2015 NFL Mock Draft – April 3

Posted by Brad On April – 3 – 2015
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"Todd Gurley"

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

17. San Diego Chargers – Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia

It’s almost criminal that Todd Gurley could last this long in the draft. San Diego scores a huge win on this one as Gurley has top ten talent. It appears his knee is progressing quicker than expected. I expect he’ll be on a pitch count in year one with an eye on 2016.

18. Kansas City Chiefs – Arik Armstead, DE, Oregon

The Jeremy Maclin signing takes some serious pressure off the Chiefs in the draft and really allows the flexibility to take an impact player regardless of position. Arik Armstead’s ceiling is about as high as any player’s in this draft. Teaming Armstead with Dontari Poe, Justin Houston and Tamba Hali is too intriguing for Andy Reid to pass on.

19. Cleveland Browns – Danny Shelton, DT, Washington

The Browns were absolutely abysmal against the run last season. Phil Taylor can’t stay healthy, leaving arguably their biggest need as an inside run stuffer. Shelton is a massive, imposing run defender that has the ability to push the pocket.

20. Philadelphia Eagles – Jaelen Strong, WR, Arizona State

This pick had me stumped as who knows where Chip Kelly is going to go with this one after this offseason. Landon Collins makes a ton of sense here but I think Chip will have his homework done on Strong and view him as a potential steal as he’s just scratching the surface of what he can be.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Landon Collins, S, Alabama

I have to think Peter King’s intel is pretty good, so I’m going with him on this one. Andrus Peat will be tough to pass on at this point. But I don’t think Cincinnati would have imagined a scenario where Landon Collins would make it to 21 for their taking.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers – Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest

The Steelers have to replenish on defense, especially with Dick Lebeau in Tennessee. This replenishment starts in the defensive backfield at the corner position. For about four years, I’ve mocked a CB to Pittsburgh in round one. They’ve yet to allow me to hit on their pick. Will this be the year? When I watched Kevin Johnson I couldn’t help but note how he does a bit of everything. He’ll jam receivers in press, shows solid footwork in off coverage and excels in zone with plus instincts. This versatility will play well in Pittsburgh.

23. Detroit Lions – Malcom Brown, DT, Texas

Replacing Ndamukong Suh is no easy task. However the Lions find themselves a steal with the 23rd pick. Brown has the upside to be taken in the top 10. If he can harness it consistently under the tutelage of Haloti Ngata and Teryl Austin – watch out.

24. Arizona Cardinals Melvin Gordon Wisconsin RB

Adding Melvin Gordon to this team could be a game changer. Gordon’s game breaking ability gives the Cardinals exactly what they need to compete in their brutal division.

25. Carolina Panthers – Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford

When Michael Oher is a major upgrade, you have problems. The Panthers have to do better on their OL to keep their franchise QB in good long-term health. Andrus Peat has the upside of a very good LT in the league for a long time. However, he’ll have to improve on some technique issues before he’s ready for the spotlight of being a stud LT. That said, there’s no chance Carolina passes on this opportunity should it present itself.

26. Baltimore Ravens – Byron Jones, CB, Connecticut

"Byron Jones"

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens would love to find a replacement for Torrey Smith here but I can’t see them risking it with DGB or reaching for a Devin Smith-type. When I made this selection, I went with five guys I thought Ozzie Newsome could select and picked the least likely – Real Scientific.

27. Dallas Cowboys – Shaq Thompson, LB, Washington

I’m going on record on this one and calling Shaq Thompson as steal of the draft. Everyone is worried about him being a man without a position. I’m not in the least. I think Thompson is a linebacker and one that comes in and competes for DROY.

28. Denver Broncos – Cam Erving, C, Florida State

My bet is on an FSU player for this pick. Either Eddie Goldman or Cam Erving. Erving gets the nod because of his versatility to play so many positions – something John Elway covets on the offensive line. Erving can step in day at center and fill in all along the line should injuries occur.

29. Indianapolis Colts – Jordan Phillips, DT, Oklahoma

The Colts really need to upgrade their interior of the DL. Phillips has tremendous upside but durability concerns drop him into Indy’s lap at 29. If healthy, Phillips has the type of ability to be a future Pro Bowler.

30. Green Bay Packers – Eddie Goldman, DT, Florida State

As usual the Packers have kept their own while avoiding the spending pitfalls of free agency. Ted Thompson and crew need to replenish the defense through this draft. Anyone of the remaining corners would be wise plays here. However, Eddie Goldman has some special qualities to his game. I have a top ten grade on Goldman because of his ability to plug against the run and push the pocket with sneaky athleticism. Re-signing B.J. Raji or Letroy Guion shouldn’t stop them from considering Goldman at this spot.

31. New Orleans Saints – D.J. Humphries, OT, Florida

I’m not sure this one makes any sense to me but I can’t see Humphries making it out of the first round. Combine that with the fact that the Saints have proven this offseason that nothing is off the table and that’s how I decided on this selection. Teaming Humphries with Terron Armstead gives the Saints the most athletic tackle tandem in the league.

32. New England Patriots – Jalen Collins, CB, LSU

With the losses of Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner, Jalen Collins makes a ton of sense. That should be enough reason not to plug him in at this spot. Collins isn’t a guy I value nearly this high but I’ll go with consensus on this one.


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  • Reggie

    Solid Mock Brad,
    As a Lions fan I would be happy with Malcolm Brown and PJ Williams. Both are areas of need. Brown and Williams would but the DL and Secondary in solid situations. Round 3 you would have to look for Tevin Coleman or Laken Thomlinson and that would make a home run of a draft. Kind of sad if Melvin Gordon would be passed on as he is my favorite prospect for the Lions but I know RB is a deep class and does not make sense to spend a Round 1 pick on. What do you think PJ Williams roof is? For the Browns Round 1 would be an amazing start to the draft….not sure about Funchess though. Seems like a guy without a position which on some offenses work but I am not sure about the Browns. Bryce Petty caught my eye. Thoughts on him as a Pro?

    • bradc11

      Looks like you could have a shot at P.J. Williams in the 3rd after his DUI bust. That’s about where I value him anyway. I didn’t love Williams in my tape study – have a 3-4 round grade on him. Elite size and ball skills but his technique leaves a bit to be desired. I haven’t understood the 1st round talk on him. I don’t love his teammate Ronald Darby either – he’s getting a lot of media buzz right now. I’m not sure about Funchess either. I like him more as a flex TE, slot WR…ala Jimmy Graham. Petty is pretty solidly my 3rd QB. Unfortunately I don’t love any of them this year. I think he’s a solid value in round 3 or 4 but no way he makes it there. Nice size, solid athlete, and nice arm. Worry about his transition and misses are pretty bad. My biggest problem is you don’t see him throwing his receiver open. Partially because he never has to in that offense but ball placement is just so-so. If someone gets him in the 3rd I wouldn’t argue that selection.

      • Reggie

        What about Quinten Rollins?

        • bradc11

          I think he’s going to be a safety. I don’t love his chances of being a top flight CB. That said, he’s scratching the surface and could wind up being a really solid centerfielder.

  • Braeden

    Good mock overall, personally I don’t think Tennessee takes Mariota, but I see the logic there. It pains me that Winston is going to go first because I really just don’t think he’s going to be a franchise QB. He’s a high risk high reward gambit because he might be Jamarcus Russell or Byron Leftwich, but then again he might be Ben Roethlisberger and I guess if you’re Tampa Bay and you need a QB then take him if you think he’s your guy (I’m personally still in the Mariota is better camp but that’s a personal opinion that has no bearing on what Tampa may do). I’m surprised just how high you have Vic Beasley. I like beasley a lot as well, but not over Dante Fowler or Shane Ray (and I would say Gregory as well had the whole failed drug test thing not taken place to cause a ding to his stock). I think all 4 should be gone by pick 13, just which order is the question. If Williams is there Oakland has to take him, but I think Amari Cooper would be the best choice if he isn’t (and I don’t expect him to be), because building around Derek Carr should be priority number 1 and Cooper is going to be a bona fide beast in my opinion. Thank you for being on the Perriman bandwagon like I’ve been all year, good call! I think San Diego would take Melvin Gordon over Gurley because I don’t think they would want to burn a pick on another injury prone running back after dealing with Ryan Mathews for the past 5 seasons, though Gurley is a better prospect than Mathews ever was. As a patriots fan I’d be ecstatic if Jalen Collins was available at 32 for us.

    • bradc11


      I think Mariota goes in that spot. Whether it’s Tennessee or someone else, I see him going two so I’ll probably stick with this pick through the draft. I’m with you on Winston. I prefer Fowler over Beasley but I see Beasley as a perfect fit for JAX. I’m not real high on Ray…don’t think he’s a great transition to 3-4 OLB. He doesn’t have great lateral agility (little tight hipped). For that reason, I’m hoping my Browns aren’t intrigued by him if he slides to 12. We are on the same page with Williams and Cooper for Oakland. I see Gurley as such a good prospect that I take a shot on him high because the reward is so great. I went back to watch all his games over the last two years – He’s special. Perriman caught my eye in ’13 and played ’14 with some of the worst QB play in CFB.

      • Braeden

        Yeah as a UCF fan Id rather not talk about the qb play from this season (but hey we did have bortles!) but I think Holman has some potential with his physical skillset (not nfl potential, but capable college starter potential). Perriman is a beast, though and I’m absolutely rooting for him. I’m gonna beg to differ with you on Ray. I really like him and I think he’s just a really good football player. Maybe he is a little stiff in the hips but there are plenty of nfl starters at the 3-4 olb position who don’t drop in coverage often and on running downs will often put their hand in the dirt anyway (Terrell Suggs, Demarcus ware, and Justin Houston come to mind). Also I like his story (watched the ESPN feature on him and it was really moving) so maybe I’m just biased and rooting for him to succeed but I really think the kid is going to be great. Don’t get me wrong I like Beasley and I agree that he fits great in what Jacksonville wants to do (so would fowler though) but I personally would take Ray. I wouldn’t question it if someone went the other way that’s just my view. They’re both studs. Gurley healthy is a freak and a top 6 pick at least. But Gordon is a top 25 prospect too and I think Gordon is safer because of the lack of injury concerns and I still think he’s an immensely talented back. I see where you’re coming from and I have no issue with it though because gurley is a Mack truck that moves like a Ferrari. He’s just dinged up and I don’t think a team like San diego wants to deal with a potentially injury prone back.