Brandon Weeden looking to prove age is only a number

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Brandon Weeden"

Brandon Weeden's Senior Bowl performance has the NFL Draft world buzzing about the possibilities

It’s been a good week for Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden.  Weeden has stood out at the Senior Bowl as the most NFL-ready of this year’s quarterback crop in Mobile.

The 6-foot-3, 219 pound Weeden has appeared the most poised and polished of a group that consists of Arizona’s Nick Foles, Wisconsin’s Russell Wilson, Boise State’s Kellen Moore, Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins, and San Diego State’s Ryan Lindley.  Many analysts believe Weeden will be battling it out with Foles, Cousins, and a few others for the rights to the fourth quarterback spot in April’s 2012 NFL Draft.

For Weeden the pre-draft process isn’t as typical as it should be.  See the problem with Weeden isn’t a Tim Tebow resurrection of mechanics or a Ryan Mallett-like bevy of interviews based on past indiscretions—it’s about his age.

Weeden is 28-years old and will be 29 by the time the 2012 NFL season reaches the midway mark.  There’s no all-star game or Combine test that can factor in the “draft-ability” of a 28-year old that will be expected to play immediately.

Barring a Fausto Carmona switch of identity, Weeden won’t change the fact that he will be a 29-year old rookie.  The Senior Bowl has allowed Weeden the opportunity to prove that he is ready to play sooner than expected.  Weeden has been the hands down top signal caller this week while under the watchful eye of NFL decision-makers. Read the rest of this entry » «Brandon Weeden looking to prove age is only a number»

Dwayne Allen Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Dwayne Allen"Dwayne Allen


Ht. 6-4 Wt. 255

Hands:  Dwayne Allen has a massive set of hands that are capable of snatching the ball away from his body.  He rarely uses his body to catch the football and doesn’t put it on the ground very often.  Has an innate ability to track the football in the air and go up and get it at its highest point.  Allen secures the ball before turning up field and is generally a very good catcher of the ball.  A couple double catches on film but seemed to be from balls that jumped up on him before expected.

Speed:  Allen has a more compact build than most of today’s TE’s but he has impressive speed for his frame.  He won’t blow anyone away with his timed speed but he has a powerful burst that allows him to gain separation.  Allen excelled this season on the seam against linebackers. Read the rest of this entry » «Dwayne Allen Scouting Report»

Ryan Broyles Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Ryan Broyles"Ryan Broyles


Ht. 5-10 Wt. 188

Strengths:  Ryan Broyles is an ideal slot receiver that has the savvy to work the underneath.  He sees coverage as well as anyone and knows when/where to sit down.  Not overly fast, Broyles is a quick twitch athlete that has the burst to get separation at the next level.  He’s a precise route runner that can be counted onto be in the right position all the time.  He’s effective with the ball in his hands in space as he has some short area quickness.

Weaknesses:  Broyles won’t blow by anyone with his speed.  He’s small in stature and struggles to beat the jam at the line of scrimmage.  Tore his ACL late in the season and isn’t likely to be ready for the start of camp.  Doesn’t track the ball well vertically for someone as seasoned as he is.  Low potential…what you see is what you get. Read the rest of this entry » «Ryan Broyles Scouting Report»

T.J. Graham Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, T.J. Graham"T.J. Graham

NC State

Ht. 6-0 Wt. 181

Strengths:  Track speed and can get over the top of the defense with ease.  Gets up to top speed quickly and can track the ball vertically.  Possesses decent height at around 6’0 and overall solid ball skills.  Added value on special teams as a kick returner.

Weaknesses:  He is more fast than quick and doesn’t have as much short area quickness as expected.  Raw route runner that ran primarily vertical in the NC State pass game.  He will need a ton of work in the NFL in terms of route running.  He runs through breaks and relies solely on speed to get by defenders at the collegiate level.  He’s not physical and lacks ideal strength for a WR which will cause him problems on the jam in the NFL.  He doesn’t change directions well for as good of an athlete as he is. Read the rest of this entry » «T.J. Graham Scouting Report»

Tommy Streeter Scouting Report

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Tommy Streeter


Ht. 6-4 Wt. 215

Strengths:  Tommy Streeter is an impressive specimen at the WR position.  He has vines for arms, big hands and he can be a nightmare to stop in jump ball situations.  Streeter is a red zone threat with above-average leaping ability.  Most impressive is his willingness to work the underneath of coverage and take big hits.  He’s a long strider that has deceptive speed.  He shows good body control in the air and adjusts nicely to the football.  He uses his size well to fend off contact and win fights for the ball.

Weaknesses:  Streeter lacks the burst to be an effective open field runner.  He doesn’t beat press coverage well as he has a tendency to drop his hands on the snap.  His route running leaves a bit to desired and will take some time to develop.  He isn’t real sudden and often runs right through his breaks.  He is too comfortable catching passes with his body and leads to the ball on the ground.  One-year starter that could have used another season of college ball. Read the rest of this entry » «Tommy Streeter Scouting Report»

2012 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings

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"2012 NFL Draft"

2012 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings

With the Senior Bowl coming to a wrap we decided it would be a good idea to start releasing position by position rankings for the 2012 NFL Draft.  The 2012 quarterback class appears to be a little top heavy with Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III occupying the  top slots.  After that its anyone’s guess.  Brock Osweiler and Ryan Tannehill appear poised to battle it out for the third slot with a mediocre group after that.  A couple of names to watch out for in the backend of this group are Russell Wilson and B.J. Coleman.  Wilson checked in at a shade over 5’10 at the Senior Bowl but clearly has the goods to be a successful QB.  Coleman outshined all QB’s at the East-West Shrine game and put himself on NFL radars.  Here’s a look at our rankings and remember these our rankings and not projections of where they will go (there’s a category for that).

RankNameCollegeHeightWeightProjected Round
1Andrew Luck Scouting ReportStanford60342341
2Robert Grifffin III Scouting ReportBaylor60232231
3Ryan Tannehill Scouting ReportTexas A&M60412211-2
4Brock Osweiler Scouting ReportArizona St.60672422-3
5Brandon Weeden Scouting ReportOklahoma St.60362212
6Russell Wilson Scouting ReportWisconsin51072045-6
7Kirk Cousins Scouting ReportMichigan St.60252143
8B.J. ColemanUT-Chattanooga60312334-5
9Nick Foles Scouting ReportArizona60452433
10Chandler Harnish Scouting ReportNorthern Illinois60142195-6
11Kellen Moore Scouting ReportBoise St.51161976
12Aaron CorpRichmond60352156-7
13Austin Davis Scouting ReportSouthern Mississippi60142196
14Ryan LindleySan Diego St.60362296-7
15Darron ThomasOregon60262207-FA

Chris Givens Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Chris Givens"Chris Givens

Wake Forest

Ht. 6-0 Wt. 195

Strengths:  Givens was a highly productive underclassman at Wake that has solid size for the position.  Givens is a savvy route runner that sells fakes well with his shoulders and head.  He excels in the vertical game as he adjusts well to the ball in the air and has great awareness of the sideline.  He shows the burst and fluidity in the open field to make defenders miss.  He has a good first step and gets to top speed quickly.  He makes some tough catches look easy and at times is a contortionist.

Weaknesses:  Givens doesn’t have explosive speed and won’t run by anyone.  He often times is bumped off routes because of a lack of physicality.  He doesn’t use his hands well to keep defenders off his body which slows up the route.  He will be susceptible to the jam in the NFL by some of the more physical corners and may have a hard time working his way off press man coverage.  He lets too many balls get into his body despite having solid hands. Read the rest of this entry » «Chris Givens Scouting Report»

Juron Criner Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Juron Criner"Juron Criner


Ht. 6-4 Wt. 215

Strengths:  Juron Criner is a big, strong receiver that is a powerful route runner.  He’s a savvy route runner that plays faster than his timed speed.  His initial quickness off the line of scrimmage is impressive for a bigger receiver.  Solid change of direction skills and does a nice job of selling sharply breaking routes.  He uses his big frame to box out defenders and shows good body control.  He wins more than he loses when the ball is in the air due to his size.  Has big, strong hands that allow him to make circus catches.  Large catching radius with arm length and hand size.  He’s above-average downfield blocker.  Great body control on adjustment to the ball.

Weaknesses:  Criner doesn’t have the suddenness to make people miss in the open field and isn’t particularly quick in a short area.  He gets jammed too often at the line of scrimmage for someone his size.  Puts the ball on the ground too often mostly due to lapses in concentration.  He does round off routes and needs to be more patient in the progression of the route.

Bottom Line:  Juron Criner is a tough kid that played following an appendectomy.  He’s got an all around solid skill set but lacks the explosion to be a top pick in April’s draft.  He’s a physical receiver that will create bad matchups for small corners in the NFL.  I think he’s a guy that could develop into a starter in the league down the road. 

Draft Projection:  3-4.

T.Y. Hilton Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, T.Y. Hilton"T.Y Hilton

Florida International

Ht. 5-10 Wt. 184

Strengths:  Hilton’s speed jumps out on tape.  He can beat defenders vertically in a flash.  He is a shifty athlete with a ton of short area quickness which makes him dangerous in the open field.  He gets in and out of cuts crisply and quickly.  He gets to top speed quickly and has the change of direction to make defenders miss.  He has the added value as a dynamic punt and kick returner.

Weaknesses:  Hilton’s hands are disappointing as he has a tendency to catch the ball with his body.  Too many passes hit the grass with Hilton.  His route running is in need of some work as he too often relies on his speed to run past defenders.  For someone as quick as Hilton you would expect him to get off the line without problem.  He doesn’t and looks lethargic at times off the line.  He struggles against press man coverage as he frequently has to re-route. Read the rest of this entry » «T.Y. Hilton Scouting Report»

Jarius Wright Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Jarius Wright"Jarius Wright


Ht. 5-9 Wt. 176

Strengths:  Jarius Wright has speed to burn.  He was impressive in 2011 in his ability to play inside and outside inArkansas pro-style offense.  Wright is likely a slot receiver in the NFL that shows a toughness over the middle and track speed down the seam.  He tracks the football vertically as well as anyone and can get behind the defense in a hurry.  He showed the toughness to take a shot and hang onto the football on many occasions.  He is a savvy route runner that reads coverage very well.  Ideal slot receiver in the NFL as he’ll be able to recognize coverage at the line and make adjustments.  His short area quickness make him a danger in the open field as he has the burst to make defenders miss.

Weaknesses:  Wright’s small frame is not conducive for getting off the line well.  It shows on tape as he struggles to get off the jam and has to re-route on outside release.  Concerns with the many catches that he traps against his chest.  He doesn’t drop many but I would like to see him catch with his hands more.  Read the rest of this entry » «Jarius Wright Scouting Report»

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