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Kevin Koger Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On January – 29 – 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Kevin Koger"Kevin Koger


Ht. 6-4 Wt. 258

Strengths:  Koger is an big target that can go up and get the football in traffic.  He has long arms that uses to extend in jump ball situations.  Solid hands and is a natural plucker that rarely catches with his body.  He has a strong frame that should lend itself to being a good blocker in the NFL when he grasps technique.

Weaknesses:  Koger was a highly recruited TE out of high school that fell into the wrong system.  He’s raw from a technique standpoint as a blocker.  He will need to learn to sink his hips and gain balance on contact.  He isn’t real sudden and doesn’t possess great speed.  Needs to work get in and out of breaks as he has a tendency to run through them rather than sell.  Read the rest of this entry » «Kevin Koger Scouting Report»

Chase Ford Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On January - 29 - 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Chase Ford"Chase Ford


Ht. 6-6 Wt. 253

Strengths:  Chase Ford has excellent ball skills and sticky hands.  He very rarely drops a ball and shows good coordination in the air.  He’s a very savvy route runner and uses his big body well to shield defenders.  He has a good feel for sitting down in zone coverage and finds the soft spot of the defense and adjust to the ball well.

Weaknesses:  He’s a developmental guy that lacks explosion and straight-line speed.  He doesn’t get a good burst off the line of scrimmage.  He drifts into breaks and doesn’t gain separation in the initial stages of the route development.  Read the rest of this entry » «Chase Ford Scouting Report»

Michael Egnew Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On January - 29 - 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Michael Egnew"Michael Egnew


Ht. 6-5 Wt. 251

Hands:  The former WR is a natural hands catcher that very rarely drops the football.  He catches the ball away from his body and at the highest point.  He’s got extremely large hands and long arms which make for a large catching radius.  He tracks the ball on vertical routes as well as any TE in this draft and can go up and get it.

Speed:  Egnew has above-average speed for a tight end.  He can stretch the field vertically along with being dangerous after the catch.  He has a shiftiness and burst to his game that make him dangerous with the ball in his hands. Read the rest of this entry » «Michael Egnew Scouting Report»

Ladarius Green Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On January - 29 - 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Ladarius Green"Ladarius Green

UL Lafayette

Ht. 6-6 Wt. 236

Strengths:  Ladarius Green is a long limbed, lean athlete that is a natural plucker of the ball.  He shows good body control and attacks the ball at its highest point.  He runs well for his size with above-average straight-line speed.  He can play multiple positions including Slot, TE, and H-back.  He’s a much better blocker on the move and can seal.  Could be a redzone threat with his length and body control.

Weaknesses:  Green struggles as an in-line blocker.  He pops straight up on the snap and lacks to strength to move defenders.  His route running leaves a bit to be desired as he’s leggy and doesn’t change directions well.  He can’t get in and out of breaks well or with any burst because he’s so linear.  A slow twitched athlete with long speed and no burst.  Read the rest of this entry » «Ladarius Green Scouting Report»

Coby Fleener Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On January - 28 - 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Coby Fleener"Coby Fleener


Ht. 6-6 Wt. 244

Hands:  Coby Fleener is a natural catcher of the football.  With his excellent size he’s a major threat in the redzone as he can high point the ball with the best of them.  His combination of soft hand and giant wingspan give him a solid catching radius.  He shows impressive body control in the air and comes down with the ball.

Speed:  Fleener has solid speed but not overly fast.  He has good long range speed but takes time to build up.  He’s not explosive off the snap nor does he have the second gear to separate from safeties. Read the rest of this entry » «Coby Fleener Scouting Report»

Orson Charles Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On January - 28 - 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Orson Charles"Orson Charles


Ht. 6-3 Wt. 241

Hands:  Charles is a WR playing TE.  He has strong hands but not always consistent.  He allows the ball into his body often in traffic and has a tendency to short arm balls.  His is prone to drops due to concentration and average hands.

Speed:  Charles is an explosive athlete that has the best short area quickness of any TE in this draft.  He is dangerous after the catch and fits the mold of an Aaron Hernandez-type flex TE in the NFL.  He plays fast and is often a major threat in the vertical game at Georgia.  He gets up to top speed as good as any TE and can run away from defenders in the open field.  He’s a matchup nightmare with his size/speed/strength combo.  Read the rest of this entry » «Orson Charles Scouting Report»

Dwayne Allen Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On January - 27 - 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Dwayne Allen"Dwayne Allen


Ht. 6-4 Wt. 255

Hands:  Dwayne Allen has a massive set of hands that are capable of snatching the ball away from his body.  He rarely uses his body to catch the football and doesn’t put it on the ground very often.  Has an innate ability to track the football in the air and go up and get it at its highest point.  Allen secures the ball before turning up field and is generally a very good catcher of the ball.  A couple double catches on film but seemed to be from balls that jumped up on him before expected.

Speed:  Allen has a more compact build than most of today’s TE’s but he has impressive speed for his frame.  He won’t blow anyone away with his timed speed but he has a powerful burst that allows him to gain separation.  Allen excelled this season on the seam against linebackers. Read the rest of this entry » «Dwayne Allen Scouting Report»

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