoc in te middle of a defense. Could be a guy tat is te pillar of te defense for many years. I am intrigued byis ability to play te 5-tecnique position as I tinke offers te upside as a pass ruser at te net level. Like Ngata, Lotulelei could be draftedit an eye onim as a NT in te 3-4 but be moved to play te 5-tecnique early on inis career. Lotuleleias a sot at being a special player butillave to playit consistency ifeants to make a Ngata-like impact early on inis career.e’s a top five talent and could go first overall to Kansas City.

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