2012 NFL Mock Draft: Post Senior Bowl Round Two

Posted by Brad On January – 31 – 2012
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33.  St. Louis Rams:  Jerel Worthy, DT, Michigan St.

Worthy can be dominant at the point of attack but needs to work on his conditioning.  The Rams were 31st against the rush in 2011 and can’t repeat that stat next season.  Fred Robbins and Gary Gibson aren’t the answer up front.

34.  Indianapolis Colts:  Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina

Gilmore is a solid fit in Chuck Pagano’s defense and fills a major need.  Gilmore is a great value at 34 in our 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

35.  Minnesota Vikings:  Mohamed Sanu, WR, Rutgers

No LT’s available, so the Vikings go with a weapon for Christian Ponder.  Sanu has solid hands and is as versatile as any WR in the draft.  The Vikings will have a ton of options with Sanu and Harvin.

36.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia

Boykin looked like the best CB in Mobile but will be nursing a minor break in his leg.

37.  Cleveland Browns:  Doug Martin, RB, Boise St.

All offense for the Browns thus far.  Martin is a perfect fit in this offense as he can run, catch, and block.

38.  Jacksonville Jaguars:  Jamell Fleming, CB, Oklahoma

The Jags secondary was in shambles at the end of 2011, so they will look early for replacements.

39.  Washington Redskins:  Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M

The Redskins may be an option for Peyton Manning or another vet, so they look for an understudy.  Tannehill likely goes in the first in some sort of trade scenario but I don’t have the heart to put him in my top 10 this week.

40.  Miami Dolphins:  Sean Spence, OLB, Miami

Spence moves down the road with Miami’s switch to the 4-3.  If he were bigger we would be talking about him as a top 15 pick in our 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

41.  Buffalo Bills:  Brock Osweiler, QB, Arizona St.

No doubt the Bills have bigger needs but they can’t afford to pass on the value that Osweiler brings at 41.  He could push Fitzpatrick in the near future.

42.  Carolina Panthers:  Brandon Thompson, DT, Clemson

The Panthers couldn’t stop the run and Thompson can.

43.  Kansas City Chiefs:  Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska

The Chiefs could be replacing Brandon Carr and Dennard stops his slide at 43.

44.  Seattle Seahawks:  Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma St.

I think Seattle trades up to grab Weeden but ends up with him in some way.  Great fit for this team and could replace Tarvaris Jackson immediately.

45.  Dallas Cowboys:  Casey Hayward, CB, Vanderbilt

Hayward doesn’t exactly fit the mold of the typical Cowboys CB but that might be a good thing.

46.  Philadelphia Eagles:  Bobby Wagner, OLB, Utah St.

Eagles rebuild of the linebacking corps is off to a strong start.  Wagner is a steal at 46 in our 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

47.  New York Jets:  Lamar Miller, RB, Miami

Why not?  He’s a great value and could be a solid complement to Shonn Greene while taking pressure off Mark Sanchez.

48.  New England Patriots (f/OAK):  Cam Johnson, DE/OLB, Virginia

Cam Johnson has the Pats written all over him.  He showed a nice burst on tape but was hampered by nagging injuries in 2011.

49.  San Diego Chargers:  Zebrie Sanders, T, FSU

Sanders needs some work but the Chargers have to find some talented OL in this draft.

50.  Chicago Bears:  Orson Charles, TE, Georgia

The Bears need some legitimate receiving threats for Cutler.  TE isn’t a need but Charles is too dynamic to pass on at this point.  Charles is a steal at 50 in our 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

51.  Philadelphia Eagles (f/ARZ):  Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall

DE isn’t a huge need but Curry is a solid value and with the extra pick they can afford to gamble on this one paying off big time.

52.  Tennessee Titans:  Lavonte David, OLB, Nebraska

A speed rusher would be nice here but no one is available.  David can play the WILL LB spot.

53.  Cincinnati Bengals:  David Wilson, RB, Virginia Tech

The Bengals will turn the page on Cedric Benson with David Wilson coming to Cincinnati.

54.  Atlanta Falcons:  Kelechi Osemele, G/T, Iowa St.

Osemele looks like a guard but could play some RT in a pinch.  The Falcons need some OL help at either spot and Osemele is a great value at 54.

55.  Detroit Lions:  Leonard Johnson, CB, Iowa St.

Johnson showed his ability to cover, especially in press man at the Senior Bowl.  It would be considered a coup if Johnson falls this far on draft day.

56.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  Chase Minnifield, CB, Virginia

Frank Minnifield’s son playing in Pittsburgh.  Ouch that will kill Cleveland fans.

57.  Denver Broncos:  Dwayne Allen, TE, Clemson

The Broncos find Tim Tebow a solid weapon late in round 2.  Allen provides excellent value this late.

58.  Houston Texans:  Alameda Ta’amu, NT, Washington

Ta’amu looked solid at the Senior Bowl which may push him back into round two.  The Texans can afford to take a risk on Ta’amu as Shaun Cody has played a solid nose in Wade Phillip’s defense.

59.  New Orleans Saints:  Rueben Randle, WR, LSU

The Saints could lose Lance Moore to free agency and need to start looking for replacements to this receiving corps.  Devery Henderson could be a cap casualty as well.

60.  Green Bay Packers:  Jared Crick, DE/DT, Nebraska

Crick is a forgotten man after he went down to injury.  The Pack get an excellent value this late in the second.

61.  Baltimore Ravens:  Kevin Zeitler, G, Wisconsin

Ben Grubbs will be costly to keep and they could look for his replacement early in this draft.  With Matt Birk retiring and Bryant McKinnie attempting to eat his way out of the league, they should look early and often to the OL.

62.  San Francisco 49ers:  Dwight Bentley, CB, UL-Lafayette

SF’s corners were abused by Eli Manning and Co.  They should be looking for help early in this draft.  Bentley showed he can play with the big boys at the Senior Bowl and earned a spot in the second round.

63.  New York Giants:  Brandon Washington, G/T, Miami

Washington played tackle at Miami but looks to be a guard in the NFL.  The Giants need depth at both positions which makes Washington a good value pick here.

64.  New England Patriots:  Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech

Why not?  A big, raw prospect that could be a huge hit.

  • Bex_R1986

    I’m intrigued by Orson Charles going ahead of Dwayne Allen, probably the first time I’ve seen this in a 2012 mock. Is this due to fit/scheme (I’m guessing not as you described Charles as too good to pass as opposed to need/fit), or do you just differ in opinion to the consensus thinking? I do rate Charles high enough for a top 50 pick, but Allen is too, especially given the impact of TE in the NFL this year. I’d be interested to know a little more behind the thinking regarding these two.

    • Anonymous

      Charles can be used in so many ways that I think it drives his value. Allen is probably a better in-line TE but isn’t as explosive as Charles. They are neck and neck for me but with NE’s success of using TE’s all over the field, Charles may get the nod before Allen. I would say you could sum up my thinking as differing from the opinion of the consensus. Where I think most mock drafts fail, is going conservative with their picks. Teams look at things like scheme and versatility before need. The term BPA is really about finding the best player on your board that fits your scheme or who you want to be in the coming years. It’s a copycat league, with NE in the SB, teams will be looking at what made them successful. The difference I see is teams are accounting for Gronk, Hernandez, and Welker each play and when you can’t find them because they are lined up in the backfield or flexed out, it makes it tough to prepare for all the looks. Charles is one of those guys that you can play virtually anywhere on the field.

      Both good picks in the second round and one may go in the first. I had Charles going to the Giants originally but couldn’t pass on Burfict there.

      • Bex_R1986

        Thanks, good logic there. Think I saw around 5 or 6 Georgia games this year, and with the exception of the first, Charles really stood out regularly, whereas Allen went long stretches of some Clemson games without much impact. Your right that there isn’t a great deal between them.

        The additional factor that probably drives both players up further is that in looking to emulate the Patriots formula, other teams will look at the draft and see there aren’t a great deal of high ceiling TE’s of that style after Charles and Allen are gone. Could result in teams jumping on them even earlier still.

        • Anonymous

          I think we see a run on the TE in this draft in the second and lasting into the third (Charles, Allen, Fleener, L. Green, and Egnew) after that it is hit or miss. I like Chase Ford from Miami but not a lot of tape on him (very few targets in that offense) and Kevin Koger from Michigan (same deal as Ford). Both those guys should go in the 5-6 range.

  • Mark

    The reason the Jags secondary was in “shambles” is because their top 4 corners were on IR. They played with guys signed off the street the last 3 weeks of the season. Those guys still performed pretty well, given the circumstances. Although Rashean Mathis is a free agent, and is coming off a significant ACL injury, the rest of the secondary is very solid. Derek Cox has been a very good, physical corner. Drew Coleman, Will Middleton and Ashton Youboty all played well. At safety, the Jags are solid with Dawan Landry and (assuming he is resigned) Dwight Lowery, who has become a playmaker in the the Free Safety spot. They may very well pick a CB early if is is the best player available to replace Mathis, but the secondary is not nearly as bad as you make it out to be. Even with half their starters out towards the end of the season, the defense performed admirably. A premier pass rusher is still desired.

    • Anonymous

      Cox is good but I can’t see Coleman, Middleton or Youboty as starters. In a pinch maybe but to have Cox as your No. 1 and probably Coleman at 2 with Middleton or Youboty covering the slot is a scary thought. I don’t have a problem with their front seven outside of a pass rusher but I think they have to look CB early in this draft or spend some cash on a free agent.

      • Mark

        Yes, I agree. Coleman, Middleton, Youboty, and even Kevin Rutland are serviceable guys but a starting corner will certainly need to be groomed. I wasn’t disagreeing with your pick, I guess I just didn’t like the “shambles” reference, though I see what you meant by it haha. I really like the Kendall Wright pick too.

  • steppx

    Brad, where do you think Illoka and markelle Martin go? The boise st kid maybe third….but Martin at one time was thought of as a low first round possibility. He did ok in his drills I heard….for post season….and he’s clocks very fast. You dont think second round? I cant see Bentley going above a Martin or Illoka….. or even Josh Norman. your thoughts on this?

    • Anonymous

      Martin is a little inconsistent for my blood. Gets caught peaking the backfield a lot. He will test well but I don’t see more than a 3rd rounder on tape. Iloka had a solid week at the Senior Bowl and I liked what I saw from him during the season. With the lack of talent at safety I could see him moving into the late 2nd. I like Bentley more than any of those guys.

  • steppx

    oh, and Bentley over Trumain johnson? Ive seen scouts rate johnson ahead of Hayward and Fleming even. I love your analysis by the way….so Im curious. There seem to be a lot of good corners this year. Micah Pellerin, Mike Harris of florida state, and Keith tandy, too.

    • Anonymous

      This corner class is much deeper than I anticipated. I really like Bentley. I have a late 2, early 3 grade on him. Trumaine may be a safety which could actually be good for his draft stock because of the lack of depth. I have not been able to get my hands on Montana coaches tape, so what I’ve seen has been from my DVR. A guy you will be familiar with…Asa Jackson is an interesting prospect and could surprise in April. I like Pellerin too.

  • steppx

    Interesting about Bentley. Ive not seen him, except some clips from post season. What Ive seen of Trumaine Johnson i was very impressed. He’s long armed, but he as a burst…and energy. He’s raw, but I like his upside a lot. Thats interesting to hear on Martin. What i do like about Martin though is his closing speed. He’s very very fast. But i would agree, not a natural football player. Illoka did look great…he;s got insane length….so he might sneak up. I saw where wes bunting totally changed his take after watching him in practice at the senior bowl. I love Pellerin by the way. Last year Kenrick Ellis was out of Hampton, and this time Pellerin. They have an interesting program. Pellerin has a bit of nastiness about him out there. Asa Jackson is pretty nice athlete. He’s raw, too, but he has the rep out in california for great feet….great attitude…..and seems to rate as having real upside.

  • steppx

    while on the subject of corners; three names: Coryell Judie, Jayron Hosley, and Omar Bolden. I know Bolden quite well…….and two years ago, before he got hurt, everyone said top 100 pick. They guy is great return man, too. I wonder what happened? Hosley is great…but under 180lbs…..how far does he fall? And Judie is another guy off an injury. He’s seems a potential safety too….but i always liked him.

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