2014 NFL Draft Top 32 Preseason Prospect Rankings

Posted by Brad On August – 2 – 2013
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As fall camps kick off we begin to dig deep into the evaluation process. We’ve visited multiple programs, watched a ton of video (thanks to the guys at Draft Breakdown), and already began to form man crushes on certain prospects (Anthony Barr).

Many argue that it’s too early to comprise a rankings – and I’m half in agreement. Ultimately, this winds up being a tool to begin our tape evaluation for the upcoming season. While it’s clear that we haven’t watched all the tape on every player, we have seen enough to begin to form strong opinions towards the direction we are going for the top players (eligible) for the 2014 NFL Draft.

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  • Bex_R1986

    One thing you missed on why to do this pre-season: It makes for a great read! So many outstanding prospects this year, made evident here by the fact that the likes of Louchiez Purifoy, De-Anthony Thomas and James Hurst couldn’t make the cut at this stage!

    As you stated, the TE’s are one of the more interesting groups this year, due to the close grading entering the season, and indeed, they are all a little different in style. Currently have them at 25. ASJ, 28. Lyerla & 32. Ebron. I was particularly pleased to see Ebron had added a little extra weight this year, I think that was important. Should be fun to see who if any separates themselves over the course of the year. As much as I like Georgia’s Lynch, Iowa’s Fiedorowicz and USC’s Grimble, I’m not expecting any of them to push the guys at the top.

    I note that you haven’t included Brett Hundley, which makes sense as it’s rare for a redshirt sophomore to declare. He’s as likely a candidate as any though with a good season; where might he have placed on this list were he to make the jump? I’ve included him on mine in the top 5, behind Bridgewater.

    • bradc11

      James Hurst was a tough one not to include. He was right on the cut line. Thomas is a guy that intrigues me a lot. Excited to see him this year. Tavon Austin’s play this year could really help him.

      Back to back years with very good TE classes. Love the top end potentially of this class.

      Opted to not include any rs soph. Hundley is a guy I love. If he were to come out I think he’d make a strong case for No. 2 QB off board. Like Hogan as well. Both those guys are going to be top picks when they opt to come out.

  • Substandards

    I see your going to continue to try to shock people with your rankings instead of posting accurate rankings again this year. Come on, Anthony Barr isn’t close to Clowney and no way is he the 2nd best player in this draft.

    • bradc11

      I like the change to the screen name. It will fall on deaf ears but I believe Barr is the 2nd best player in the draft – at this point and he’s not that far off Clowney. He’s elite and I think he proves that this year.

  • Ferris

    Homer pick with Roby. He’s not near as good as Dee Milliner and he went 9th. Guy is a top 15 or 20 player, not the 4th.

    • bradc11

      The only homer involved is that I have seen him play every collegiate game. That works for and against guys. Worked against Mike Adams.