The impact of the Joe Philbin hiring on the 2012 NFL Draft

Posted by Brad On January – 22 – 2012
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Philbin and Flynn in South Beach?

The Miami Dolphins selected former Packer OC Joe Philbin to be the team’s tenth coach in the franchise’s storied history.  Philbin served in the offensive coordinator role for the Packers since 2007 and has been with the team since 2003.  However it should be noted that Philbin didn’t call the plays in Green Bay as that role was filled by Mike McCarthy but is credited for the development of the system and more importantly, the quarterback(s).

Philbin is expected to run the West Coast offense in Miami and may look to a familiar face to spearhead his system.  Philbin’s hiring has to give the Dolphins an edge in signing highly sought after free agent quarterback Matt Flynn.  Flynn is/was Aaron Rodgers backup in Green Bay but has sparked the interest of every quarterback-needy franchise in the NFL after successes in fill-in roles.  Most notably was his 480 yard, 6 TD performance on New Year’s Day against the division foe Detroit Lions.   The 480 yards and 6 TD’s were franchise records for a franchise that has boasted some pretty good quarterbacks (Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Bart Starr, you get the drift).  His completion percentage in that game:  70.5%.

Dolphins brass would have you believe that this wasn’t a part of the decision-making process but it sure didn’t hurt when deciding between Philbin and Mike McCoy.  The Dolphins were between a rock and a hard place for the 2012 NFL Draft.  Their 6-10 record was just good enough to make it really difficult to move up to No. 2 or No. 3 to obtain the services of Robert Griffin III.  They would have had to mortgage the farm to make a move like that.  Leaving them with little to fill other needs, of which they have plenty.

Philbin and Flynn in MIA could be a game changer for the landscape of the 2012 NFL Draft

At this point, it’s a major assumption to place Matt Flynn in Miami but they have to be the leaders in the clubhouse.  Assuming we are correct in our assumption, Joe Philbin’s hiring could dramatically change the direction of the 2012 NFL Draft.

A reasonable person would have to assume the Dolphins would have been active in talks to move up to select Robert Griffin III.  This organization has be quarterback(less) since Dan Marino decided to enter the CBS booth.  He last quarterbacked the Dolphins in 1999.  Seventeen different quarterbacks have started games for the Dolphins since the ’99 season.  Twice in that span of eleven seasons has one quarterback made it through a full season.

If/when Matt Flynn becomes a Dolphin they may look to put an end to the quarterback search and focus the 2012 NFL Draft in a different direction.  The cost of moving up to the second or third pick would have mortgaged any chance at filling a bevy of needs.  The offensive line needs work, they need another wide reciever, an OLB to play opposite Cam Wake, a corner, and to cap it off a free safety.  Pulling off a Robert Griffin trade would have sacrificed their second rounder and some ancillary picks along with a 2013 pick.  Philbin’s hiring and the anticipated signing of Matt Flynn will give the Dolphins some breathing room and allow them to fill other needs.

The Dolphins eternal quest for the next Dan Marino may continue on but it is looking up in South Beach.

  • Bauercody

    So if the Packers franchise him what do you think they could get for him? The Dolphins 2nd round pick? possibly their 1st round pick? Maybe swap 1st round picks? There was a recent report suggesting that the Packers and Finley were starting to talk again, if that deal gets done Thompson would have to franchise Flynn to avoid getting just a 3rd round comp for him in the 2013 draft.

    • Anonymous

      I would have to think they could at least get their 2nd for him. I think Finley is back with the Pack when it’s all said and done and they franchise Flynn. I don’t think the Dolphins would give up No 8/9 for him but it’s not out of the question since teams in the backend of round 1 and early 2 (CLE, WAS) could offer their picks. Seattle might be the wildcard of it all. Would they be willing to give up 11/12 for Flynn? 26 yr. old QB that has some good game tape in the NFL??? The kicker will be what team will be willing to give up the cash it will take to sign him…gotta think he gets between 8-10/year after what ARZ gave Kolb.

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