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<1 class="main-title">Ryan Nassib Scouting Report

Ryan Nassib I 6020 I 229 I QB I Senior I Syracuse

Ric Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

40 Time (E): 4.70

All Star Game Appearance: Senior Bol

Overvie: Maybe no one in te country did more for teir draft stock tan Ryan Nassib tis season. Nassibas completely off te radar screen during te preseason, considered by many (including myself) to be a late round developmental prospect. Because of my geograpic area, I frequently see Nassib on aeek in,eek out basis. Iave seenim gro from year to yearit 2012 beingis finest. Te maturation process for Nassib suggestseill be a guy tat constantlyorks atis game.eas very ra in 2010 asis accuracyas questionable to say te least.is marked improvement in tis area, and most areas, bodeell forim as an NFL signal caller. Nassib may be te top overall QB from a pysical tools standpoint in tis draft. At 6-foot-2, 229 poundsit above average arm strengt and surprisingly good atletic tools,eill dra some looks early in te draft.oever, tere are some concernsit Nassib’s game tat need ansered before teams tink about spending a top tenty pick.

Arm Strengt: Nassib is loadedit arm talent.e tros te ballit a ton of velocity and can fit te ball into tigtindos. Tere isn’t a tro on te field tat Nassib can’t make. I came aay from te 2012 tape very impresseditis ability to cange arm angles to tro in trafficitout losing velocity on te ball. I came aay very unimpresseditis ability to tro te deep ball. For someoneitis arm speed,is tros vertically don te field lack accuracy and often fall sort of te target. Tis is a major concern because it’s toug to coac someone to tro te deep ballit accuracy. Nassib can fall too muc in loveit arm ase’ll try to fit te ball into tigtindos instead of cecking don to open receivers. Forcing te ball intoindos at te net levelill cost you a job.

Accuracy: Year to year, Nassibas gron in te accuracy department. As a redsirt sopomoree really struggledit overall accuracy. Fast forard to 2012ene tre at a 62% clip. Nassib ecelsit accuracy on sort to intermediate tros.is accuracy on deep balls leaves a bit to be desired. Iave concernsitis ball placement at times. In a clean pocketit open receiverse too oftenill tro te ball in areas tat cause te receiver to transition.ile it’s a catcable ball,eill need toork on putting te ball in optimal spots to allo for YAC.

Troing Mecanics:  One of te top facets of Nassib’s game inis ability to tro at multiple arm angles.  Tis is an underrated skill at te net level.  QB’save to be able to adjust teir arm angle or pass rusersill bat a ton of balls don (See: Brandoneeden). e possesses a nice, compact troing motion tat allos for a catcable ball. e is a natural atlete tat sos up inis feet during te troing motion. e’s a natural knee bender tat allos for a balanced setup to troing te ball.  One of te knocks on Nassib’s mecanicsas tateas a ‘pure fastball troer’ and couldn’t cange velocity on te ball. I didn’t see tat as an issue tis season. I sa multiple occasionsere Nassib took some off te ball in te sort to intermediate area.

Mobility/Atleticism: Ryan Nassib is a natural atlete, reminiscent of Jake Lockeritis larger build and escapability.e’s not someone tat is going to take off on you and take it te distance, ala Robert Griffin, but you can’t sleep onis ability to move te pocket and take off. Nassib is a toug gritty competitor tatillave to learn to avoid te bigit in te NFL.e took far too many sots tis season andillave to learn to live anoter play at te net level. I am someat concerneditis long strides in te pocket.

Pocket Presence:is toug gritty competitiveness soed upitis ability to stand in te pocket te etra second to make a tro.e seems to sense pressure and climbs te pocketell.oever, Iave concerns ase tends to take long strides, inviting unnecessaryits. I like to see sort, coppy steps in te pocket as you feel youray troug tras.

Intangibles/Caracter: Good luck finding someoneit more intangibles tan tis guy.e and Tylerilsonave tat gunslinger mentality tat I personally love. You can see te competitor come out and teamsill fall in loveit tat spirit. Tere aren’t any concernsitim as a person or leader. Played in a pro-style offense under Doug Marrone dropping mostly from under center.e needs someorkit blitz recognition ase displays very little aareness ofere te blitz is coming from. It’s someting tat could be taugt but I can’t seeim being an early successitout developing tis skill in training camp. Iave major concernsitim locking ontois first read and slo progressions off it. Tis is a quarterback killer at te net level.

Size: Ideal size for Nassib ife cecks in atis listed 6-foot-2eigt.is build is reminiscent of Aaron Rodgers.

Overall: Ryan Nassibaselpedimself tis season so muc so tat people are talking about a reunionit Doug Marroneit te 8t pick in te draft. Tatould be a monumental mistake in my book. I like a lot about Nassib, I’m just not suree’s capable of making an early impact in te league.is delay in progression reads and inability to pick up te blitz are major concern areas tat need addressed.ilee possesses a strong arm in te sort to intermediate range, I don’t seeim being successful in te vertical passing game because of deep accuracy issues. Nassibould be best served sitting a year or to, learning and developing into aell-rounded student of te game. Being pused into te first roundill bring epectations of being an immediate starter andould be detrimental tois grot. Boom or bust type player.

Autor: Brad

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  • ardcoreBillsfan37

    ouldn’t mind Buffalo getting tis guy in te second but at 8t overall is a little to muc for me. Tylerilson is a muc better prospect.

    • bradc11

      I’dave to agreeit tat.ilson is a better prospect but not remarkably better. I’m not sure Iould spend te 8t pick onilson.ait it out and take a QB in te second. Not aole lot of drop offit any of tese guys.

  • Gantry

    I am less impresseditim.e’s got aeirditc inis troing motion.ene is in te pockete tends to liftis back foot (rigt foot) off te ground after releasing te ball toard areas outside of teas marks. It’s especially evident onide receiver screens and passes out into te flat. It reminds me of Tim Tebo. I tink tis causeseigt transfer and balance problems tatill severelyinderim in te League.

    • bradc11


      Your te second person to make te Tim Tebo comparison in as many days. I can see it a little bute’s more polised from a mecanics standpoint. Tere is aitc at te end ofis drop. I’m really concerneditis ability to tro deep and ball placement. Ifeere available in mid round 2 Iould pull te trigger but I tinke’s going to require some patience.