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2014 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 is here – following week three of the college football season. With some things settling in for what appears to be the long-term, we begin to hone the team needs based off two weeks of the NFL schedule. 

Finally, you can trash my draft order as there was no science involved – just my best guess after watching two weeks of play. I think the one thing we can all say is that the Jags are the odds-on favorite for the No. 1 pick – Teddy Bridgewater. After the Jags, you’re guess is as good as mine, so go ahead and litter the comment section with my team this…or my team that.

Without further ado, we bring you mock draft 3.0.

  • Bex_R1986

    Mariota to the Bucs, I’ll take that. I’m trying to remain optimistic about Freeman, but even I am losing confidence just now. Really tough start to the year for us. I’d certainly prefer to be able to grab Hundley, but there’s no chance he makes it to No. 6. Mariota has some questions still, but he’s one heck of a player regardless, could be jsut the dynamic talent we need.

    I must be missing something on Ronald Powell… I have him as a borderline 3rd round guy. I don’t see him as a game changing defender like Easley is (definitely a legit 1st rounder). Nice skill set, and makes some good plays but I can’t see him in the same bracket as Mosley, Van Noy, Shazier, Mack etc. I’ve been wrong in such situations before though, so will stay open minded!

    • bradc11

      Mariota’s upside is on a different planet. He’s just scratching the surface of how great he can be. Once his mechanics settle in and ball placement improves, he’s going to be a hell of an NFL QB.

      I don’t think we’ve seen the best of Powell. His speed and overall athleticism are off the charts. Injuries and scheme have limited his production. I’d make the argument that he’s the most physically gifted OLB (Barr not included) that is draft eligible. He’s a guy to watch this season – 2 sacks, 2 games so far. I’m interested to see him this week vs. Tennessee. It will be a great matchup for him to showcase NFL pass rushing ability as all 5 (at least 4 of 5) should be on NFL rosters next year.

  • Nice Marmot

    Hundley is who I want my Brownies to take. Still not sure if they can, even w/ the stockpiled pics. PLENTY of teams needing a QB . . .

    • bradc11

      If they are picking at No. 2 they can. I don’t think they’ll be that bad…maybe 5-8 range. I think this draft winds up being defined by guys like Hundley/Mariota/Manziel. How how do you risk taking those guys will shape this draft…if they come out? Hundley is a great fit in Cleveland as he gives them an athlete with the arm to fit in Norv’s downfield passing attack. They need to add another weapon, help out the OL, and find some secondary help. RB is not going to be a huge need in the draft…I think they go after a free agent back – Ben Tate would be a great fit for Norv but the cost may be too prohibitive for that position in this offense. Joe Banner isn’t going to tie up a bunch of money on the RB position. Draft could be fairly deep at the position…a 3rd or 4th could get a solid back and Dion Lewis will be back.

  • Jake Udell

    I don’t see us as in my steelers taking a tackle in the first round no matter what because there are more urgent needs as in finding replacements for larry foote and ike taylor and another receiver since our O-lineman outside of ramon foster two first round picks and two second round picks, there is too much youth and potential to give up on so early

  • Jake Udell

    umm you gotta be crazy to think Johnny Manziel and Marcus Mariota are going top ten when they haven’t shown much as passers and maziel is a total asshole and is probably thought just as badly if not worse than tyrann mathieu was and doesn’t have elite arm strength either, not to say mariota won’t go top ten but at this point to put him ahead of tajh boyd is completely going out on a limb

    • bradc11

      I know I put Boyd at No. 8 but I would be shocked if he winds up a top 10 pick. I don’t think he’s a first round pick, let alone a top 10 guy. I’m going to call my shot now…if Boyd goes in the top 10, I’ll shut this site down. I’d like to know how one can downplay Manziel’s arm strength and pump up Tajh Boyd in the same argument. From an arm strength standpoint, they are very similar in my book. Someone is taking a shot on Manziel high if he comes out. He’s just too dynamic not to…there’s 31 teams that are regretting not taking a shot on Mathieu. To me, it’s pretty easy to justify the risk vs. the reward on Manziel. Yes, he’s an asshole but he hasn’t broken the law (outside of underage drinking) and his play is Frank Tarkenton/Archie Manning-esque. As for Mariota, he’s a rare breed. A finished product – no but who is. Just don’t come more athletic with better physical tools. His mechanics need some work but you take him high on upside alone…may have the highest upside of any QB in this class – including Bridgewater.

      • Jake Udell

        what about braxton miller hes shown hes more of a polished quarterback than he was thought too, also manziel has the exact same body as vick practically meaning he has a good chance of getting hurt. Plus he’s short as well. Miller probably has the best size of anyone along with bridgewater, i wasn’t really pumping up boyd I haven’t watched him much its just that everyone else thinks he is a top ten pick if not top 5

  • Jake Udell

    Tho I am a buckeye fan I see the steelers taking either roby or shazier, cuz i think shazier could be converted inside in the way that lawrence timmons was, plus he was among the top 3 in the big ten in sacks, tackles for loss, and tackles, and as a former safety he obviously has good cover skills

    • bradc11

      The problem will be that Timmons was/is more physical taking on blockers than Shazier is. I can’t see Shazier a good transition to inside 34 backer. Guys like Timmons are rare and teams are getting burned thinking they can fill a Timmons-like role inside with small, fast LB’s. Just doesn’t happen too often. Roby would be a great pick but I think that OL needs addressed early (again). I know they’ve spent multiple high picks over the past couple of seasons but it hasn’t worked out. Lewan gives them an immediate upgrade and keeping Big Ben healthy for a couple more years is the only shot they have at competing.

      • Jake Udell

        they also have more drastic needs which was shown on sunday there line has been good in the second half of both games and even better this sunday. Cortez Allen may alone have been the reason we lost all of the big catches were with him covering, And to shazier he could probably add some to his frame to play inside. When needed to he gets physical and plays inside on passing situations and when there is only one linebacker, but with lebeau’s teaching and timmons it might work, as lebeau credited timmons switch to james farrior’s help/tutoring

      • Jake Udell

        I could see the steelers taking a qb, especially if they get a top 3 or 5 pick and trade down and get another pick to go along with a top ten pick to say a team like the rams for Clowney, Matthews, Hopkins, or Lee

  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    Hell yeah that what I’m talking about. Lewan at 7 baby, Woooooooooooooooo.

  • wishfull

    I think Mariota at 6 is low but would rather see that then going to a Norm Turner team