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17. Baltimore Ravens – Anthony Barr, LB, UCLA

Why not? Terrell Suggs will be 32 next season and Elvis Dumervil isn’t far behind him. Barr is a great value at this point in the draft and Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens didn’t get to be the consistent force they’ve been over the last decade by filling needs and ignoring talent. Barr’s upside is through the roof and this would be a perfect landing spot for him to sit behind and learn for a season while he’s crafting his skills to be one of the top pass rushers in the near future.

18. New York Jets – Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina

The Jets buck their trend of going defense in the first round. Look, they need weapons for Mike Vick/Geno Smith. They have absolutely nothing at the TE position, so this one is a no-brainer for me. If Ebron is on the board, I don’t see much hesitation on John Idzik’s part.

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19. Miami Dolphins – CJ Mosley, LB, Alabama

With the top tackles off the board, the Phins could look for a trade partner down the way. If they select here and guys like Lewan and Martin are off the board, CJ Mosley makes a ton of sense in this spot. His versatility to play any one of the three LB spots on this defense should warrant a long look.

20. Arizona Cardinals – Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville

Tyrann Mathieu far exceeded most expectations in year one. Now he needs a running mate in the backend. Pryor’s presence should allow Mathieu to freelance and really disrupt a teams plans to throw on this defense.

21. Green Bay Packers – Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan St.

Hear me out on this one Packer fans. Tramon Williams is 31-years old and entering a contract year. Casey Hayward is bouncing back from a hamstring and their division is loaded with receivers. Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Golden Tate, Greg Jennings, Cordarrelle Patterson…need I go on. In this case you really can’t have enough starting caliber CB’s.

Dennard can match up physically with the monster WR’s in the division. With the top two safeties off the board and Dennard sliding a bit into Ted Thompson’s hands I could see this one being a viable option. Ok, now sound off.

22. Philadelphia Eagles – Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana

I’m not all that comfortable with anyone in this spot. That’s my disclaimer Eagles fans. While Brandin Cooks is more highly rated, Chip may look for a big, fast guy to put on the outside. Latimer fits that bill as he has ideal size and speed. He was hampered by poor QB play at IU, so take a deep look at the tape on this kid and see all the missed opportunities because of poorly thrown balls.

23. Kansas City Chiefs – Marqise Lee, WR, USC

Had Lee come out last year we would have been gushing all over him as the next greatest thing since A.J. Green. That may be a stretch but he would have been the top receiver in the draft – bar none. Yes, better than Tavon Austin. Lee couldn’t and didn’t, so he was left to be picked apart. He doesn’t have ideal height, dropped more balls than you would like, and has some nagging injuries. All that said, I still maintain that he’s worthy of this selection and instantly upgrades the needy WR position on this team.

24. Cincinnati Bengals – Jason Verrett, CB, TCU

Leon Hall is on the mend from a second torn ACL and might not be ready to start the season. With that in mind, Verrett can instantly impact in the slot corner role for this team. His scrappy/physical style of play is perfectly suited for the needs of this team in a division with a solid group of WR’s.

25. San Diego Chargers – Louis Nix III, NT, Notre Dame

The Chargers have sorely missed a plugger in the middle of their defense that can draw double teams away from a young, talented duo of DE’s. Nix has drawn favorable comparisons to Vince Wilfork. I’m not sure he’s going to be Wilfork but he has similar abilities. While his size and strength jump off the charts, its his ability to push the pocket that will intrigue Chargers brass.

26. Cleveland Browns – Ryan Shazier, LB, Ohio St.

I’ve targeted Jason Verrett for the Browns in past mock drafts but he’s gone two picks before they go on the clock at No. 26. When I look at the needs of this defense, I see a lack of athleticism at a host of positions. They added Barkevious Mingo last year but could use an athlete to pair with Karlos Dansby on the inside. Shazier added some weight in the offseason and definitely didn’t lose any of his signature athleticism.

27. New Orleans Saints – Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon St.

Marques Colston has lost a step as he’s going to be 31-years old at the start of the season. Last years rookie surprise came with Kenny Stills, who far exceeded his draft position. Adding a speedster in the slot makes a ton of sense for the Saints. Cooks can fly and will open things up for Jimmy Graham, Stills, and Colston.


28. Carolina Panthers – Joel Bitonio, OT/OG, Nevada This is a steal and the Panthers would have to be jacked if it plays out this way. Bitonio is a guy that I believe I missed on in my rankings and I he hasn’t taken an NFL snap. I see him as a tackle and at worst a very good guard prospect. He fills the Panthers biggest need and should be a no-brainer if he’s on the board at No. 28.

"Kony Ealy"


29. New England Patriots – Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri The Pats wore down their DE’s last year. Chandler Jones played almost 98% of their defensive snaps. Needless to say the Pats need to find some quality depth at DE. The added bonus with Ealy is he can slide inside on passing downs. As always the Pats are legitimate candidates to trade out of the first round. With Teddy Bridgewater remaining on the board and Houston lurking at pick 33, I would be surprised if the Pats stand pat at No. 29 and make a selection.

30. San Francisco 49ers – Brad Roby, CB, Ohio St. Roby’s latest off-the-field transgression isn’t likely to impact his draft stock much – if at all. The bottom line is he’s fast, productive, and has decent size for the position. It appeared Roby took his foot off the gas a little in 2013 after spectacular 2011 and 2012 seasons. Roby is BPA and fills a need according to our board.

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31. Denver Broncos – Xavier Su’a-Filo, OG, UCLA The Broncos need an upgrade in terms of athleticism on their defense. With CJ Mosley and Ryan Shazier off the board, the Broncos look in a different direction. Sliding Orlando Franklin over to LG makes some sense but Su’a-Filo is an upgrade and the Broncos saw what happened in the Super Bowl when the Seahawks were able to pressure Peyton on the inside.

32. Seattle Seahawks – Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington ASJ looks to be in good health with a reported 4.56 40 time. If it’s a 4.66 call me impressed. He’s trimmed down some and with his size he gives Russell Wilson a new redzone threat. Before a mediocre junior season, I had ASJ as the clear cut top TE in this draft. After going back to the tape on him, he’s been hampered by Keith Price and an offensive system that wasn’t as TE friendly.

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  • Reggie

    From Round 1 I know Rams fans did not get positions they would want but they would have to be happy with the talent they got.

    Aaron Donald!!!! Thank you my friend. I would be happy with this….I fear Eric Ebron is going to be there pick. Like the player so I am unsure why I am upset…I just thought they were good enough at TE but maybe Fauria is not the talent I think.

    Kony Ealy to the Pats would be a huge steal…Jones and Ealy.

    I love Barr to the Ravens as well.

    Packers would have to get on board with Dennard. He is a monster.

    Mosley to Dolphins would be a tough break for them…I know we differ on Mosley and I will admit I might just be prejudice to Alabama Linebackers since most have failed to deliver.

    Manziel and Shazier is a great 1st Round. I would not even be upset if the Lions took Shazier at 10 to be honest.

    • bradc11

      Agree on the Rams. I would be happy if I was a Rams fan.

      If the Lions can walk out with Aaron Donald…be very happy my friend.

      Mosley makes a ton of sense for the Dolphins as he brings the versatility they need in the group.

      I’m not in love with Shazier on the inside in our defense, just a better fit as a WLB in a four man front…but he’s a special athlete and they need to get more athletic on D.

      Gaines gave me a little pause but I think he’s a guy that can match up with divisional receivers…gets his hands on a ton of balls. I’m not sure he’s that raw, shows good instincts for the ball.

      Upset with myself that I haven’t given Dri the love he needed. A guy that I’ve seen up close and personal so many times. I’m rolling with him in the second round.

      • Reggie

        Aaron Donald would make me very happy…that way the Lazy and the Drama can go away. I like Suh a lot but would love to not be forced into paying him a huge salary that is way higher than Geno Atkins.

        Gaines I cannot speak of since I do not watch him. Buchanon would make me dance in the streets though. Size, speed, play making ability???? Give me him over Pryor and Dix any day. If we got Donald and BUchanon I would cry

        • Reggie

          What do you think the Lions could get for Suh? Do you think a team like Cowboys or Bears would give up Round 1 selection or do you think a team would not give up a Round 1 pick for a over priced and head ache of a player?

          • bradc11

            He’s a pain but I think he’s still worth a 1st rounder. If the Lions could score Donald and then deal Suh for a mid-1st round pick, I’d do it. The problem will be finding a trade partner…the team would have to negotiate his contract before working on compensation…meaning the wheels would have to be turning already. I can’t see a team risking a 1st w/o a new contract in place. A team that would be interesting is Oakland…McKenzie has to win now or he won’t be around. Would he be willing to deal the 5th pick for Suh and a filler pick from Detroit? Maybe. I’d love for a blockbuster like that to kick this draft off. Longshot.

          • Reggie

            Agree on it being a longshot. With Oakland what pick would we have to give up? Third Rounder? If the Lions had the 5th in this mock scenario who would be your selection? Mike Evans? Jake Matthews? Greg Robinson? Take any of those with Donald and I am feeling very good. If it was a mid round selection than a Ryan Shazier would make me happy. BRAD WE ARE 6 DAYS AWAY.

            I know you said Shazier is not an ideal ILB in a 3-4 but I think he can make it work but what do you think about him moving to OLB he is a very under rated pass rusher don’t you think?

          • bradc11

            I think the 3rd would do it…sounds fair to me. Mike Evans and Aaron Donald – you’d feel pretty good about that. I’d be jealous.

            Ideal wasn’t the right word for me to use. I should’ve said not his best position. I’d love to see him play the Will in a four man front where he could expose his athleticism. He’s a very underrated pass rusher. OSU didn’t use him in that role much at all…a little more last year but the skills are there for him to be a hunter. His speed and closing burst are an incredible thing to watch. If he can keep his weight right around 240 watch out.

          • Reggie

            I would make that trade in a second for the Lions. I would love Evans and Donald would be amazing.
            Shazier was my favorite player from all of the MSU games this season. He was such a fast, violent player.
            Love Jarvis Landry, Weston Richburg, Aaron Donald, Ryan Shazier, and Deonne Buchanon for my pound for pound tough group.

  • Reggie

    Have to disagree with Phillip Gaines. I will start off saying I have not watched him but another raw CB on the roster I am not sure if that is the way to go. Davante Adams and Deonne Buchanon are right there and I would rather go that way.

  • Reggie

    One last comment…love Dri Archer pick…been thinking for a while he was under rated in this draft

  • ApexSteel

    I would be sick if we passed on Kelvin Benjamin in the second.

    • bradc11

      I don’t think it’s new news that teams are questioning his motivation to be a great one. I think he’s a prime candidate to ‘drop’ until the latter portions of round two. Just too many question marks with him that remain unanswered.

      • ApexSteel

        That may be true, but according to Gerry Dulac the Steelers are very high on him so of those teams questioning his motivation It’s clear we’re not one of them.

        • bradc11

          Dulac is far more plugged in than I am with the Steelers, so I trust he has that on good sources/feedback. In my mind, he’s a giant risk if you take him at 15. 2nd round may be dialing in on the risk but I still pass for a few others in this draft.

          • ApexSteel

            I see. He has some problems with drops and obviously he’s not the fastest. I wouldn’t be mad with Davante Adams though. 1700+ yards and 24 tds is more than impressive.

  • Duncan

    Excellent picks for Buffalo! I’m going to be shocked if Lewan is picked in the top 7. Although he would fill a need, I think you could find a player that could fill in, maybe not as well, but definitely pretty close to Lewans level in the second round.

    Amaro would be a great pick up for Manuel as he knows how to get open and has, IMO, the hands of any TE in the draft.

    • bradc11


      Agree this is about a perfect draft for the Bills. I know they are rumored to be wanting to move up but I think they are in a good position to sit back and let this talent-ridden draft come to them.

  • UJ

    I do like the Cowboys pick, but I really wonder if Clinton-Dix will make it past the Lions. If he doesn’t and the Cowboys end up with the Lion pick (Aaron Donald), that would be good too though.

    • bradc11

      I think you’re safe with the Lions. I see them honing in Donald, Beckham Jr. or trading up. I think HCD will be there for the Cowboys is they want him.

  • 0502bcmi .

    If Anthony Barr is available at 16 and Dallas doesn’t take him, Jerry Jones should be thrown off a cliff.

    • bradc11

      I had Barr there last week and he may be back in my final mock.

  • rawchiefs

    Considering the Rams have Tavon Austin (short, speedy guy) would they be better off picking Mike Evans second overall (or when they trade back)?