2015 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Posted by Brad On October – 29 – 2014
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It’s almost officially draft season for more than a few fanbases – Oakland, Jacksonville, Jets, and Tampa Bay. We are inching ever so close to a few more adding their names to that illustrious list. We’ve reached the midway plus some point of the college football season, so the guessing becomes a little more educated at this (still too early) point. 

1. Oakland Raiders – Leonard Williams, DT/DE, USCNCAA Football: Southern California at Colorado

Leonard Williams is the best player in the 2015 NFL Draft…and I don’t think its really close. The Raiders need to infuse a boatload of talent into this team and you could argue needs at most positions. Williams gives them a versatile DL that can play on the inside or outside. With Derek Carr and Khalil Mack in the fold, Williams adds a third – much needed – building block.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Randy Gregory, DE, Nebraska

Randy Gregory is exceeding my expectations weekly at this point. I saw him as a bit of a one-trick pony heading into the season. I could be eating crow on that as he’s maturing into a force before our eyes. Gregory is a perfect fit for Gus Bradley’s defense, which could be on the cusp of becoming a really good defense.

3. NY Jets – Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

Wow. That’s about all I can say about the Jets right now. If the wheels weren’t falling off before John Idzik’s press conference, they have now. Mike Vick is the QB of the now, not that it matters. In today’s NFL guys like Geno Smith don’t get second chances after the season he’s had. He’s as good as done in New York and Mariota gives them a difference maker at the position.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jameis Winston, QB, FSU

I’m a fan of Mike Glennon’s. I think a year or two of sitting, learning, and developing will help him tremendously. I remain firm in my stance that he’ll be a serviceable starter in the league in the very near future. It doesn’t look like that will be in Tampa. Jameis Winston is a knucklehead and needs to mature very quickly. That said, his talent is undeniable.

5. Tennessee Titans – Connor Cook, QB, Michigan St.

We’ll see how the Zach Mettenberger experiment goes as he should finish the season as the starter, barring injury. I was not high on Mettenberger and I remain skeptical. Connor Cook is a guy you can see growing into an elite QB prospect by the week. He’s not anywhere near a finished product but teams have to consider him early with his skill sets and potential.

6. Atlanta Falcons – Shane Ray, OLB, Missouri

Atlanta is a flawed team. The lack of quality depth from trades of the past has shown through this season. The offensive line needs help and the defense is basically atrocious. Shane Ray gives them a pass rusher with an elite skill set. His speed off the edge makes him a natural fit for the Falcons.

"Amari Cooper"

Is Cooper better than Julio?

7. St. Louis Rams – Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama

With the ‘top shelf’ QB’s off the board, the Rams look to add a weapon for whoever takes snaps in 2015. Austin Davis has been better than anyone expected and they could certainly do worse. That said, he’s not a QB that is going to take the Rams to the promised land. They should be scouring the market for a veteran that can start games if Davis falters at all. The Rams need a sure thing atop the 2015 draft and Cooper gives them that. He’s as good as they come and will be a day one impact player.

8. Minnesota Vikings – Shaq Thompson, LB, Washington

Shaq Thompson is a big play waiting to happen. The Vikings need a defensive playmaker, particularly along the front seven. Thompson is what NFL teams are looking for these days at the linebacker position as he possesses elite athleticism and versatility to cover in the backend and play behind the line of scrimmage.

9. Washington Redskins – Cedric Ogbuehi, OT, Texas A&M

I’m just happy the Kirk Cousins starting QB experiment has died. Robert Griffin III will adjust in due time and with quality OL in front of him. Ogbuehi hasn’t lived up the enormous expectations but remains a top 15 lock – in my book. Ogbuehi can play four spots, making him a no-brainer for the ‘Skins.

10. Chicago Bears – Landon Collins, S, Alabama

The Bears drastically need to retool the defense. I couldn’t argue them taking any defensive player at this spot. The major needs are at LB, CB, and S. With Collins on the board at 10, this pick shouldn’t be in question.

11. New Orleans Saints – Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford

The Saints have some holes on defense particularly at CB and LB but they really need an upgrade along the offensive line (RT). Peat is an instant upgrade Zach Strief, who will be 32 years old next season.

12. NY Giants – Vic Beasley, OLB, Clemson

I was tempted by a CB here but couldn’t resist Vic Beasley at this spot. Beasley’s versatility wins the day for Jerry Reese. At the end of the day, the Giants need a DE or OLB that can pressure opposing QB’s and Beasley provides just that.

13. Houston Texans – Marcus Peters, CB, Washington

The Texans don’t look to be in a position to take one of the top signal callers off the board. If Connor Cook slides in the least, I think he’s a perfect fit for Bill O’Brien to build around (it’s also best case scenario for Cook). Barring that slide, the Texans should look to bolster their defense and CB is a spot I think they take a long look at. For my money, Marcus Peters is the best corner in the country and shouldn’t fall much further than this spot.

14. Cleveland Browns – Devin Funchess, WR, Michigan

There’s little doubt that the Browns need to add offensive weapons to their receiving corps. Look, Miles Austin, Taylor Gabriel, and Andrew Hawkins have played very well thus far but this is a team that isn’t far off from challenging in the tough AFC North. Funchess gives the Browns a big body to play opposite Josh Gordon.

15. Kansas City Chiefs – Kevin White, WR, West Virginia

There is no bigger surprise in CFB than Kevin White. He’s come out of nowhere to take the CFB and Draft world by storm. He has all the tools to be a very good one in the league and should wind up a top 15 guy when it’s all said and done.

16. San Francisco 49ers – Shawn Oakman, DE, Baylor

Oakman is a freak of nature. He’s not anywhere near a finished product making him a bit of a risk in the top 20. That said, if he figures out how to use his leverage, watch out.

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  • Braeden

    Yes! He’s back! Glad to see new content up on the site, it’s been missed. This site gives some of the better draft analysis out there. As a patriots fan, I love the Jaelen Strong pick, and that was who I have them taking in my mock (granted my homerism makes me mock them at 32 until they absolutely aren’t going to be picked there, even if it’s not logical to some people), Brady needs a top flight receiver and Strong is a guy that could be special. He’s a specimen and with Brady showing him the ropes, he could grow into a stud. If Brady can throw 14 touchdowns without a pick in a 4 game stretch with Brandon Lafell as his ‘elite outside receiving threat’, I’d love to see what he could do with a young stud, since he hasn’t had an outside receiving threat since Moss. There have been times the past two years where I thought to myself, “I bet Moss keeps himself in good shape and is still fast like he was, maybe we should bring him back…”, when you want a 37 year old receiver who has been irrelevant and out of the league for 3 years to come back because he’d be the best receiver on your team (sans healthy Gronk), you have a problem at the receiver position. Too bad belichick would never make that pick, he will probably take an injured defensive tackle who won’t see significant playing time until week 8 or a backup quarterback again (I hated our 2014 draft).

    I’ve been joking around that the Jets will take Winston and he will be the next Jamarcus Russell (not a Winston fan, nor a Jets fan), because that’s just what happens, it’s the jets.

    I’m also a Glennon supporter, but he has been up and down this year, and the Bucs want a guy who can contribute now at that position, since that roster, when healthy, is probably good enough to compete for a playoff spot with even a serviceable guy under center every week. I would love to see Glennon get a shot in Houston, O’Brien (O’Brian?) is a good QB coach, and that roster is ready to compete for titles with a good QB. When Schaub was still good for a couple years they were near the top of the AFC, and they could get back there if Ryan Fitzpatrick’s beard wasn’t bigger than his resumé and smaller than his paycheck as a starting QB.

    I’m a big Connor Cook fan myself. I haven’t watched all of his tape yet, but he looks good in what I have seen and he has all the physical tools.

    Atlanta frustrates me, because they should be better than they are. Offensively, they’re offensive line still needs work, and defensively they are awful, but a team that scores the way they [should] score, should still be able to win 8 or 9 games and compete for the division in a year when the Saints and Panthers are leading the division with 3 win records. I think they clean house this year, hire a new coach and GM, and start committing to a defense first mindset. If they have a high pick, they should trade down, acquire more choices, and build up depth, while still getting one of the later first round pass rushers. There will be a demand to trade up for Connor Cook I think, especially a team like Arizona (Carson Palmer isn’t getting any younger), or Houston (Fitzy’s beard is still bigger than his resumé), who doesn’t have a QB for the future because of talent elsewhere.

    I think RG3 is done, at least in Washington. In my opinion they should ride Colt McCoy (been driving the Camp Colt bandwagon since week 6 of 2010 when he beat the saints and patriots in back to back weeks before getting a concussion vs. the steelers), and regroup next year and look to find the answer at QB. Griffin can’t stay healthy. He’s torn his ACL twice times (once in college, which people forget), sprained his LCL, and a dislocated ankle already. These aren’t just a bunch freak injuries. This is because he is small guy for a QB (not necessarily short, but he’s built like a runner, with longer, skinnier limbs, which don’t hold up to the punishment of getting hit as easily, and add in the fact that he gets hit, a lot, he’s an injury waiting to happen).

    Solid draft overall, though to me Gurley is better than the 20th prospect for sure, he’s one of the best skill position players I’ve ever seen (granted I’ve only been following the draft since 2010), and a top 5 talent. Maybe the off field concern and the suspension will drop him, but I don’t see him falling very far past the top 12.

    • bradc11


      It’s good to be back and hearing from you. I think it’s time BB pulls the trigger on an early receiver and Strong is a guy that could be a great fit for Tom Terrific to ride into the sunset with.

      I’m with you on Bill O’Brien. It would be perfect for Glennon to land in HOU with BOB…I’d personally love to see that one happen. Cook is a guy that I think someone needs to be patient with at first. I don’t think he’s a guy you can rush in and play right away. A year of sitting behind a veteran would be optimal…although unlikely.

      I can’t get on the Colt bandwagon. I’ve too often (as a Browns fan) been fooled by the magic Colt is capable of bringing. I’m going to ride with RGIII for a little while longer. Injuries aside, he brings a lot to the position that others can’t/don’t.

      I agree on Gurley…he’s in my top 10 (maybe top 5 if I recall). Huge fan but I couldn’t find a match that made sense to me in the draft. Considered Minnesota but they really need an impact defender in that LB corps. A little thought to NYG but too many other needs to address the RB position. He’s a steal if he makes it out of the top 15. I don’t see the suspension affecting him at all – maybe a positive in NFL eyes as the missed time = less punishment.

      Good hearing from you!

      • Braeden

        I hope you’re right about the patriots, it would be the right thing to do to do right by Brady and send him into his swan song with a good set of weapons to go after a title with.

  • Reggie

    Welcome Back!!! Lions at 28th would be worth celebrating. DT could be a need we will have to wait and see. I do think two players at that point would also be hard not to take…Melvin Gordon would give us that elite RB we have waited for since Barry Sanders but I know RB is a devalued position but with his speed he is worth it….also La’El Collins would be hard not to take since he could play RT or LG right off the bat…maybe push Reiff to RT in time.

    GO Lions and Go Browns. Look forward to the MSU vs Ohio State game in 2 weeks

    • bradc11

      I really debated an OL for the Lions but opted for the DT with the unknown at this point. If the Lions end up drafting at 28, I know you won’t be all too worried about the draft.

      I’m not looking as forward to the MSU v. OSU game…I think Sparty may best us again this year. This OSU team is a good year away from being really competitive. Good being back and hearing from you. I will be making spot appearances until about Combine time…then I’ll be back at it.

      • Reggie

        Lions are in a quandary with Suh and Fairley. I hate spending that much on a DT but now that our defense is good I do not see the benefeit of letting them go. Fairley’s injury should make a short term contract possible. I do not think the Lions let Suh go if we make the playoffs.

        This MSU team is not as good as last years….defense can be exposed in the deep pass game…Cook can battle inconsistencies from time to time. It is at MSU so I will give them the edge but if it was at OSU I would not.

        I am confused at the Lions OL…all of them have regressed. What is going on? I hope once Calvin comes back the defense has to play less men in the box.

        • bradc11

          I would hate to see the Lions let one of them go. I haven’t watched enough of the Lions to gauge what is going on up front. The one game I focused on (think it was against the Panthers), they were getting dominated on the interior of the OL. La’el would be a nice upgrade with his versatility to play tackle or guard.

          OSU has struggled mightily against even mediocre defenses. Teams that can control their run game, all but shut down the offense as much of the pass game relies on and plays off the zone read. The defense is playing much better the last couple of weeks, so I’m hopeful they are finally putting it together. This should be a fairly close game with the defenses winning the day. I think the home turf plays a major role in this one and could be the difference in a close game.

  • Profetta

    I think that you could be underrating Shawn Oakman and Eddie Goldman. Leonard Williams might be the best college player available in this draft, but Oakman is the best pure prospect. Oakman’s size/speed combo is almost incomprehensible – he’ll undoubtedly be the star of the Combine. If guys like Ziggy Ansah and Dion Jordan can pop off in the top ten, then Oakman has to be considered at #1 overall, IMO. Goldman has quietly emerged as a legit force. Assuming Jordan Phillips doesn’t come out, there’s a pretty steep drop-off from Goldman to the second tier of DTs. He’ll be a valuable commodity come draft day. I doubt he escapes the top 15. Here’s my (way too early) take on the top 20, for what it’s worth:

    1 OAK DE S. Oakman
    2 JAX DT/DE L. Williams
    3 NYJ QB J. Winston
    4 TB QB M. Mariota
    5 TEN DE/OLB R. Gregory
    6 ATL OLB S. Ray
    7 WAS DT E. Goldman
    8 CHI OLB S. Thompson
    9 NYG S L. Collins
    10 SL RB T. Gurley
    11 CAR WR A. Cooper
    12 HOU OG/OT L. Collins
    13 MIN DE D. Fowler
    14 SF WR D. Parker
    15 SD OT/OG B. Scherff
    16 BAL WR D. Green-Beckham
    17 CIN DE A. Dupree
    18 MIA CB T. Waynes
    19 CLE WR/TE D. Funchess
    20 SEA OLB V. Beasley