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The Science of Drafting 101

Posted by Reggie McColgan On February – 25 – 2012

"Ozzie Newsome"Year after year, the same teams/GM’s seem to hit it big on draft day.  Some have made it an art form that others attempt to emulate.  Guys like Ted Thompson, Ozzie Newsome, and Jerry Reese have turned their art form into a science of building consistent teams.  Most teams tend to stick with similar draft strategies year in and year out.  This predictability allows draftniks a better chance to predict a team’s selection.  For our purposes we will define the draft strategies as:  Best Player Available, Filling Needs, Quality over Quantity and Quantity over Quality. Each of these draft techniques are used with varying degrees of success but we will try to give some insight into which is the most effective based on results of the teams.


Best Player Available


This draft technique is used by teams who believe that the NFL Draft is where you acquire talent.  These teams tend to draft the top player on the board (within reason) that can help their team win.  For the most part, these teams will approach free agency as a means of filling needs.  I tend to think this is the most effective technique since over time you will build a very strong team and not risk diluting talent by reaching for positions.  Due to the fact that these teams will draft based on their board it is very hard to predict their selections.  Teams that utilize this technique the most are:  Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, and Detroit Lions.


The Indianapolis Colts have stuck to selecting the best player on their board during the Bill Polian tenure and some might say Bill Polian is a “founding father” of drafting the best player available.  With a new General Manager it will be interesting to see if the Colts stick to their old methods or adopt the Eagles methods of trading down to acquire additional picks.


Jacksonville Jaguars General Manager Gene Smith religiously sticks to his board and does not wane based popular opinion:  Gene Smith has shown no reservation on selecting small school prospects and other players who are on the top of his draft board such as: Tyson Alualu, Derek Cox, Terrance Knighton, Cecil Shorts, and Will Rackley to name a few.


The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens are constantly drafting the Best Player Available and have spent a decade getting steals at the bottom of each Round.  It is no wonder certain teams can maintain success while drafting in the mid to late 20’s year in and year out. Read the rest of this entry » «The Science of Drafting 101»

Wide Receiver NFL Scouting Combine Results

Posted by Brad On February – 25 – 2012

NameSchoolHeightWeight40 Time10 Yd SplitVertical3 ConeShort ShuttleBroadHandBench
Joe AdamsArkansas51061794.55367.0910’3″9 3/8DNP
Tim BenfordTennessee Tech51122054.598 7/815
Travis BenjaminMiami50941724.361.58389’11”8 3/414
Justin BlackmonOklahoma St.6007207DNP9 1/414
Jarrett BoykinVirginia Tech60162174.741.58367.124.2810’3″10 1/411
LaVon BrazillOhio51061924.4832.59 3/411
Ryan BroylesOklahoma5102192DNP921
Greg ChildsArkansas60312194.5536.510’5″10 1/819
Danny CoaleVirginia Tech51172014.50356.694.159’7″9 1/812
Josh CooperOklahoma St.5106190DNP9 1/211
Juron CrinerArizona60242244.68387.154.309’9″10 1/217
B.J. CunninghamMichigan St.60112114.5931.57.109’8″8 1/812
Patrick EdwardsHouston5087172DNP8 3/8DNP
Michael FloydNotre Dame60302204.471.5736.510’2″9 3/816
Jeff FullerTexas A&M6034223DNP9 7/817
Chris Givens Wake Forest51111984.4133.56.974.239’10”8 1/419
T.J. GrahamNC State51121884.4133.56.774.1810′98
Darius HanksAlabama51151844.661.57349’9″9 1/211
Junior HemmingwayMichigan60072254.531.5335.56.593.9810’4″9 5/821
Stephen HillGeorgia Tech60362154.361.4439.56.884.4811’1″9 3/814
T.Y. HiltonFlorida International50961838 1/2DNP
Jerrell JacksonMissouri60021964.62416.824.1110’7″9 1/422
A.J. JenkinsIllinois60021904.3938.510’4″9 1/212
Alshon JefferySouth Carolina6030216DNP10 1/4DNP
Dwight JonesNorth Carolina60312304.551.62339’1″914
Marvin JonesCal60161994.461.57336.814.119’4″10 1/422
Jermaine KearseWashington60042094.581.56347.034.129’11”9 1/414
Keshawn MartinMichigan St.51141884.4539.56.854.1310’2″9 1/413
Rishard Matthews Nevada60012174.621.57366.884.199 1/820
Marquis MazeAlabama50771864.511.4233.59’4″9DNP
Marvin McNuttIowa60242164.54377.154.0710’2″10DNP
Kashif MooreConnecticut50911804.421.4643.56.824.0510’6″9 5/819
Derek MoyePenn St.60412094.5233.54.239’7″8 1/410
Chris OwusuStanford51141964.361.4840.56.854.1110’9″8 1/219
Eric PageToledo50911864.60306.953.989’4″915
DeVier PoseyOhio St.60162114.501.4536.57.034.1510’3″9 5/814
Brian QuickAppalachian St.60362204.55347.104.239’11”9 3/415
Rueben RandleLSU60272104.55316.994.3610’1″9 1/215
Gerrell RobinsonArizona St.60312274.6235.54.159’5″9 1/8DNP
James RodgersOregon St.50701844.67374.239’7″8 3/419
Mohamed SanuRutgers60172114.67366.884.2210’6″10 1/819
Tommy StreeterMiami60442194.40337.0810’5″9 1/217
Nick ToonWisconsin60152154.5437.5918
Jordan WhiteWestern Michigan51162084.69356.844.139’11”9 1/414
Jarius WrightArkansas50961824.421.45386.934.0310′8 1/2DNP
Kendall Wright Baylor51021884.6138.56.934.1810’1″8 5/811
Devon WylieFresno St.50911874.393910’3″9 1/217

Running Back NFL Scouting Combine Results

Posted by Brad On February – 25 – 2012

NameSchoolHeightWeight40 Time10-Yd SplitBench VerticalBroad3 ConeShort Shuttle
Edwin BakerMichigan St.50812044.461.5920359’3″7.274.31
Mike BallNevada50912064.531.5921369’37.104.23
Vick BallardMississippi St.51012194.6323339’7″7.034.19
Brandon BoldenOle Miss51102224.561.5921389’11”6.964.44
Lennon CreerLouisiana Tech51112194.592133.59’2″7.264.40
Rhett Ellison (FB)USC60452514.7931.59’1″DNPDNP
Bradie Ewing (FB)Wisconsin51162394.751436.510′7.144.16
Terrance GanawayBaylor51142394.631.5837.59’11”7.154.35
Cyrus GrayTexas A&M51022064.411.572132.59’6″7.17DNP
Jonas GrayNotre Dame5907223DNP20DNPDNPDNPDNP
Jewel HamptonSouthern Illinois5086218DNP26DNPDNPDNPDNP
Dan HerronOhio St.50952034.651.5722359’9″6.974.04
Ronnie HillmanSan Diego St.50912004.411.501737DNPDNPDNP
LaMichael JamesOregon50811944.371.60153510’3″6.884.12
Doug MartinBoise St.50902234.47283610′6.794.16
Davin MeggettMaryland50812114.523359’10”7.144.32
Lamar MillerMiami51032124.3833DNPDNPDNP
Alfred MorrisFlorida Atlantic51012194.651633.59’9″7.014.19
Isaiah PeadCincinnati50971974.411.50339’8″6.954.32
Bernard PierceTemple51162184.501.521736.510’3″7.074.28
Chris PolkWashington51062154.461.5731.59’3″7.134.21
Tauren PooleTennessee50952054.531.5624349’10”7.364.19
Chris RaineyFlorida50831804.371636.510′6.503.93
Trent RichardsonAlabama5094228DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
Darrell ScottSouth Florida60012314.72DNP31.5DNPDNPDNP
Robert TurbinUtah St.50952224.44283610’2″7.164.31
Marc TylerUSC51072194.721930.59’2″DNPDNP
Fozzy WhitakerTexas5092193DNP20DNPDNPDNPDNP
David WilsonVirginia Tech50962064.404111′7.094.21

Quarterback 2012 NFL Scouting Combine Results

Posted by Brad On February – 25 – 2012

NameSchoolHeightWeightArmHand40 TIme10 Yd. SplitVerticalBroad3 ConeShort ShuttleBench
B.J. ColemanTennessee-Chatanooga603123331 5/810 3/8DNPDNP9’1″
Aaron CorpRichmond6035215329 3/84.7231.58’10”
Kirk CousinsMichigan St.602521431 3/49 7/84.9328.59’1″
Austin DavisSouthern Mississippi601421931 3/410 3/84.76319’1″
Nick FolesArizona604524334 3/410 5/85.1430.59’4″
Robert Griffin IIIBaylor602322332 1/49 1/24.413910′
Chandler HarnishNorthern Illinois601421932 3/89 1/44.7632.59’4″
Jacory HarrisMiami603120332 1/89 3/44.72379’5″
Jordan JeffersonLSU60342233310 1/44.651.5036.59’8″
Case KeenumHouston600620830 7/89 1/84.821.6232.58’7″
Ryan LindleySan Diego St.603622932 5/8104.901.6929.59′
Andrew LuckStanford603423432 5/8104.671.633610’4″
Kellen MooreBoise St.511619730 1/49 1/24.94278’3″
Brock OsweilerArizona St.606724233 7/89 7/8DNPDNPDNP
Ryan TannehillTexas A&M604122132 5/89DNPDNPDNP
Darron ThomasOregon602622032 7/89 1/24.801.703610’1″
Brandon WeedenOklahoma St.603622131 3/49 5/8DNPDNPDNP
Russell WilsonWisconsin51072043110 1/44.551.59349’10”
Patrick WittYale603422531 3/89DNP31.58’5″

Tight End Weigh In and Bench Results

Posted by Brad On February – 25 – 2012

NameSchoolHeightWeight40 Time10-Yd SplitVertical BroadHandBench
Dwayne AllenClemson60312554.891.66329’3″9 5/827
Orson CharlesGeorgia6024251DNPDNPDNP9 1/435
Drake DunsmoreNorthwestern60202414.6435.59’8″9 5/821
Michael EgnewMissouri60502524.621.573610’11”9 /3421
Coby FleenerStanford6060247DNPDNPDNP1027
Ladarius GreenLouisiana Lafayette60562384.531.5834.510’2″10 1/816
James HannaOklahoma60402524.491.593610′9 7/824
Cory HarkeyUCLA60402605.111.6626.59’1″9 3/813
Emil IgwenaguMassachusetts60102494.831.6334.59’11”9 1/419
David PaulsonOregon60302464.931.65329’2″10 1/8DNP
Deangelo PetersonLSU60302434.761.593610’1″9 1/219
Nick ProvoSyracuse6030237DNPDNPDNP9 1/2DNP
Beau RelifordFlorida State6050256DNPDNPDNP9DNP
Evan RodriguezTemple60102394.581.63369’10”9 1/218

Offensive Line Weigh In and Bench Press Results

Posted by Brad On February – 25 – 2012

We will be updating our results for each position group as the Combine progresses on.  Keep checking back for results as they come in.  They will be kept in a new NFL Scouting Combine category for ease of use.

"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Mike Adams"

NameSchoolHeightWeight40 Time10 Yd SplitArmBench
Mike AdamsOhio State60703235.401.843419
Jeff AllenIllinois60403075.2833 1/226
Justin AndersonGeorgia60423355.311.7634 5/832
Mark AsperOregon6061319DNPDNP32 1/423
Kelvin BeachumSMU60213035.441.7233 1/419
Tony BergstromUtah60513135.273232
Philip BlakeBaylor60233115.251.763322
Michael BrewsterOhio State60423125.351.7631 1/229
James BrownTroy60313065.3034 1/224
Tom ComptonSouth Dakota60523145.111.693420
Paul CormickNorth Dakota State6053310DNPDNP3523
Andrew DatkoFlorida State60613155.321.7233 7/8DNP
David DeCastroStanford60473165.431.8232 3/834
Taylor DeverNotre Dame60532985.461.8832 1/218
Garth GerhartArizona State60113055.421.8133 3/825
Adam GettisIowa60212935.001.6533 1/8DNP
Cordy GlennGeorgia60513455.151.7635 3/431
Lamar HolmesSourthern Mississippi60513235.411.7835 1/422
Rishaw JohnsonCal (PA)60313135.241.7035 1/422
Ben JonesGeorgia60213035.441.8332 1/229
Marcel JonesNebraska60603205.6733 5/8DNP
Matt KalilUSC60643064.991.7034 1/230
Senio KelemeteWashington60343075.521.9533 1/221
Peter KonzWisconsin6051314DNPDNP3318
Ronald LearyMemphis60303155.3634 3/430
Josh LeribeusSMU60313125.3732 1/229
Joe LooneyWake Forest6032309DNPDNP32 1/426
Jonathan MartinStanford6051312DNPDNP34DNP
Bobby MassieOle Miss60563165.233522
Matt McCantsUAB60553165.523517
Ryan MillerColorado60673215.2733 1/832
David MolkMichigan6011298DNPDNP3241
Brandon MosleyAuburn60543145.213430
Lucas NixPittsburgh60523175.4333 1/2DNP
Josh OgelsbyWisconsin60703385.8035 5/822
Kelechi OsemeleIowa State60643335.3635 7/832
Nate PotterBoise State60553035.3634 5/822
Riley ReiffIowa60553135.231.7133 1/423
Matt ReynoldsBYU60443025.371.8333 1/425
Zebrie SandersFlorida State60543205.411.763528
Quentin SaulsberryMississippi State60213045.381.8933 3/426
Mitchell SchwartzCalifornia60533185.451.7733 1/223
Amini SilatoluMidwestern State60343115.431.893328
Donald StephensonOklahoma60543124.9434 7/828
Andrew TillerSyracuse60423245.5033 1/416
Johnnie TroutmanPenn State60413255.6733 1/231
Dustin WaldronPortland State60523055.341.6932 3/429
Brandon WashingtonMiami60313205.251.773328
Rokevious WatkinsSouth Carolina60413385.391.8934 5/8DNP
Desmond WynnRutgers60543035.051.763428
Kevin ZeitlerWisconsin60373145.391.7532 3/432
Markus ZusevicsIowa6047303DNPDNP33DNP



Andre Branch Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On February – 24 – 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Andre Branch"Andre Branch


Ht. 6-5 Wt. 260


Pass Rush:  Andre Branch is a long-limbed, linear athlete.  He can eat up space quickly and uses his length to fend off tackles and bring down the QB.  If he gets a step on the blocker, it’s pretty much over.  He a straight line guy that runs well.  Very good with his hands and excels turning outside speed into inside power.  He plays a little high, although he worked on this from 2010 to 2011.  He can get upright through contact and lose power and balance.  He’s not overly powerful and could stand to add at least 10 more pounds to his frame.


Against the run:  Branch anchors surprisingly well for a taller athlete.  Branch plays the run as he’s surging up field to the quarterback.  He’s got excellent eyes and good instincts.  He uses his arm length and active hands to stack and shed.  He has violent hands and uses his long frame to control blocks through contact.  High football IQ as he rarely is caught giving outside contain.  He will need to work on not popping upright on the snap.  Branch, as a run defender, may be able to set himself apart from other DE’s in this draft.  I was more impressed than I thought I would be. Read the rest of this entry » «Andre Branch Scouting Report»

The 2012 NFL Draft Order is (Finally) Official

Posted by Brad On February – 24 – 2012

With today’s coin flips, the order for the 2012 NFL Draft becomes official."Coin Flip for rights to the 8th and 11th spots in the 2012 NFL Draft"

The Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs were today’s big winners.  The Dolphins secured the 8th pick with their win of the coin over the Carolina Panthers, who will be selecting 9th.

The Chiefs have secured the 11th pick, giving the Seahawks the 12th pick in April’s draft.  Here’s a look at the draft order for all seven rounds:

Round 1

  1. Indianapolis Colts
  2. St. Louis Rams
  3. Minnesota Vikings
  4. Cleveland Browns
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  6. Washington Redskins
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars
  8. Miami Dolphins
  9. Carolina Panthers
  10. Buffalo Bills
  11. Kansas City Chiefs
  12. Seattle Seahawks
  13. Arizona Cardinals
  14. Dallas Cowboys
  15. Philadelphia Eagles
  16. New York Jets
  17. Cincinnati Bengals – from Oakland
  18. San Diego Chargers
  19. Chicago Bears
  20. Tennessee Titans
  21. Cincinnati Bengals
  22. Cleveland Browns – from Atlanta
  23. Detroit Lions
  24. Pittsburgh Steelers
  25. Denver Broncos
  26. Houston Texans
  27. New England Patriots – from New Orleans
  28. Green Bay Packers
  29. Baltimore Ravens
  30. San Francisco 49ers
  31. New England Patriots
  32. New York Giants

Atlanta -> Cleveland: Julio Jones

New Orleans -> New England: Mark Ingram

Oakland -> Cincinnati: Carson Palmer  Read the rest of this entry » «The 2012 NFL Draft Order is (Finally) Official»

Morris Claiborne Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On February – 24 – 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Morris Claiborne"Morris Claiborne


Ht. 6-0 Wt. 188


Man Coverage:  Morris Claiborne is widely considered the top cover corner in this draft.  He is fluid in his backpedal and opens his hips and runs better than anyone in this draft.  He has few peers in terms of receiver awareness.  Claiborne’s ability to wall off the receiver using the sideline is unparalled.  He’s as good as anyone with his back to the ball and snaps his head around to find the ball quickly avoiding pass interference.  He possesses long arms which makes it tough for receivers to separate off the line of scrimmage.  Equally adept in press man versus off man.  He will need to learn to keep his hands off receivers after five yards in the NFL.  He loves to remain physical down the field which will be penalized in the NFL.  Elite man coverage skills.


Zone Coverage:  LSU played primarily man coverage with Claiborne and Mathieu manning the CB positions.  His natural instincts would lend themselves to be an efficient zone corner.  In rare instances, Claiborne was disciplined in zone.  He has to be considered elite from a route recognition standpoint.  I could see Claiborne excelling in a zone heavy pass defense in the NFL. Read the rest of this entry » «Morris Claiborne Scouting Report»

Multiple teams interested in moving up to No. 2

Posted by Brad On February – 23 – 2012
"Robert Griffin III"

Not if but who?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that “multiple teams” have discussed trading up to No. 2 overall with the St. Louis Rams.

The Rams appear to be in the catbirds seat for holding a bidding war for the rights to Robert Griffin III.  The teams likely to be in the running are Cleveland, Washington, Miami, and Seattle.  With the free agent market possibly yielding Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn, it’s probable that two of those teams will be out of the race before the draft.

St. Louis will be looking for a king’s ransom for what ultimately will be the rights to the dynamic Baylor quarterback.  Cleveland has the most ammunition but it’s unclear if they would spend what it takes to get to No. 2 with a fair amount of needs.

If St. Louis doesn’t like the deals on the table, Minnesota GM Rick Spielman has made it known that he’s willing to deal the third pick.

A lot of interesting dynamics in this scenario and we will continue to monitor closely through free agency to the 2012 NFL Draft.

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