2014 NFL Mock Draft – 2 Rounds Chock Full of Trades

Posted by Brad On April – 11 – 2014

17. Baltimore Ravens – Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina

Calvin Pryor has been the guy slotted here the last couple of weeks but Ebron gives the Ravens an intriguing piece to pair with Flacco, Torrey Smith, Steve Smith, and Dennis Pitta.

"Odell Beckham"


18. New York Jets – Odell Beckham Jr., WR, LSU

I had been thinking corner at this spot but Beckham may be too good of a value (sense a theme here) for him to fall past the Jets. John Idzik, not surprisingly, was never really in on Desean Jackson so he opts to get a Desean Jackson-like playmaker in round one. Makes sense.

19. Miami Dolphins – Zack Martin, OT/OG, Notre Dame

If Martin is on the board when the Dolphins pick, they should sprint this card to the podium. Don’t take trade calls just run it up to the commissioner and watch Martin shake Rodger’s hand.

20. Arizona Cardinals – Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville

Pryor teams with Tyrann Mathieu to give the Cardinals a very formidable backend. He could be the major missing link on this defense – although I think there’s better safeties, the consensus points to Pryor with this pick.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers – C.J. Mosley, LB, Alabama

How good would the Steelers feel if they traded back, picked up an extra pick or two and still got a talent like Mosley at No. 21. The fact that you could get Mosley at this spot speaks volumes about the quality of the top of this draft. Plug Mosley next to Timmons for the next ten years and you’re good.

22. Philadelphia Eagles – Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech

The Eagles could take a long look at replacing Desean Jackson but something tells me they will hone in on a DB with this pick. Fuller fits what Chip Kelly is looking for at the position.

23. Kansas City Chiefs – Jimmie Ward, S, Northern Illinois

The Chiefs have been sorely needing a safety to play opposite Eric Berry. Jimmie Ward is a great fit next to Berry as he excels in coverage and can allow Berry to be a factor at the line of scrimmage, while giving them a guy that can cover the slot.

24. Cincinnati Bengals – Cyrus Kouandijo, OT, Alabama

As bad as the Bengals need help in the secondary, it’s equally important they walk away better off on the OL. I’m not sure that Kouandijo is the short-term answer at LT but he at least gives them someone that could fill in where Anthony Collins left off.

25. San Diego Chargers – Louis Nix III, NT, Notre Dame

NT is the Chargers biggest need in my mind. Louis Nix has some Vince Wilfork to his game allowing him to fill a hole that’s needed filled for more than a few years. Don’t sleep on Nix’s ability to push the pocket – he more than just a run stuffer.

26. Dallas Cowboys – Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri

"Kony Ealy"


Dallas does well in this deal as they move down the board, pick up a top 75 pick, and get a guy they could’ve been targeting at No. 16. The only question will be if Ealy makes it down this far in a draft void of pass rushing ends. If he does, Dallas should walk away very happy.

27. New Orleans Saints – Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon St.

The Saints have much bigger needs than WR but Cooks gives them a burner that could push this offense to another level. My only question is who is going to protect Drew Brees? If this pick isn’t Cooks, they should look at an OL.

28. Carolina Panthers – Xavier Su’a-Filo, OT/OG, UCLA

The Panthers need quality along the OL or it will be a very long season for Cam. It may be even with this addition. I think Su’a-Filo is a Pro Bowler in the making but is probably best served on the inside. They still need tackle help at some point.

29. New England Patriots – Timmy Jernigan, DT, Florida St.

The Patriots could stand to add some quality and depth on the defensive line. Vince Wilfork and Tommy Kelly are getting a little long in the tooth and Jernigan could serve as an eventual – and likely immediate replacement.

30. San Francisco 49ers – Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida St.

The Niners would love to add a corner at this spot, Brad Roby would be a nice addition. But Kelvin Benjamin adds a different dimension to the offense with his size advantage. At 6-foot-5, 240 he could team with Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, and Vernon Davis to give the Niners a feared receiving quartet.

31. Denver Broncos – Ryan Shazier, OLB, Ohio St.

Shazier could come off the board anywhere from the teens to late first round. He’s a skilled enough as an athlete to warrant a much higher selection but John Elway must be ecstatic that he didn’t. Teaming Shazier significantly upgrades the athletic prowess of this defense, something sorely needed after watching the Seahawks dismantle them in the SB.

32. Seattle Seahawks – Marqise Lee, WR, USC

Why not? The Seahawks could use a guard/tackle type or a defensive lineman to replace their losses in free agency. All that said, how does Pete Carroll and Co. pass on Lee. He’s a better Golden Tate, who they will be replacing. Lee’s ability after the catch gives the Seahawks the punch they need for Russell Wilson.

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  • Micheal Profetta

    I love the SL/Donald pick. I’m not sure why we don’t see it more often. Kendall Langford has done a great job mentoring Brockers, but Langford’s performance doesn’t match his salary. He’ll be a cap casualty by 2015, if not before the 2014 season. The Rams like to rotate their D-linemen, and Donald would be the perfect complement to Brockers. If the Rams trade with the Falcons, I wouldn’t be surprised if they take Donald at #6, then hope that Clinton-Dix, Lewan, or Evans slips to #13. Not sure about the PIT/Mosley pick. Mosley and Timmons are essentially the same guy. (Slightly undersized, three-down LB who excels in coverage.) Timmons is locked in as the nickel backer – the Steelers need a two-down thumper like Borland or Skov to challenge Vince Williams. I’m thinking that Pittsburgh addresses the trenches in the first round.

    • bradc11

      Great fit for Donald in St. Louis. I had him there awhile back but he’s been off the board, usually to the Giants since. I agree that he’s got a shot at being drafted in the top ten. Tough to pass on interior pass rushers.

      Mosley is a top ten value in my book. I wholeheartedly agree that he’s very similar to Timmons but I think his instincts allow him to win on first and second down…very similar to Luke Kuechly (not quite as good but close) in that regards. All that said, I agree with you – if I’m the Steelers I’m taking Zack Martin and walking away feeling pretty good about my draft.

  • Reggie

    While I think it will be a lot and I think the Lions should show patience….part of me will die a bit once Sammy Watkins goes to someone else.
    Anthony Barr I am watching more and more of. Love the potential and I hope we can bring it out of him….Ansah was similar in that regard and he had a nice rookie season. I am not as sure of Lattimore as you are. Over Davante Adams is risky. Lattimore has nice upside and I do like him as a prospect but early 2nd Round might be too high. What are your thoughts on him?

    • bradc11

      Latimer has been a top 100 guy for me for a long time. Obviously I’ve seen a ton of him playing in the Big Ten. He’s everything you want from a measurables perspective and between the play calling and quarterback play we haven’t seen the best of him on the field. I think he winds up early day two when it’s all said and done.

      • Reggie

        I have watched more and more of Barr. It is hard to draw complete consensus. His measurables are off the chart. He looks very fluid out there and his burst is awesome. That said he looks blocked a lot of the time and is not a violent hitter. There are some reservations the more I watch of him but I do believe his skill set is something we are missing.

        This draft falls into two variables to me with projecting Lions trade

        If we exclude last year and you told me you could get Watkins but had to lose a 2nd and 4th I would say absolutely. I can go without Leshoure, Broyles, Young.

        Now if we are the team that drafted last year and we will continue to draft well I say keep your picks because Ansah, Slay, and Devin Taylor is more than Watkins.

  • Dave

    You don’t draft a RT/OG with the 4th pick in the draft, very poor allocation of resources

    • bradc11

      Tell that to the Chiefs and Jaguars. A guard I could agree with but look at today’s NFL. RT is not very different from LT. Gone are the days of big, plodding road grading RT’s. You need athletes at both tackle spots because defenses are becoming more multiple and moving guys around. Robinson is a great fit for the scheme and I’m not sure Mitchell Schwartz is in this regime’s short-term plans. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they plugged Robinson in at RT and Schwartz was tried inside or shown a seat on the bench…he’s a liability against speed rushers off the edge – see Cameron Wake.

      • Dave

        Eric Fisher and Luke Joeckel will both be playing LT next season. In the last 25 years only two RTs have been drafted in the top ten picks of the draft. Andre Smith who was drafted to play LT but struggled there and had to move to RT, and Lane Johnson who will likely be playing LT before the end of his rookie deal. I also think Schwartz isn’t as bad as people are making him out to be, he play well against speed rushers his rookie and he struggled early last season but got progressively better as the season went on. Joe Thomas make around 11MIL per season, Alex Mack is about receive a large offer sheet from the Jags which the Browns probably will match. With two most important position on the O-line locked down and Schwartz being a early 2nd round pick the Browns don’t to invest premium picks in the O-line.

  • metalhead65

    I hope your right about the Bears pick or they take dix. the years of drafting guys in the later rounds have not worked out so well for them so time to draft the best guy there for once.

    • bradc11

      I see a CB for the Bears in round one. Don’t know who but I think that’s a position they target early.

  • Duncan

    I give the Bill’s draft a “A”. Solid picks that mix need and BPA. I love Amaro in the second, especially. I think teams are getting too down on him for his slow forty, when it was never his speed that made him successful in college. It was more his hands and route running that got him open, not so much his athleticism. He reminds me a lot of Dallas Clark in the fact that he knows how to work the middle of the field and that he rarely drops anything that come his way. Great, big target for Manuel.

    Lewan is, again, a solid pick that will help pave the way C.J. and Fred in the run and protect our injury prone QB, EJ Manuel.

    • bradc11

      This really is a perfect scenario for the Bills. I’m not a Lewan fan but consensus seems to have him in that late top 10 range. Love Amaro and how he could change the offense a bit for Manuel.

  • Nick

    Vikings would easily draft teddy over Carr. turners offense is built around mature, good decision makers with a solid arm and pocket presence which Teddy is exactly and Carr still needs to grow

    • bradc11

      Norv’s offense is hinged on a QB’s ability to threaten the defense vertically. Teddy’s struggles at Louisville really were in the vertical game, his accuracy was very average at 18+.

  • Dave

    Browns pick makes absolutely no sense. The only way that makes sense is you are a Raiders fan and needed to find some “pick” for the team in front of you so you could mock draft your ideal pick to your favorite team. The Browns have a very solid O-line. They need playmakers, not more linemen. Ruins your entire mock.

    • bradc11

      Browns’ fans not big fans of Greg Robinson. With Alex Mack re-upping w/the Browns this probably becomes less likely. I don’t expect the Browns to take a WR at No. 4, so that leaves Clowney, Mack if they fall or a QB.

  • TheOUTLAW1982 .

    Horrid Browns pick

  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    The steelers will draft offensive in the first round this year. That is how
    Colbert drafting pattern go, Defense one year, the offensive the next
    year. They will most likely draft Odell Beckham, Marqise Lee or Kelvin
    “lazy” Benjamin. Then CB, in the second round.