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2013 NFL Draft Top 300 Prospects

Posted by Brad On March – 20 – 2013
"Luke Joeckel"

Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell

After months of dodging ‘real work’ to evaluate prospects, it has come to the finality stages. My team and I have put in hundreds of hours evaluating prospects, attending events, and arguing over who should be where to develop a list of the top 300 prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft.

All the mock drafts are fun debate but this is where the rubber meets the road. Remembering that mock drafts are best guesses where players land, a ranking of prospects is a true barometer of where you stand as an evaluator of talent.

With tape evaluation completed, Combine and all-star games completed, and arguments settled, we give you our 2013 NFL Draft top 300 prospects. Read the rest of this entry » «2013 NFL Draft Top 300 Prospects»

Pre-Combine 2013 NFL Draft Top 200 Prospects

Posted by Brad On February – 15 – 2013
"Luke Joeckel"


I’m about 90% complete with my scouting reports and all video review of the 2013 draft class. All this time off a full-time job has really helped out in a dire situation. In December I was worried I wouldn’t be completed with this class by the time the draft rolled around. I’m back and probably ahead of schedule. Throughout this process a couple things stood out to me.

First, this is a strong and deep draft class despite what you may be hearing elsewhere. I think you can find starters through the third round. Secondly, a couple position groups are really strong at the top. The tight end class could be historically good as it provides top end talent with starters deep into the draft. The defensive tackle class is very strong (3 in the top 10) at the top and fairly deep. And lastly, your guess is as good as mine on this quarterback class. I found it a near impossibility to rank them among the other positions.

I opted to release the rankings before the players worked out in Indianapolis as part of an experiment for myself as I’m attempting to see how much the Combine affects my rankings. Last year, I found I weighted it too strongly and it affected my rankings in a negative way. This season, I identified seventeen players in my top 100 that I had questions about certain evaluations that could be answered at the Combine. In my post-Combine rankings those seventeen will be the only ones to move up or down the board as it should remain pretty stagnant.

After the break check out our pre-Combine top 200 2013 NFL Draft prospects. Read the rest of this entry » «Pre-Combine 2013 NFL Draft Top 200 Prospects»

Top 150 2013 NFL Draft Prospects

Posted by Brad On January – 18 – 2013

"Chance Warmack"

The deadline for underclassmen declarations has passed and we will be releasing all of our rankings pre-Combine. Each day we will release our position by position rankings. Look for an update of all the rankings after all-star games and the Combine has wrapped up.

What has become remarkably clear is that the top of the draft is chock full of offensive and defensive line talent. Teams in need of pass rushers should have no problem finding one in rounds one or two. Likewise, the depth of the offensive line is very solid despite Taylor Lewan and Jake Matthews staying in school.

The first quarterback on our board is Geno Smith at No. 21 but the depth in the second round is very solid if teams decide not to reach at the position. The running back position is extremely deep through the fourth round along with the safety position.

This is a page to bookmark as it will come in handy when filling out your mock drafts and talking NFL prospects with friends. Here’s a look at our 2013 NFL Draft top 150 prospects. Read the rest of this entry » «Top 150 2013 NFL Draft Prospects»

2013 NFL Draft Top 100 Big Board

Posted by Brad On December – 3 – 2012
"Louis Nix"


As we close out the 2012 college football season and enter the all important bowl season, we take a look at an updated version of our top 100 players.  At this point, I’m throwing in all names (aside from injured underclassmen).  Hence, why you’ll see some guys that are likely not to declare but we explore all possibilities.  After the underclassmen officially declare we will be comprising a new top 100 board with all players in the draft, for now this is the whole shooting match.  Check out the 2013 NFL Draft top 100 rankings after the jump. Read the rest of this entry » «2013 NFL Draft Top 100 Big Board»

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