2014 NFL Draft: David Fales preseason scouting report

Posted by Brad On May – 5 – 2013

"David Fales"

Geoff Burke – USA TODAY Sports

David Fales – San Jose State

Height: 6030

Weight: 221

Age when drafted: 23

Hometown: Salinas, CA

Position: QB

Collegiate Number: 10

Combine notables: N/A

Games Viewed: 2012 – Stanford, Utah State, BYU, Bowling Green


David Fales played his high school football at Palma High School in Salinas, California. Fales was a two-time all-league selection but drew very little attention from colleges. The University of Nevada came calling for Fales and he accepted a scholarship to play there after the 2008 season.

Fales would see no game action in 2009 at Nevada sitting behind Colin Kaepernick. Fales would transfer from Nevada after he realized he was going to be asked to be much more of a running quarterback. Fales would leave Nevada following the 2009 season for Monterey Peninsula College. In two seasons at Monterey Fales threw for over 4,500 yards and 37 TD’s. After a summer at the University of Wyoming, Fales went back to Monterey for the fall of 2011.

San Jose State found themselves in a predicament following Tate Forcier leaving the program in 2011. In December 2011, Fales signed a letter of intent to play at San Jose State for the 2012 season.

Fales won the starting job in 2012 and went on to have a phenomenal junior season which included a Military Bowl game win over Bowling Green.


At 6-foot-3, 221 pounds Fales has idealic size for an NFL signal caller. He may check in a shade under 6030 but throws from all platforms with success, so it won’t be an issue.

Fales isn’t going to break games wide open with his feet but he moves well enough to escape the rush and certainly isn’t a statue in the pocket. I came away impressed with his ability to extend plays with his feet and take off when absolutely necessary. He gets the knock of being a poor athlete, strictly pro-style quarterback. I didn’t see that. He won’t be running any zone-read at the next level but he’s more than capable as a mover. Needs to work on his frantic feet in the pocket. Has a tendency to get happy feet which should get better with improved blitz recognition.


The plusses of Fales game start with his ‘heady’ approach to the game. Fales anticipation and timing are ‘spot on’ and throws with accuracy. Fales accuracy doesn’t dip when he’s forced from different arm angles/platforms. He throws with enough zip to make any and all throws and can do so under duress.

Fales ability to make back shoulder throws was impressive. In the four games I watched, Fales made more than handful of wow throws with zip, touch, and accuracy. Good but not great arm strength – plenty. Gunslinger mentality and he feels he can fit the ball in tight spots – most of the time he does with his ability to anticipate the defense.

He’s not a great athlete and won’t be running any zone-read but moves well in the pocket to avoid the rush and can take off if given space. He throws well on the move.

From a mechanical standpoint it’s tough to pick out any flaws in Fales’ game. Throws a catchable ball with excellent ball placement. He’s intensely competitive and was the clear cut leader on the field in his first year on the team.


The consistent flaw that was picked up in Fales’ game was his inability to recognize blitzes. It seemed that when teams were successful in stopping the highly potent SJSU offense it was when they brought pressure from outside the box.

Fales feet under pressure take a major dip. He has a tendency to get frenetic in the pocket under heavy pressure. A couple of instances where he got happy feet and started to imagine more pressure than there was.

The gunslinger in him causes him to force throws into tight spots. Positive and negative as he forced balls over the middle to Ryan Otten on a few too many occasions. Doesn’t have the great arm strength to fit the ball into tight spots and could be viewed as more of a west-coast quarterback.


2013 will be a telltale sign of Fales ability in the mental aspect of the game. He appeared to have a solid grasp on the SJSU offense for having very little time in the system. As I stated, he doesn’t recognize the blitz as well as expected but that should come with seasoning. Teams will look to pressure Fales this season as it was the only thing that slowed him down in 2012. You don’t often see Fales making the wrong decision and understands the ball must come out with timing and anticipation.


None. Has been lauded by SJSU coaching staff for his work ethic and leadership.


David Fales developed a cult-like following among draftniks last season and for good reason. The kid can play at a high level. The buzz surrounding Fales will be at a fever pitch if he can continue his success this season.

The knock on Fales will be his time in major college football. Those that point to the level of competition aren’t paying attention. Fales faced four teams in the top 20 of total defense in 2012. His progression this season needs to include a better grasp of blitz recognition which should pay dividends with his panicked footwork in the face of pressure.

Fales’ combination of accuracy, anticipation/timing will make him an intriguing fit for timing-based west-coast teams. Unlike some evaluators, he isn’t ‘just’ a west-coast quarterback. I think he throws the ball down the field well into to be successful in a vertical offense.

Don’t be surprised if you start to hear Fales’ name mentioned atop the 2014 NFL Draft. It’s not the hype machine rolling early on a prospect. He has legitimate elite qualities about his game and deserves to be talked about with the Teddy Bridgewater’s of the draft world.

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  • Duncan

    Fales Is the guy I wanted Buffalo to get if they didn’t draft a QB in the first round this year.

    • bradc11

      He would have been a nice fit in Marrone’s offense. Tempo thrower with accuracy in short to intermediate range.