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65. Houston Texans – Deone Buccanon, S, Washington St.

66. Washington Redskins – Chris Borland, LB, Wisconsin              

67. Oakland Raiders – Scott Crichton, DE, Oregon St.       

68. Atlanta Falcons – Cameron Fleming, OT, Stanford

69. New York Jets – Donte Moncrief, WR, Ole Miss         

70. Jacksonville Jaguars – Martavis Bryant, WR, Clemson

71. Cleveland Browns – Charles Leno, OT, Boise St.

72. Minnesota Vikings – Telvin Smith, OLB, Florida St.

73. Buffalo Bills – Jared Abbrederis, WR, Wisconsin

74. New York Giants – Bishop Sankey, RB, Washington

75. St. Louis Rams – Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia

76. Detroit Lions – Marcus Roberson, CB, Florida

77. San Francisco 49ers – Da’Quan Jones, DT, Penn St.

78. Dallas Cowboys – Will Sutton, DT, Arizona St.

79. Baltimore Ravens – Robert Herron, WR, Wyoming

80. New York Jets – Trent Murphy, OLB, Stanford            

81. Miami Dolphins – Dominique Easley, DT, Florida

82. Chicago Bears – Jaylen Watkins, CB, Florida 

83. Cleveland Browns – Terrance West, RB, Towson

84. Arizona Cardinals – Bashaud Breeland, CB, Clemson

85. Green Bay Packers – Ego Ferguson, DT, LSU

86. Philadelphia Eagles – Paul Richardson, WR, Colorado            

87. Kansas City Chiefs – Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana

88. Cincinnati Bengals – Kareem Martin, DE, North Carolina

89. San Diego Chargers – Billy Turner, OT, North Dakota St.

90. Indianapolis Colts – Tre Mason, RB, Auburn

91. New Orleans Saints – Jackson Jeffcoat, OLB, Texas  

92. Carolina Panthers – Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor

93. New England Patriots – Travis Swanson, C, Arkansas

94. San Francisco 49ers – Shayne Skov, LB, Stanford

95. Denver Broncos – Bruce Ellington, WR, South Carolina

96. Minnesota Vikings – Charles Sims, RB, West Virginia

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  • Micheal Profetta

    You’re dead right about John McClain. He’s plugged in. For a while there, I was convinced that the Houston Texans were slipping McClain some cash to keep fanning the “Texans will draft a QB #1″ fires, when in reality, it was all a ruse to lure a QB-desperate team like Cleveland into trading up. If no team would bite, Houston would ultimately sign Michael Vick and draft Clowney at #1. The Fitzpatrick signing suggests I was wrong. Fitzpatrick is your classic stopgap/young QB mentor at this stage of his career. The writing is on the wall. The pick is probably Bortles – and I’m flabbergasted. I get that Bortles has good size and some upside, but I just don’t see what makes him that much more promising a prospect than Garoppolo or Mettenberger. You know your QBs, Brad…maybe you can help me out on that one.

    Clowney probably won’t make it to #3. Some team will sell the farm to move up for him. My money says that Clowney is a Dallas Cowboy next season.

    • bradc11

      I suspect the Texans made an attempt or two to pry away guys they thought were starters. When that didn’t work they resigned to the fact they would draft a QB at 1. I wish I could explain the rationale on Bortles being the pick but I can’t…maybe it’s the upside factor. I have Garoppolo ranked above him so I couldn’t justify spending the 1st pick on Bortles and not the 33rd on Jimmy.

      I agree on Clowney at 2 and Les Snead is just the guy to pull off a blockbuster. Dallas is a team I hadn’t thought about but makes a ton of sense. Need and Jerry Jones means Snead probably fleeces Dallas. They probably wind up with Dallas 2015 1st and a whole host of other assorted goodies.

      When’s a Profetta mock draft coming out?

  • Reggie

    Wow is all I can say if the Lions got Anthony Barr, Davante Adams, and Marcus Roberson. I am starting to lean on the fact that Barr might be rated higher on the Lions draft board. He would give us that edge pass rush we do not have right now. We have plenty of power and speed but not quickness on the edge. Adams I love…I think he would be a wonderful complement to CJ and Tate. Roberson is nice value. He could push our other CB. Safety is a major problem but unless Lions took Terrence Brooks over Adams which I would not there is no real option.

    • bradc11

      It is a haul for them but really speaks to the quality and depth of this draft. I tried to get a safety to them but the value just never met the need. I agree on the fit of Adams with CJ and Tate – gives the Lions a formidable receiving corps for a very long time. Roberson was too good a value to pass up at that point but may drop due to slow 40 time and injuries.

      • Reggie

        It is. Ton of Detroit fans want a trade up for Sammy Watkins. While I love Watkins and believe he would be a top 5 Wr as soon as year 3 I would rather have Barr and Adams than just Watkins…still would not be totally angry at that. In your mock there was no safety that justified the Lions to take one. Roberson would be too much of a value to pass up on. So Browns taking Watkins at 4…I agree totally with you. I think there are too many elite players in this draft to take a QB in the top 10 that I am not convinced will be any better than Carr or Garoppolo…Love this draft

        • bradc11

          I think the Browns will go Watkins, Mack, or Robinson at No. 4 and hold off on a QB until 26 or later. As good as Watkins is I think the Lions are better served finding another impact edge rusher and taking a receiver in the 2nd or 3rd. Just so many good receivers in this draft to part with picks to move up for Watkins…may have to move into top 3 to make it happen probably with St. Louis at 2 and that would be too costly.

  • Duncan

    I give the Bills draft a solid B. I’m pretty sure that Cordy Glenn isn’t going anywhere, Doug Marrone has had nothing but glowing statements about Glenn’s play at LT. Although, that’s not to say that Buffalo doesn’t need a upgrade at RT where Erick Pears, who usually is pretty solid, struggled mightily last year. Lewan would Immediately lock down the that side of the field, giving Buffalo two great edge protectors. The only thing I’m worried about with him is his off the field issues. Niklas is a personal favorite of mine. I think that he will be able to step up and help EJ out a ton by being that big red zone target. While I’m intrigued by Abbrederis, I feel like that we would just be getting another of the same receiver that we already have on the roster. I think someone like Brandon Coleman or Martavis Bryant would be more like what were are looking for at WR. Although, I think that Bryant is going to be overdrafted due to his size and speed.

    • bradc11

      My thought process is they are strongest with Glenn at RT and a stud LT. Not saying Lewan is a stud LT but it at least gives them options. I would agree with Marrone on Glenn, played very well last year. Niklas is way undervalued by most and not being able to work out could keep him in that status. I’m a big Abbrederis fan…think he’ll wind up being a nice complementary No. 2 in the league for a long time. I wouldn’t touch Bryant in the 2nd – but that’s probably where he winds up going.

  • Jonathan R Looney

    I dig your mock picks for the Cowboys. I think they like C.Pryor more, but I’d be happy with a top Safety and Demarcus Lawrence w/ 1st two picks. Remember they are getting Ty Crawford out of BoiseSt. back from achilles, so he’s an instant addition as well.

    • bradc11

      Need to find some upgrades on defense. Getting Melton will help, barring health, but I worry about the secondary holding up without an above-average pass rush to help out.

  • joeisme

    An absoutely horrible Packer draft. A 2-3 rounder in the first (Ward). A complete waste in round 2 (Smth.. a college DE who has never played LB and isn’t that great at DE.. The Packers have tried converting those too small DEs to OLBs for three years in a row with #1 and #2 picks with miserable results. Smith will NOT be on their board early).

    • bradc11

      If Ward makes it out of the 1st, I’ll be shocked. He’s the best safety in this class. Head over to and check out Smith and Ward. If you still feel the same way, we’ll agree to disagree.

  • guest1xprq11

    Disagree on the 9ers first pick. I think in your scenario (given all your other picks hold up) they would go for Lee and Jean-Baptiste with the #56.