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Dwight Bentley Scouting Report

Posted by Jeff Risdon On April – 6 – 2012

Dwight “Bill” Bentley


Ht. 5-11 1/2 Wt. 182

Man Coverage: Dwight Bentley is feisty and aggressive in press man coverage. He really attacks the receiver with gusto, though bigger receivers have shown they can overpower him and shake free. Bentley likes to jam and run with inside technique, trying to use his body to force the receiver further outside. His hips tend to get a little too open when he turns, but he takes very quick steps to compensate. Stays on his toes nicely and does a great job adjusting speeds to stay in a receiver’s pocket. Has consistently shown he can run deep routes with any receiver and has excellent longer speed. Savvy receivers with enough speed can take advantage of his aggressiveness and toast him on occasion.

Zone Coverage. The Rajun Cajuns played a lot of off zone in college, with Bentley primarily playing the wide side corner in a 3-deep zone. He did a good job of keeping plays in front of him, showing good route recognition and spatial awareness. Has a quick enough burst and reactions to play tighter zones but is not the playmaker that most teams using that schematic prefer to deploy at the next level. Played better when lined up closer to the line, where he was able to react quicker and transition into sticking on his man. Bentley tends to get drifty and impatient when giving a bigger cushion, and he often proved he didn’t need it due to his quickness. Looks like a more natural inside/slot corner at the next level. Read the rest of this entry » «Dwight Bentley Scouting Report»

Stephon Gilmore Scouting Report

Posted by Jeff Risdon On April - 6 - 2012

"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Stephon Gilmore"Stephon Gilmore

South Carolina

Ht. 6 0 1/2 Wt. 190

Man Coverage: Gilmore played some off man coverage, primarily with an 8-yard cushion. He has excellent length and he knows how to use it to his benefit in man coverage, shading his man and using subtle hands and forearm tricks to push the receiver off the desired path. Enthusiastic in press man coverage, though he isn’t as good at jamming as you would expect for a corner with his size and length. Tends to rise up and place his hands too high in his jam. Gilmore will get grabby coming out of his break on faster receivers. Reads routes quickly and knows how to counter the attack. Gilmore lacks great long speed to stay with the fastest receivers down the field. He does have fluid movement and shoulder/hip coordination.

Zone Coverage. The Gamecocks spent most of Gilmore’s tenure in a zone shell. He reads the receiver and keys very quickly and accurately, anticipating breaks and route adjustments. Gilmore has decent quickness though he will often take an extra step to break, particularly to the inside of the field. He can capably transition receivers from zone to zone and readjust quickly, a critical skill for teams in Cover 2. Lacks great suddenness in his burst and change of direction and he will overcompensate at times by taking a false step, which can be exploited by quicker receivers. He often benefitted from a very good pass rush that didn’t force him to stay in coverage long and allowed him to get away with gambling at jumping routes. He generally sees the field well and closes in on the play with controlled quickness. His length increases his range and can take away throwing angles. Will get caught napping on occasion and can get caught jumping on the slant and getting beat over the top to the outside (see East Carolina and Auburn games). Overconfidence appears to plague Gilmore at times. Read the rest of this entry » «Stephon Gilmore Scouting Report»

Janoris Jenkins Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On March - 12 - 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Janoris Jenkins"Janoris Jenkins

North Alabama

Ht. 5-10 Wt. 191


Man Coverage:  Janoris Jenkins three seasons at Florida and one at North Alabama were primarily spent in man coverage.  He has fluid hips with quick feet and excellent short area quickness.  He may have the “prettiest” backpedal of any CB in this draft, his ability to stay low throughout the backpedal and drive on the football is impressive.  He’s a quick twitch athlete with enough recovery speed to gamble.  Jenkins trusts his eyes and does an excellent job of staying in the hip pocket of receivers.  He will get overly aggressive in press man on the jam and takes a lot of risks which sometimes don’t pay off.  He played at his best against top competition while at Florida.


Zone Coverage:  I can’t say I saw enough of Jenkins in zone to give an accurate assessment.  What I know about him would lend itself to be an effective zone corner.  He has the receiver awareness and instincts to be at home in zone coverage. Read the rest of this entry » «Janoris Jenkins Scouting Report»

Dre Kirkpatrick Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On March - 10 - 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Dre Kirkpatrick"Dre Kirkpatrick


Ht. 6-2 Wt. 193


Man Coverage:  The tale of two tapes for Dre Kirkpatrick.  He’s a physical corner that excels in press man coverage.  He uses his long arms and strong frame to dominate receivers physically at the line of scrimmage.  His problems come in off man and missing on the jam at the line.  He’s not the most fluid athlete with tighter hips.  He struggles to flip his hips and run with faster receivers as evidenced by Andre Debose running up the field vertically on him all game.  He struggles to find the football with his back to the play because of a lack of recovery speed.


Zone Coverage:  Kirkpatrick is a much better fit with a zone-heavy team.  He has terrific instincts with superior route recognition skills.  He was at his best this season sitting in zone and baiting the QB to throw underneath.  He’s a really good playmaker with the play in front of him. Read the rest of this entry » «Dre Kirkpatrick Scouting Report»

Morris Claiborne Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On February - 24 - 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Morris Claiborne"Morris Claiborne


Ht. 6-0 Wt. 188


Man Coverage:  Morris Claiborne is widely considered the top cover corner in this draft.  He is fluid in his backpedal and opens his hips and runs better than anyone in this draft.  He has few peers in terms of receiver awareness.  Claiborne’s ability to wall off the receiver using the sideline is unparalled.  He’s as good as anyone with his back to the ball and snaps his head around to find the ball quickly avoiding pass interference.  He possesses long arms which makes it tough for receivers to separate off the line of scrimmage.  Equally adept in press man versus off man.  He will need to learn to keep his hands off receivers after five yards in the NFL.  He loves to remain physical down the field which will be penalized in the NFL.  Elite man coverage skills.


Zone Coverage:  LSU played primarily man coverage with Claiborne and Mathieu manning the CB positions.  His natural instincts would lend themselves to be an efficient zone corner.  In rare instances, Claiborne was disciplined in zone.  He has to be considered elite from a route recognition standpoint.  I could see Claiborne excelling in a zone heavy pass defense in the NFL. Read the rest of this entry » «Morris Claiborne Scouting Report»

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