2014 NFL Mock Draft: Johnny Manziel to the Bucs?

Posted by Brad On March – 27 – 2014
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"Anthony Barr"


This week gives us no changes in the top four but after that it’s change galore. The pick sure to draw the most buzz, otherwise known as hate, will be John Football to the Buccaneers. Johnny will be in the spotlight today as everyone outside of the Browns embark on College Station to watch J.F. spin it. I know this won’t be a popular pick but I’d love to see what Jeff Tedford would do with Manziel at the helm.

Enough Johnny talk, this draft is incredibly deep. With each mock draft that I complete it becomes more clear that teams will be aligning themselves to stockpile picks in the first three rounds. I see the quality of this draft in those areas as you can find first rounders into the beginning stages of round two and second rounders deep into the third. The studs  at the top of the draft will get all the attention but down the road the talk may be the steals on day two.

1. Houston Texans – Blake Bortles, QB, UCF

No changes this week to our top 4, so I won’t bore you with the same old explanation. I still think this one is a QB because John McClain said so. Until he moves off that stance, you will be seeing Blake Bortles atop my mocks.

2. St. Louis Rams – Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

One point that I probably should have made with the Rams is that I think they trade out of this pick to accrue more picks – probably future picks. Former NFLF mock draft legend, Michael Profetta believes the Cowboys could be a prime target to move way up the draft and Les Snead could find J.J. a prime candidate to fleece out of picks for this and next year.That said, we aren’t mocking trades, so the pick remains Greg Robinson.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jadeveon Clowney, LEO, South Carolina

I have to say the QB’s in this draft are killing my mojo. I feel fairly locked in with my picks with the exceptions of where these QB’s fit in. It’s that time of the year that I begin to shut off my ears and hone in on what makes sense to me. Then about May 7th, I’ll turn on the TV and read the beat writers in anticipation of taking The Huddle Report crown this year. IF, Clowney is still there for Gus Bradley I don’t think there’s a chance the Jags go QB.

4. Cleveland Browns – Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

The Browns are intriguing. They have filled needs in free agency and really need playmakers. I could see this pick being any one of the following: Watkins, Greg Robinson, Khalil Mack, or one of the QB’s. Ray Farmer is mum on the draft and I don’t think we’ll get any indication of what way the Browns are leaning until the pick has been turned into the Commissioner.

5. Oakland Raiders – Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo

"Khalil Mack"


Our first change to last week’s mock comes with the Raiders. Matt Schaub has been brought into to take the helm as a placeholder. Word sprang out this week that ‘they love Derek Carr,’ and I’m firmly not buying into that love at No. 5. Trading down or back into the first is a significant option but I don’t see Carr going inside the top 10.

6. Atlanta Falcons – Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

With Khalil Mack and Jadeveon Clowney off the board, the Falcons hone in on a tackle to protect Matt Ryan. The Falcons were abysmal in pass protection last season, making this pick a no-brainer if Mack/Clowney are gone.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

I think there’s about a 10% chance of this happening but it’s a chance I’d love to see them take. Josh McCown will be 35-years old to start this season and the new regime clearly wasn’t sold on Mike Glennon’s future. If they were why bring a one-year stopgap after the kid started 13 games and didn’t play too bad. The Bucs freed themselves up to take a luxury pick by their offseason additions and really don’t have many major needs so why not take a shot on Manziel. Part of my reasoning on this is I really want to see Jeff Tedford work with John Football.

8. Minnesota Vikings – Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville

I kind of forced Manziel into a bad situation last week and didn’t feel comfortable. Manziel wouldn’t be a great fit with Norv Turner in Minnesota – not that Bridgewater will be much better. That said, Bridgewater should give the Vikings a QB to grow with for a long time – hopefully beyond Norv Turner’s days are numbered.

9. Buffalo Bills – Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

I should have been more clear in last week’s explanation. I think Cordy Glenn is a stud on either the right or left side. In an ideal world – and Doug Marrone would agree – Lewan can step in as a franchise LT and Glenn could slide to the right side. Regardless I think this pick is a must because they have to protect EJ Manuel and Lewan can step in immediately at RT and provide a serious upgrade.

10. Detroit Lions – Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA

This one is tough for me because Mike Evans is still on the board. Pairing CJ, Tate, and Evans would be a coup for Matt Stafford but I can’t see them passing on Anthony Barr. Barr offers a boatload of upside as an additional pass rusher to this defense.

11. Tennessee Titans – Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State

The Titans would love for an impact pass rusher to land in their laps but in this scenario they just miss out on one of the top three. I think they would look for a trade partner in this scenario but if they stay put they would be wise to add a solid cover corner.

12. New York Giants – Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh

The Giants need some interior pass rush and Donald can give them plenty of it. Despite his smallish size he is a stout run defender and gives you the explosive interior rush that so many teams are craving. If he makes it down this far (yeah, I think it’s possible he could go higher) the Giants should sprint to the podium to turn this card in.

13. St. Louis Rams – Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M

The Rams passed on Sammy Watkins with the second pick for Greg Robinson and they are rewarded with a nice addition at the WR position at No. 13. Mike Evans gives Sam Bradford some much needed size and talent on the outside. With Evans and Robinson in the fold, this should be the put up or get out year for Bradford in St. Louis.

14. Chicago Bears – Timmy Jernigan, DT, Florida State

The Bears will be looking hard for a replacement for Henry Melton, who signed with the Cowboys. Jernigan gives them a guy that can play multiple spots, including the 0, 1, or 3-technique. His ability to push the pocket and stout, physical play at the point of attack should have him a prime target at 14. In my personal opinion this is far too high for Jernigan but he provides a ton of upside at a position of need for the Bears.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers – Odell Beckham Jr., WR, LSU

The Steelers have some holes to fill. Where do they begin? I could have went in a ton of directions on this one. Zack Martin makes some sense, as do Eric Ebron, one of the corners, or C.J. Mosley. I kept landing on WR and I think Odell Beckham gives them the juice they need opposite Antonio Brown.

16. Dallas Cowboys – Kony Ealy, DE, Missouri

If the Cowboys don’t trade up for a Jadeveon Clowney thy could be stuck at 16 without an impact rusher. Many people believe Ealy can be an impact pass rusher – I’m just not one of them. However, this is a position of major need for the ‘Boys so I could understand why they would take a shot on him in the middle of the first.

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  • Reggie

    As a Lions fan this was a repeat for the Lions not that I am upset about the outcome. Barr, Adams, and Roberson would really improve our talent and depth. Barr, Suh, and Ansah would be the heart of our defense. For the Lions the only person I hope we get and it might be tough for us is Weston Richburg. I do not think we would take him in the 2nd and I do not believe he would last till the third. Also wondering about the Lions and their apparent desire to acquire Sammy Watkins. I go along with your thinking that in a draft like this it would be wise to not give up picks.

    • bradc11


      I agree on Richburg. If he lasts until the 3rd, someone is getting a very good player at a great value. Also, don’t know that I would give up assets in this draft to get Watkins. Love Watkins but the talent is so rich on the 2nd day that I wouldn’t part with those picks.

      • Reggie

        Time shall tell. I think Free Agency will allow us to go for talent more than need….though we will probably target: Backup QB, WR, Developmental Center, another DE, upgrade at OLB, and maybe a CB or safety

  • Robert Bass

    As a Ravens follower I Will be madd if we took annything other than wr in The 1st

    • bradc11

      WR depth is just too deep to ignore the need at safety in my mind, especially if you have a chance to pair Elam with Ha Ha.

      • Robert Bass

        So two young inexperienced safties would be better ? Also ha ha isnt even that good would rather trade back and Take the top wr left and jimmie ward

        • bradc11

          Not going to argue with you on Ha Ha. I don’t have him rated very highly but there are teams that value him very highly.

          • Robert Bass

            Nobody is arguing with you lol who says we Have Ha Ha rated highly on our board ? Thats The Funny thing so The Ravens must be one of The Teams that have him ranked highly lol ok only time will tell

      • Robert Bass

        Also I don’t think we will draft a qb before rb if we take one at all

        • bradc11

          You don’t have a QB behind Flacco. Taylor isn’t a guy you want to rely on if Flacco goes down. I’d bet Ozzie looks at a QB earlier than expected to groom as Flacco’s backup.

  • Football_Fan

    Tampa Bay Bucs kept their 3rd round and lost the 4th round instead to New York Jets

    • bradc11

      Thanks, I said I’d make that change this week and I forgot. Much appreciated…I’ll fix it.

  • Duncan

    Not a bad mock for the Bills. I like the mean streak that Lewan has to him, and the fact that he has potential to be a top 5 OT in this league. The only problem that I see is his off the field issues, which may cause him to fall on draft day.

    Getting Marquise Lee in the second would be an absolute steal! He would be the second best WR in the draft this year if it wasn’t for his injuries and bad QB play at USC. Great pick up for Buffalo.
    Kirkskey is a bit of an unknown to me. I only heard his name last week, and from the scouting reports I’ve read he seems to be a decent talent, that may be on the small side, but does have the speed to succeed in the NFL.

    • bradc11

      Kirksey is a guy that has risen lately. I think he winds up fairly high in the draft – probably that early to mid 3rd round. I think this is a monster take for the Bills – despite not being high on Lewan, personally.

  • Micheal Profetta

    The Manziel pick actually makes a ton of sense. New GM…new HC…new OC who prefers mobile QBs…new uniforms, even…Glennon just seems like a dead man walking in Tampa. Like you said, McCown is a stopgap/mentor – the kind of signing that usually portends the arrival of a developmental QB. The most intriguing aspect of the Tampa QB situation is this: If the Bucs do target Manziel (or Bridgewater), that makes Glennon available. Given the circumstances, Glennon wasn’t bad during his rookie season. He still offers some upside. He obviously isn’t a fit in Tedford’s offense, but his skill set would play well in Minnesota or Houston. If Glennon is available for a 3rd rounder, maybe the Vikings or Texans will go in another direction in the 1st round. Crazy as it sounds, Glennon’s availability could potentially shake up the top ten. Same goes for Ryan Mallett. There’s no doubt that Mallett will be traded, it’s just a matter of Belichick coming down from his 2nd round asking price, or finding a team desperate enough to bite. Like Glennon, Mallett is tall, sells the play-action, and has a rifle – a perfect fit in the power run/vertical pass schemes that Minnesota and Houston will employ. The availability of Glennon and Mallett is why I’m not quite ready to etch Houston/Bortles in stone. Rick Smith could still have an ace up his sleeve.

    • bradc11

      Manziel is a great fit in TB. If the Bucs can flip Glennon for a 3rd, and I think they could that, they would be set up for a great offseason. Whether or not they gel will be a question but Lovie could do wonders with this team. Taking Johnny, an offensive weapon or two (TE/WR), a guard in this deep draft could have them on the upswing quickly and set up for the long-term

  • Micheal Profetta

    #21 isn’t too high for Ward, and he’s a great fit in Green Bay. I’m with you about Pryor. To me, he’s a box safety, nothing more, and box safeties just aren’t very valuable these days. Ward offers better versatility. He could play the Troy Polamalu/Charles Woodson role in Capers’ defense – the maneuverable piece that can play centerfield, cover the slot, step up against the run, and bring it on blitzes – all with equal effectiveness. That’s a ton of value.

  • metalhead65

    I hope for his sake Johnny football does not land in Tampa where his career will be over before it starts. Lovie Smith knows nothing about offense and will try and force him into being a player he is not. he took Cutler who was one of the best young QB’s in the league and almost ruined his career. it is like he looked at what he did well in Denver and said sorry we do not do that here. he hired oc’s who refused to tailor the offense to the players they had and what they did best. the same will happen to manziel if he lands there. who else would would give up on the young QB they have before giving him a chance? he did pretty good for a rookie playing on a bad team but he signs a veteran as soon as he gets the job and makes him the starter. never mind this vet had washed out everywhere he played before the 5 games he started last year.

    • bradc11

      Lovie will be turning the offense over to Jeff Tedford. Tedford could do wonders for Manziel as he’ll take the guessing game out early for Johnny. I wouldn’t be worried about Lovie ruining JF…this will be Tedford’s offense.

      • metalhead65

        just like the bears offenses were those of the multiple oc’s he had in Chicago right? tedford may have run a good offense in college but that is because he had final say which I guarantee you he does not have in Tampa. the minute the bucs are up 3-0 and he calls a pass it will be the last one until they get behind and time is running out and the defense knows it is coming. he stepped in and made martz run more even though his whole offense was based on throwing the ball.I will give him credit for doing it or Cutler would have been the first QB to be killed on the football field but it shows who really is in charge.

  • Reggie

    Initial thoughts of this mock are
    Texans would be big time winners getting Hagemand and Smith in Round 2 and 3
    Cyrus Kouindijo seems a bit high. Are his injury rumors over done?
    Browns would be taking major risk in this scenario to a point…Fuller over Carr they could regret but then again they might prove wise by not over valuing
    Falcons would pull a nice haul with LT, pass rusher, and RB.
    How comfortable would you be taking any of these three QB’s in the top 10? Manziel and Brigewater and Bortles can atleast in this scenario say they went to decent teams.
    Where do you see Aaron Donald’s highest spot being? Giants seem like a nice fit
    Kony Ealy at 16? Big jump from last mock what made you do it?
    Eagles taking Brooks looks smart now..and Jetting SJB would be a cuo
    What would be long term plans for Bengals taking Mewhort? Do you not like Smith or do you believe he is a LT prospect?

    • bradc11

      I don’t think Kouandijo injury rumors are done but the reality is that many will look at what D.J. Fluker did last year and see the potential in Cyrus…I don’t think he’ll make it to the mid-2nd round area. Carr making it to the 2nd is a real longshot. I could see Oakland or Minnesota trading back into the first to pull the trigger on him. I would be comfortable taking Manziel and Bridgewater in the top 10, not Bortles…ironically he probably will be the first to come off the board. I could see Aaron Donald going as high as 5 to Oakland and I can’t see him making it past Dallas. I really don’t know about Ealy. He’s a guy that I can’t place – I don’t value him nearly that high but need for Dallas could force their hand a bit. The Bengals need depth at tackle and really need a starting LT. Losing Collins was a huge loss IMO. I think Mewhort could play LT, although not an ideal fit. Either way they need a swing tackle to spell Whitworth/Smith in case of injury.