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Senior Bowl Notebook: Tuesday South Practice Notes

Posted by Cody Bauer On January – 22 – 2013
"Senior Bowl"

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South practice displayed a lot of positional drills as well as some good live work. Jamie Collins LB from Southern Missouri and Ryan Swope WR from Texas A&M both pulled out with injuries.


-Landry Jones didn’t impress much today. He was high early and often on a lot of his passes. He looked late on a lot of his passes and didn’t anticipate well. Some of these issues could be from not having a rapport with his receivers.

-EJ Manuel displayed good arm strength but he didn’t look smooth dropping back from center. Manuel didn’t do much to stick out today, he did have one nice pass on an out route to Hamilton but he dropped it. That was during the live work.

-Tyler Wilson was high to start the day and stumbled on an occasion dropping back from center during live work. He displayed good arm strength throughout the day. His best play is when he scrambled to his left and was able to hit Mychal Rivera the TE from Tennessee.

Safety Drills

-In some safety tackling drills Baccari Rambo from Georgia showed good pop

-JJ Wilcox, safety from Georgian Southern ducked his head; he was corrected by coaches and later fixed it. In the live work he had a nice hit on Stepfan Taylor. He did some nice things out there today. Read the rest of this entry » «Senior Bowl Notebook: Tuesday South Practice Notes»

Senior Bowl Notebook: Tuesday North Practice Notes

Posted by Cody Bauer On January – 22 – 2013

There was a lot of drill work today at practice with good one on one matchups between TE/RB’s vs. the LB’s and Safeties as well as the

"Senior Bowl"

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Oline vs D-line. Towards the end of practice there was also some good live work where it was full team offense vs. defense.

TE’s/RB’s vs. LB’s/Safetys

-Jack Doyle started off real well with a nice block on Khaseem Greene. Khaseem Greene had some struggles blitzing. After getting stuffed by Doyle he was pancaked by Kyle Juszcyk which was by far the best block of the day. He then later got dominated by Nick Kasa, Kasa was complimented by the coaches. Greene did have one win vs. Rouse where he beat him with a good bull rush.

– Kyle Juszcyk had his ups and down in pass protection. After he pancaked Greene he then lunged at Ty Powell and whiffed. He later lunged and got off balance, he was able to recover but he didn’t show a good base. Later on he was able to ride Duke Williams outside the pocket.

– Duke Williams looked good blitzing. He was able to battle Kasa strongly and then also had good battles vs. the other running backs. He showed speed as well as toughness.

– Robbie Rouse started off the pass protection drill horribly. Kevin Reddick first abused him to get by easily and then he had his share of struggles vs. the others. He later got a little better battling TJ McDonald on one play and then was also able to ride Ty Powell outside the pocket. His size is definitely a limitation in pass protection; he seemed willing but was overmatched at times.

-Kenjon Barner also looked like he needs to work on his pass protection. TJ McDonald was able to get by him and Barner was forced to hold him, later he completely whiffed on Jonathan Cyprien. He later then had to hold Phillip Thomas. A few plays later he had a good battle with Kevin Reddick showed some toughness.

-Jonathan Franklin looked the best out of the running backs but he also had his share of losses. He first had a good block on Cyprien, and then played Reddick really tough. Later Franklin showed a good anchor to stop Phillip Thomas’s bull rush. He could use some refinement but looked the best of the backs. Read the rest of this entry » «Senior Bowl Notebook: Tuesday North Practice Notes»

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