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Zebrie Sanders Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On February – 2 – 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Zebrie Sanders"Zebrie Sanders

Florida St

Ht. 6-6 Wt. 307

Pass Blocking:  Sanders has experience on both the left and right side and could play either in the NFL.  He’s an athletic tackle that has good range off the edge.  He can handle speed off the edge but struggles with guys that can turn speed into power.  He moves well laterally and doesn’t get overextended very easily.  He can be overpowered on contact initially and struggles to re-anchor once he’s off balance.  He may have to add bulk to avoid getting bull rushed by NFL DE’s.

Run Blocking:  I was more impressed with him as a run blocker than in pass protection.  He’s explosive off the snap and plays with good leverage.  He’s an excellent move blocker that does his best work downfield at the second level.  He’s got heavy hands and excellent range from the backside.  His awareness in the run game needs improved upon.  At times he looked lost on who to block (Oklahoma).  Read the rest of this entry » «Zebrie Sanders Scouting Report»

Cordy Glenn Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On February – 2 – 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Cordy Glenn"Cordy Glenn


Ht. 6-5 Wt. 346

Pass Blocking:  Cordy Glenn is a massive human being with vines for arms (almost 85” wingspan).  Overly powerful in both the lower and upper body.  He shuffles well to the outside and has enough quickness to beat speed to the edge.  Uses his hands well to keep defenders from his chest.  When Glenn gets his hands on the defender it’s generally over for them, sticky through contact.  Good quickness for his size with solid lateral agility.  Powerful anchor but relies a little too much on it.  He does get overextended at times trying to get to the edge which gets him beat to the inside.  He is a waist bender that will need some work on his range.  Probably a RT or G in the NFL because of the lack of elite range to handle the speed at LT.

Run Blocking:  Ideal blocker in a power run scheme.  Excellent coil as he generates a ton of power through his lower body.  He has enough range to be effective pulling and getting into the second level.  He breaks down pretty well on contact in the open field for his size.  He plays a little high and has a tendency to lose leverage into contact.  He gets a little lazy through contact and would like to see him drive his defenders out of the play more often. Read the rest of this entry » «Cordy Glenn Scouting Report»

Richardson was highly recruited out of high school…and now college

Readers of my blog know that three stories will incite me to write:

1).  NFL Draft

2).  My distaste for LeBron James

3).  The sham known as the NCAA

This one would fall under No. 3.

National Signing Day is my annual reminder of what I detest about the NCAA.  It serves as a yearly reminder of the hypocrisy that governs college football.  I promise, I will get to the 2012 NFL Draft class but first I must stand on my soapbox.  As wall to wall coverage of “amateur” athletes fills the programming schedule of ESPN, I’m reminded of the big business that is NCAA sports.

These “amateur” athletes that will make the NCAA billions of dollars and the TV networks even more stand before us and announce their intentions to become student-athletes on national TV.  They will be lauded for their gifts (God forbid they take any) over the course of the next three to five years before the NFL sinks their meat hooks into them.  As a sat and listened to Dorial Green-Beckham announce his decision to enroll at the University of Missouri, I thought about this year’s NFL crop and what kind of prospects they were coming out of high school.

That said here’s a look at our top 10 prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft and what they brought to the table in 2008-09.

Andrew Luck, QB, Stratford HS (Texas)

Andrew Luck was the sixth rated quarterback in the class of 2008 behind Terrelle Pryor, Blaine Gabbert, Dayne Crist, E.J. Manuel, and Mike Glennon.  He was the 68th overall recruit according to and a four star prospect.  Luck was the gem of the Stanford recruiting class and was rated as the 4th best pro-style passer.  Luck received a four-star ranking from all major recruiting services.

Matt Kalil, OT, Servite HS (California)

Matt Kalil was a highly recruited tackle as he was the eleventh rated prospect in the 2008 recruiting class.  He was the third rated offensive tackle behind Mike Adams and Baker Steinkuhler.  Kalil was the top rated player in USC’s 2008 recruiting class that included ten players in the Rivals 100.  Kalil would be joined by Dallas Cowboys tackle Tyron Smith in this haul of lineman.  He was a five-star rated player. Read the rest of this entry » «A retrospective look at the 2012 NFL Draft class on National Signing Day»

The Packers won’t franchise Matt Flynn

Posted by Brad On February – 1 – 2012

Flynn won't be tagged by Packers

When the ball drops on the NFL free agency period, Matt Flynn appears to be free game.  The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is reporting that the Green Bay Packers will not use the franchise tag on backup QB Matt Flynn.

The cost of tagging Matt Flynn would be around $14 million and the Packers have some work to do with tight end Jermichael Finley’s contract.  It appears to be a longshot that Finley’s camp will work out a contract extension and the Packers will be left to place the franchise tag on Finley.  The new CBA has dropped the franchise tag on tight ends from $7.7 million to $5.5 million, making Finley a lock to be tagged.

Speculation of Matt Flynn’s possible destinations heated up when the Miami Dolphins hired Green Bay OC Joe Philbin.  News of Flynn’s availability on the open market make him an even more attractive option as team’s won’t have to part ways with draft picks.

Flynn’s rise from Jamarcus Russell’s backup to Aaron Rodgers backup to premiere free agent target is well chronicled.  He has proven in the rare occasion of NFL playing time behind Rodgers that he has the makings of a starting quarterback.  Miami has to be considered the leaders in the clubhouse at this point but Washington, Cleveland, and Seattle could come knocking on Flynn’s door with bags full of money.

Jonathan Martin Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On February – 1 – 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Jonathan Martin"Jonathan Martin


Ht. 6-6 Wt. 308

Pass Blocking:  Jonathan Martin possesses an athletic frame with natural bend and flexibility.  He’s not as athletic as some of the other top tackles in this draft and at times struggles with speed rushers.  His tendency to get overextended with his upper body makes his footwork a mess and kills him with edge speed.  His footwork is tremendously better in space and mirrors very well.  I worry about his ability to play the left side in the NFL because he struggles to stick with defenders on contact.  Solid leverage with natural bend versus power.  Martin was abused by Nick Perry of USC with his lightning quick first step.

Run Blocking:  Has a little mean streak to him in the run game.  Stays low off the ball and reach blocks as well as any tackle in this draft.  Good football IQ as he understands angles and can set the edge.  Good short area quickness on combo blocks and can get to the second level quickly.  One negative is that he is on the ground a lot in the run game which makes me believe he struggles with balance on contact. Read the rest of this entry » «Jonathan Martin Scouting Report»

Mike Adams Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On February – 1 – 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Mike Adams"Mike Adams

Ohio St.

Ht. 6-7 Wt. 323

Pass Blocking:  Mike Adams is an athletic marvel at over 320 pounds.  He has vines for arms and a quickness that you would see from a sub 300 pound OT.  Most impressive is his ability to keep his base planted and knee bend.  Most taller tackles struggle with this but Adams excels.  He will need to work on avoiding bending at the waist in pass sets as he has a tendency to get upright before contact.  Excellent short area quickness in his shuffle.  Has really improved his hand placement in pass sets from 2010.  Can be beaten to the inside as he has a tendency to over set the edge (watch Illinois against Mercilus).  At the same time he handles Mercilus’ speed to the outside, unlike most I think he got the better of that matchup.

Run Blocking:  Good initial burst off the ball and plays with good pad level.  Excellent short area quickness when setting the edge and on reach blocks.  He is comfortable in space for a big man.  Keeps his hands inside and plays with power on the initial punch.  He is susceptible to getting overextended in space which causes him to miss some blocks at the second level.  He’s not overly powerful and needs to play under control in space. Read the rest of this entry » «Mike Adams Scouting Report»

Riley Reiff Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On February – 1 – 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Riley Reiff"Riley Reiff


Ht. 6-6 Wt. 300

Pass Blocking:  Riley Reiff is a very solid athlete and not a typical Iowa road-grader.  He is light on his feet with excellent footwork in mirroring defenders.  He has vines for arms that once locked onto defenders, it’s over.  His slide to the outside is as good as Kalil’s as he can get out quickly to stop the speed rush.  He will need work against the bull rush as he is too often found in the backfield against overly powerful DE’s.  Too many times for my liking he’s knocked off balance by stronger defenders.

Run Blocking:  Reiff walls off defenders in the run lanes on a consistent basis.  He uses his hands so well on runs and can engage and disengage defenders very quickly.  He gets to the second level as well as any tackle in this draft class.  He doesn’t drive block as well as you would like and sometimes gets caught watching the action downfield.  I would like to see him taking defenders out of plays rather than being content with just getting the block. Read the rest of this entry » «Riley Reiff Scouting Report»

Matt Kalil Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On February – 1 – 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Matt Kalil"Matt Kalil


Ht. 6-5 Wt. 295

Pass Blocking:  Matt Kalil is a natural LT that exhibits elite range off the edge.  He’s a natural knee bender with quick feet that he uses to mirror defenders.  He has a strong achor for a guy that played at under 300 pounds and has the frame to add a little weight without losing anything in terms of athleticism.  Kalil does need to work on keeping his head on a swivel as he has a tendency to stop his feet and lose late blitzers.  He does overcommit to edge speed which makes him susceptible to inside counter moves.

Run Blocking:  Kalil is an excellent move blocker that excels in open areas.  He can break down, pull, and get into the second level with ease and fights through traffic well. He is sticky through contact and usually wins once his hands are engaged.  He is excellent at walling off defenders and in the trap game.  I would like to see him lower his base through contact as he gets a little high which causes him to lose battles with stronger defenders. Read the rest of this entry » «Matt Kalil Scouting Report»

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Post Senior Bowl Edition

Posted by Brad On January – 31 – 2012

**This version will not include any trades.  The trades took the focus off the actual picks and at this point it’s tough to accurately predict anything without free agency.  I have enacted a no trade clause until after the free agency period.  I will still make my picks based on my actual thoughts of where players end up in April.  Enjoy and offer solid feedback on your team’s pick.

Indianapolis Colts : Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

Scouting Report

2012 NFL Draft Strategy:  After a 2-14 season, the Colts have needs all over the field.  The first pick is a virtual lock, so I won’t bother addressing the QB position.  Their top needs look to be in the defensive backfield at CB and the SS position.  With Jerraud Powers and Antoine Bethea the only core players amongst the DB’s it will be imperative that the Colts find some help in this area.  With Jeff Saturday exploring retirement the center position could become a major need area especially if they have a rookie QB under center (even if it is Andrew Luck).  The Colts will have to "2012 NFL Draft prospect, Andrew Luck"monitor free agency very carefully as they have a ton of expiring contracts.  With both Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon as potential free agents, they could be looking for WR help somewhere along the way.  Look for the Colts to address the guard spot at some point and it may be early if someone falls to them.  The Indy coaching staff is taking shape with former Baltimore DC Chuck Pagano assuming HC duties and Bruce Arians taking over as OC.

2012 NFL Mock Draft Selection:  Whatever Jim Irsay decides to do with Peyton Manning will matter zilch for this selection.  Andrew Luck will be the pick and they won’t hear any trade offers.  There is some hype building that Luck may be the clear cut top dog in Indy and Peyton may graciously be shown the door.  Either way, we could see a mass exodus of former Colt greats.


St. Louis Rams:  Matt Kalil, OT, USC

Scouting Report

2012 NFL Draft Strategy:  The Rams were a flat out mess this season.  They couldn’t do much of anything right and towards the end of the season looked like the worst team in the NFL.  Their offensive line was  a major disappointment this season and in particular former first round pick Jason Smith at LT.  The Rams could be investing the No. 2 pick in "2012 NFL Draft prospect, Matt Kalil"another LT just three seasons removed from Smith’s selection.  He was that bad.  If Brandon Lloyd leaves town via free agency, the cupboard is bare again at WR.  They invested some mid-round picks into average receivers in 2011 but need a true No. 1.  Aside from that they will look to improve a horrific defense.  Jeff Fisher will inherit a team that can’t stop the run and needs help at DT, OLB, FS, and CB…to name a few.

2012 NFL Mock Draft Selection:  St. Louis’ offensive line was atrocious in 2011 and Jeff Fisher made it clear that they will protect their franchise QB this season.  With the addition of Kalil, the Rams can move Roger Saffold to RT and Jason Smith inside or to the bench.  The Rams No. 2 spot will be a hotbed for trade action.

Read the rest of this entry » «2012 NFL Mock Draft: Post Senior Bowl Edition»

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Post Senior Bowl Round Two

Posted by Brad On January – 31 – 2012

33.  St. Louis Rams:  Jerel Worthy, DT, Michigan St.

Worthy can be dominant at the point of attack but needs to work on his conditioning.  The Rams were 31st against the rush in 2011 and can’t repeat that stat next season.  Fred Robbins and Gary Gibson aren’t the answer up front.

34.  Indianapolis Colts:  Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina

Gilmore is a solid fit in Chuck Pagano’s defense and fills a major need.  Gilmore is a great value at 34 in our 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

35.  Minnesota Vikings:  Mohamed Sanu, WR, Rutgers

No LT’s available, so the Vikings go with a weapon for Christian Ponder.  Sanu has solid hands and is as versatile as any WR in the draft.  The Vikings will have a ton of options with Sanu and Harvin.

36.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia

Boykin looked like the best CB in Mobile but will be nursing a minor break in his leg.

37.  Cleveland Browns:  Doug Martin, RB, Boise St.

All offense for the Browns thus far.  Martin is a perfect fit in this offense as he can run, catch, and block.

38.  Jacksonville Jaguars:  Jamell Fleming, CB, Oklahoma

The Jags secondary was in shambles at the end of 2011, so they will look early for replacements. Read the rest of this entry » «2012 NFL Mock Draft: Post Senior Bowl Round Two»

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