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Ben Jones Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On February – 12 – 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Ben Jones"Ben Jones


Ht. 6-3 Wt. 314

Pass Blocking:  Ben Jones has a solid anchor in pass protection and can hold up against power or speed.  He mirrors well with decent short area quickness.  He was much quicker off the snap in 2011 although I would like to see him work his hands a little more efficiently.  He has a tendency to catch defenders rather than deliver the first blow.  He will have to work on extending his arms through contact to be an effective pass protector in the NFL. Read the rest of this entry » «Ben Jones Scouting Report»

Michael Brewster Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On February - 12 - 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Michael Brewster"Michael Brewster

Ohio State

Ht. 6-5 Wt. 305

Pass Blocking:  Michael Brewster is a four-year starter for the Buckeyes.  He has heavy hands and mirrors defenders really well.  Despite being tall for a center he gets pretty good leverage and plays with a low base.  His technique is solid with good hand placement and is sticky through contact.  He will be susceptible to the bull rush in the NFL as he doesn’t possess a real strong base.  He will get overextended and lunge into contact too often.  I counted 13 bad snaps out of the shotgun in 2011.

Run Blocking:  Brewster is an above-average athlete with solid short area quickness.  He shows solid footwork and has solid range.  He can break down in open areas and hold his own in the open field.  I can’t see him anchoring against bigger DT’s in the NFL.  Much better as a move blocker that isn’t hat on hat.  He doesn’t generate enough lower body power to push defenders in reverse.

Bottom Line:  Michael Brewster is a good athlete that lacks the lower body strength to hold up against powerful defenders in the NFL.  He really struggled his senior season as some thought of him as a first-round center prospect.  He is an experienced leader that should warrant early attention base on leadership.  He could be a starter in the NFL in short time but may never be “elite”.

Draft Projection:  3

David Molk Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On February - 12 - 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, David Molk"David Molk


Ht. 6-2 Wt. 288

Pass Blocking:  David Molk has good range from his center spot.  He can mirror defenders with excellent short area quickness.  Despite his size, he is a gritty center that will fight for leverage and position.  His biggest flaw in pass protection is playing upright.  He doesn’t have the girth or base to match power and his inability to sink his hips kills him against power.  He’s a short armed center that struggles to control larger DT’s through contact.

Run Blocking:  Molk is quick off the snap with a lightning quick first step.  He gets his hands in good position quickly after the snap.  He is a good move blocker that works angles and would be an ideal fit in a zone blocking scheme.  Shows solid awareness and excels as the leader of the line making all the line calls.  He lacks the power to win in-line against NFL DT’s.  He will only appeal to teams using the ZBS because of his lack of in-line power.  He’s a much better run blocker than pass protector and excels on the move.  Read the rest of this entry » «David Molk Scouting Report»

Philip Blake Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On February - 10 - 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Philip Blake"Philip Blake


Ht. 6-3 Wt. 320

Pass Blocking:  Philip Blake does an excellent job of playing low with a solid base in pass protection.  He keeps his pads low and wins leverage battles.  He’s quick to re-set when he’s beat initially.  He possesses a ton of power and once his hands are engaged he’s tough to break free from.  He lacks the athleticism to mirror quicker DT’s.  He needs to become more efficient with his hands as he has a tendency to get lazy with them allowing defenders into his body.

Run Blocking:  Blake’s a big body center with a solid base.  He sits in his stance well and stays sticky through contact.  He has surprising short area quickness for a guy this size.  Ideal fit in a power running scheme.  He’s not a great move blocker and struggles breaking down in the second level.  He gets a little high into contact with a tendency to fall off blocks. Read the rest of this entry » «Philip Blake Scouting Report»

Peter Konz Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On February - 10 - 2012
"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Peter Konz"Peter Konz


Ht. 6-5 Wt. 315

Pass Blocking:  Peter Konz is tall for a center at 6’5” but is a natural knee bender.  He keeps his low base through contact.  I was most impressed by the amount of line calls and his general awareness of pass protection.  Above-average athlete with exceptional foot quickness.  Mirrors defenders well.  He can quickly re-set after an initial surge.  Has a powerful lower half that allows for a strong anchor.  He does get overextended through contact, losing leverage.  Would like to see a little more aggressive initial punch.  He is susceptible to allowing defenders under his pads because of his height despite his low base.

Run Blocking:  Konz is a plus run blocker.  He along with a fantastic OL at Wisconsin paved the way for Montee Ball’s record breaking season.  He’s a heavy handed athlete that is sticky through contact.  Great angle blocker.  He’s a quick twitch athlete for his size that has exceptional short area quickness.  He’s got a nasty demeanor that is seen when he’s finishing blocks to the whistle.  He is a little slow off the snap which can result in him being pushed into the backfield.  He needs to breakdown in the open field as he has a tendency to lunge into contact. Read the rest of this entry » «Peter Konz Scouting Report»

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