Redskins rumored to be all in on Robert Griffin III

Posted by Brad On February – 26 – 2012
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As Robert Griffin III was doing as expected at the NFL Scouting Combine, rumors began swirling of the Redskins offering a king’s ransom for the services of the Baylor quarterback.

The original tweet appears to have come from Philadelphia Sports Talk host, Howard Eskin.


The St. Louis Rams hold the 2nd pick in April’s draft and would have to jump at the opportunity to obtain the haul that Eskin has been proposed by his sources.  The Redskins and Browns appear to be heavy favorites for the 2nd pick.  The Browns could offer some combination involving the 4th and 22nd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.  With the Browns appearing to be clear cut leaders in the RGIII sweepstakes, it may take Eskin’s proposed offer to lure the Rams to do the deal with Washington.

The rumored offer would far exceed the Jimmy Johnson trade value chart value but we are talking about Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins.  After watching the combination of Rex Grossman and John Beck man the quarterback spot in 2011, they are desperate.  This is definitely one that will only become more intriguing as we head into free agency.


  • Skinsfan

    Boy that seems like an awful lot for a team trying to build through the draft. It’s hard to say I’d hate the idea because RG3 is such a great talent, but wow that seems like a lot of picks for just one player.

    • Brad

      It’s a ton for one player but he may be worth it. He’s a franchise QB but I’m not sure we’ve seen one of his kind before. If I were a GM and in any need of a QB, I would offer the farm for this guy.

  • steppxxxxz

    Thats too much. It never works out. You can stil argue, and I do, that too much was given up for Julio Jones. Too much, obviously, for Carson Palmer. But while RG3 promises to be a great player….lets remember he’s not cam newton. I had doubts about newton but i was wrong. But newton is a lot LOT bigger than RG3. But even if griffin is a franchise… dont win with one player. Tannehill might be around in the second…the guy has a lot of upside. You take Brockers in the first, tannehill in the second. I like that better , and thats not counting the other picks. And if you miss on Tannehill and end up with Weeden….or sign matt flynn, you are still ahead in my mind.

  • skins231

    well tanahill has a broken foot so he is ging to drop and weeden is not a franchise qb he is 28 ur not going to get much from him there is no upside for him.they need a franchise qb and thats wat rg3 would give them ..and y would u go after a d-lineman with ur first pick u should go after a cb, mlb or reciver the last thing they need is a d-lineman they have plenty and i do agree that a 1st net yr is to much

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