Vic Beasley vs. NC State

Posted by Mike Krupka On October – 1 – 2013

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If you haven’t seen Vic in this game yet.

You need to.

And if you haven’t heard of Vic Beasley.

You really need to acquaint yourself.

Vic Beasley is an exceptional athlete who has showed several elite pass rushing traits so far this season. Beasley is a converted TE who is now playing defensive end in Clemson’s 4-3 defense. Vic often lines up with his hand in the dirt but can just as often be found rushing from a standing position and he appears  lethal from both positions.

In this game vs. NC State, Vic Beasley racked up 3 sacks and 5 total tackles, 3 of which were tackles for a loss. Vic showed tremendous talent in the areas of initial quickness; closing speed; hand usage; spin move; converting speed to power and the ability to pressure the QB. Although this game was vs. NC State and the linemen weren’t NFL caliber, you can’t teach speed and quickness, and that’s what I saw in this game. Granted, there is still much that will unfold in the film room this college football season, but if Beasley continues to play with this type of consistency, I believe I am seeing a clear cut top 10 talent. The NFL has become a passing league and pressuring /sacking the QB is paramount to success on defense.

Based on facts presented in the article quoted below, Beasley has shown the ability to add size while maintaining speed, power of which are evident when watching his film. This year he is listed at 6’2” / 235lbs, and has the frame to add some more size at the next level if needed.

"Vic Beasley"

“The converted tight end leads the Atlantic Coast Conference with five sacks, fifth-best in the nation, continuing the passing-rushing tear he’s been on since last year. He was Clemson’s breakout defensive star last year, leading the team with eight sacks in a part-time role. Earning a full-time spot this season, Beasley has been a big part of Clemson’s improved defense.” – AP via Fox News

When I’m looking at a DE / OLB and projecting him for the NFL, there are several qualities I want to see in an elite pass rusher – first and foremost, the ability to create pressure on and sack the QB; initial quickness off the snap / explosion of the line; the ability to translate speed to power; burst following a change of direction; hand usage to create space; and then the ability to defeat and shed blockers.

I have posted several Vine video clips below that I believe showcase Beasley’s usage of each of these aforementioned traits. I apologize for the quality of some of the clips but I believe the evidence in these clips is clear. I will be posting more player notes and in-depth profiles as the season moves along, but Vic Beasley is a guy that immediately jumped off the film to me and screams elite pass rusher. Aside from many scouts watching Tajh Boyd on the offensive side of the ball, if Vic Beasley can continue to show this type of athleticism and talent, the Clemson defense may be just as exciting to watch the rest of this season.

Initial quickness; steps outside to set up the OL and then quickly changes direction back inside, using a rip move to move past the OL, then exhibiting closing speed and burst to sack the QB. Note he also beats the RB in run support simply because he was too fast. 

Uses his burst and power to beat the pulling RG and hands to get around him and pressure QB speed to power, beats his blocker, pressures QB, forces fumble.



Spin move – shows the ability to shed blockers; burst; speed; and creates pressure on QB.


4th Quarter – Explosion ( speed to power ); Initial quickness

4th Quarter – Spin Move; beats double team; pressures QB

4th Quarter – Burst; Spin Move – ability to shed blocker / hand usage; Beasley’s pressure to force QB out of pocket

Full Game Cut Up

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  • Bex_R1986

    Great choice of player to profile.

    Beasley was a constant disruption vs Georgia, but he truly put in a sensational performance against North Carolina State, with a stat line to back it up. He is a surefire 1st rounder if he enters this year. Bruce Irvin went no.15 a couple years ago, and Beasley is far superior.

    The Clemson line overall is a real strength this year, Grady Jarrett on the inside has also impressed, and both Josh Watson & Corey Crawford have really improved. Out of the four, Beasley is the only one who will likely consider declaring early though. Thanks, look forward to the next!