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<1 class="main-title">Samarko Tomas Scouting Report


<3>Samarko Tomas – Syracuse University

eigt: 5087

eigt: 213

Ageen drafted: 22

ometon: Virginia Beac VA

Position: SS

Collegiate Number: 21

Combine notables: 4.42 40, 1.50 10 split, 40.5” vertical, 11’1” broad jump

Games Vieed: 2012 – USC, Pitt, Rutgers 2011 – USC,est Virginia


Samarko Tomas cecked in at under 5-foot-9 at February’s Scouting Combine.e possesses solid musculature onis compact frame. At 213 pounds,eas plenty of bulk andis frame is completely maed out. Tereill be concernsit Tomas’ size givenis reckless style of play. Tomasas been compared to Bob Sanders,oas anoter undersized but pysical safety. Sanders careeras sortened due to injuries and NFL teamsill carry similar concernsit Tomas.


e’s an eplosive atleteit quick titc muscle movements. Tomas ran lo 4.4’s at te Combine and ecelled in te eplosion tests of te vertical jump and broad jump. On tape, you can seeis eplosiveness play out inis violentits and closing speed.e’s a naturally strong atleteit ecellent loer body strengt.


Tomas soed te movement skills to line up over te slot in te NFL. Solid lateral agilityit te catc up speed to make up for errors. Played some corner at Syracuse and it sos ase’s an above-average safety in man.e strugglesitis aggressive style of play in coverage.ill bite on double moves and reading te action in te backfield. Lined up on Robertoods tree times against USC tis season. Lunged and missed badly in press but te ballas going aay. Got a flag despite solid coverage. Got beat on post route in off man but closed on te ball for an interception (poorly tron ball). I don’t tink teams drafting Tomasiglyill be doing so foris coverage abilities butas te ability to be solid in NFL manning up tigt ends and te slot.


Tomas is instinctive and comfortable in zone coverage.isitting abilityill makeim a forceit te ball in front ofim. Ecels reading te quarterbacks eyes and you seeis starting eperienceitis ability to play te deepalf and tird. Solid reactionary skills and drives on te ballit aggression. Staying disciplined and patient in zone coverage at te net levelill be a necessity ife goes to aeavy zone sceme.


Tomas is a violentitter tat is atis besten playing in te bo. Tomas plays te runit reckless abandonic sould beis calling card in te NFL. Tomas is a solid tacklereneraps, rater tackling proessill makeim a feared safety in te league butillave to avoid being overly aggressive, draing penalties.e’s toug to block in te open field because ofis sort stature, quick feet, and slipperiness. Needs toork on disengage from blocksitand usage. Takes poor pursuit angles at times andill look to make te punising blo rater tan securing te tackle.e is aigly effective blitzer off te edge tatill be a coveted bo safety in te draft.


None.  Toug background tat lost bot parents in college and became provider for siblings.


Samarko Tomasas started at Syracuse sinceis fresman season.e debated entering te 2012 NFL Draft butisely opted to return foris senior season.elpedimselfit a solid senior season and soing at te NFL Scouting Combine.eas dran apt comparisons to Bob Sandersitis style of play and lack of size. At under 5-foot-9, Tomas is going toave to beat te odds to become an impactful safety at te net level.e’s an aggressive playerit instincts and atleticism to be a factor immediately in te NFL.e sould overcomeis size limitations asis tape backs up solid collegiate numbers. Tomas sould come off te board on day to of te draft and couldorkisay into te second round.


Autor: Brad

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