2013 NFL Mock Draft: Chock Full of Trades

Posted by Brad On April – 11 – 2013
"Denver Broncos war room"


Every draft season we try to predict the unpredictable. It’s been a wild hit in the past and brought about as much controversy as an single item on the site. Remember trades are unpredictable and near impossible to take a stab at, hence why we only take on this task once a year. I try to limit this to one round of trades, so you won’t see a bunch of moves in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Here’s a breakdown of all the trades:

Philadelphia trades No. 4 (1800) to Arizona for No. 7 (1500) and No. 69 (245)

Detroit trades No. 5 (1700) to the Jets for No. 9 (1350) and No. 72 (230)

Cleveland trades No. 6 (1600) to San Diego for No. 11 (1250) and No. 45 (450)

Buffalo Bills trade No. 8 (1400) to St. Louis for No. 16 (1000) and No. 46 (440)

New York Jets trade Darrelle Revis to Tampa Bay for No. 13 and a 2014 2nd round pick

San Francisco trades No. 31 (600) and No. 34 (560) to Pittsburgh for No. 17 (950)

New England trades No. 29 (640) to Philadelphia for No. 35 (550) and No. 101 (96)

Kansas City trades Branden Albert to Miami for No. 42

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1. Kansas City ChiefsLuke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

In our mock draft, we opted to deal Branden Albert to the Dolphins for the 42nd overall pick. This appears to be a deal that will work for both sides as KC can take Luke Joeckel at No. 1 and Miami gets their LT allowing them to move Jon Martin to his more natural right side. Rumors began swirling this week of Dion Jordan as a possibility at No. 1 but I don’t see them packing it on Tamba Hali at his point.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

I’m still aboard the Geno Smith to Jacksonville train. If it’s not Geno, it’s almost certain to be Dion Jordan. The new regime will be looking to make their mark on this team and it won’t be with Blaine Gabbert at the helm. If David Caldwell and Gus Bradley have the slightest feeling that Smith could wind up being a solid starter in the league, they have to pull the trigger.

3. Oakland Raiders – Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida 

Oakland may attempt to deal this pick as they need to recoup picks and pick up some talent. This roster is abysmal (quite possibly worst in the league on paper). If they can’t deal No. 3, it’s looking like they will make Sharrif Floyd their pick. Floyd is a dynamic 3T that can provide the Raiders with an interior disruptor.

4. Arizona Cardinals – Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

Arizona seizes the opportunity to take a franchise LT, which has been a need for many years. They can’t afford to sit tight at No. 7 and allow teams to wheel and deal in front of them and be left without a tackle. The addition of Carson Palmer gives them some flexibility and giving Carson a franchise blindside protector should be a priority. Fisher would almost certainly be gone at No. 5, so Arizona doesn’t waste time and makes the move up.

VIDEO: Revenge of the Birds – What the Cardinals need and what they might do at the top of the draft

5. New York Jets – Dion Jordan, OLB, Oregon

The Jets pick up extra picks in the Darrelle Revis deal and strike while the iron is hot. Detroit hedges their bets here with Fisher and Joeckel off the board. The Jets need pass rush help and they would be wise to move up for one of the most dynamic athletes in the draft. Jordan is a swiss army knife that will intrigue teams very highly, including at No. 1. The Jets know they can’t stand pat at No. 9 and take Jordan so they get aggressive.

"Lane Johnson"

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

6. San Diego Chargers – Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma 

Many expect the Dolphins to make this move up for Lane Johnson with Cleveland. San Diego is really bad off at tackle and really can’t afford to leave the draft without a stud LT. Sitting back and waiting at No. 11 is not going to bear fruit so the Chargers get aggressive on this one and make the move up at the cost of their 2nd round pick.

7. Philadelphia Eagles – Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah 

I think this is a great scenario for the Eagles. They are able to move back a couple of picks and can still target a guy they would have taken at No. 4. The Eagles pick up a high 3rd round pick for their efforts. Star has the flexibility to play the nose and 5T in Chip Kelly’s defense.

8. St. Louis Rams –  Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia

The Rams have extra picks from the Robert Griffin III trade and don’t waste time moving up for their guy. Tavon Austin adds a unilque element to their offense and could take some pressure off Sam Bradford and their young running backs. Austin’s versatility and game breaking ability will have team looking to take him higher than expected. Knowing that Jeff Fisher and Les Snead can’t wait on Austin to fall in their laps.

9. Detroit Lions – Ezekiel Ansah, DE/OLB, BYU

The Lions would have loved if Eric Fisher would have been there at No. 5 but teams will be looking to move up to snag the tackles before they make to Detroit. A nice consolation prize for the Lions would be moving down a couple of spots to get a guy that would have been in consideration at No. 5.

MORE: National Football Post – Pick your Poison: Ezekiel Ansah or Bjoern Werner

10. Tennessee Titans – Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama 

The Titans were able to add Andy Levitre in free agency but still need another interior lineman. The Titans could be intrigued by Jon Cooper’s versatility but I think they go with the overall better guard. Warmack is a stud on the interior that is ready to compete from day one.

11. Cleveland BrownsDee Milliner, CB, Alabama

The Browns would jump for joy if this scenario played out. They are able to move down the board and still get the best corner in the draft while picking up the second round pick they lost in the supplemental draft. Dee Milliner is an ideal fit opposite of Joe Haden and will step into the starting lineup from day one.

MORE: SBN – Dee Milliner aspires to play for the Cleveland Browns

12. Miami Dolphins – Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri

The Dolphins filled a ton of needs in free agency, leaving them to take the best available player on their board. The even better news is that Miami is going to really struggle to keep one or both of their starting DT’s next season with their cap situation. Richardson is a dynamic 3T that will add a different dimension to their front four.

13. New York Jets – Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

"Tyler Eifert"

The Jets acquired this pick from the Bucs in a Darrelle Revis deal. The Jets need to add offensive weapons to their arsenal for whoever the quarterback is in 2013 and the future. Eifert is going to go higher than many expect and could be the target for the Jets. Kenny Vaccaro or a corner make a ton of sense here but with a deep corner and safety class, they hold off.

14. Carolina Panthers – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

The Panthers would have to feel good about sitting at No. 14 as teams deal all around them and pick up a dynamic outside threat for Cam Newton. Patterson is an intriguing athlete that has drawn criticism for rawness as an overall receiver and possible attitude issues that popped up in interviews with teams. That said, those things didn’t detract the Panthers from taking Cam Newton (luckily) and won’t from taking a weapon for their franchise QB.

15. New Orleans SaintsBarkevious Mingo, OLB, LSU

The Saints picked up Victor Butler from the Cowboys, giving them some depth at OLB. This is probably a position that needs the least upgrading on defense with Butler, Wilson, and Galette manning the spot. That said, Rob Ryan loves to create pressure with multiple fronts and likes the flexibility to move guys around.

I loved the fit of Datone Jones here but this has to be Mingo’s floor. He’s a phenomenal athlete that gives a defense so much flexibility. While OLB isn’t a great need in New Orleans, I don’t see them letting Mingo slide by them.

VIDEO: NFL.com – Mike Mayock on the New Orleans Saints: ‘They need to draft a playmaker.’

16. Buffalo Bills – Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse 

Kevin Kolb was added but isn’t going to be the answer to the future of the quarterback position and may not be of the present. I am starting to strongly believe the Bills will target Ryan Nassib early in the draft. Moving down and securing him is best case scenario as they will be able to acquire an extra second round pick in the deal.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ted.toland Ted Toland

    Like you draft and trades. I would rather see Patriots bundle all their picks to move up for Milliner the only try shut down corner in the draft. Billk B has a problem judging db’s and has a dismal record there. Milliner is a true stud and a shut down corner. Problem solved. Patriots are a very young team and for 1 year can just draft 1 player but a great player.

    • bradc11

      I think the Pats are looking hard at acquiring more picks. If ever there were a draft that you wanted to accumulate 2-4 rd picks, this would be the one. It would take a lot to jump up and grab him. They have limited picks this year and would likely have to mortgage future picks to make the move. It would be very un-B.B.-like to pull that off especially with what looks to be a talented filled 2014 NFL Draft.

      Just for some perspective the draft trade value chart would have the Pats first 3 picks valued at under 1100 that would get them into pick 13. Granted the chart is a little outdated but it’s still fairly relevant. It would take a major coup for Milliner to fall that far. I struggled with DET, TEN, NYJ, and PHI passing on him to make it to 11. At the end of the day, I see him going anywhere from 4-10. Tennessee would have a hard time watching him slide by despite it not being their biggest need.

      I agree though that the Pats really need to lock in a top notch CB in the draft. If Jamar Taylor made it down to them, they shouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. I’m higher on him than most (14 on our board). He’d be a perfect fit in NE but I really think they will have to move up to get him when it’s all said and done.

      • Reggie

        In your scenario the Jets wouldnot trade up for Millner. Jordan is the perfect fit for them. The Lions would take Ansah over Millner every day. Lions just dont put as much stock into CB as they do the DL. Tennessee I think is hell bent on getting CJ back on track. Warmack, Levitre, and Walker would do that. Now the Eagles are the tough one…though give me Lotulelei over him as well. If I was the Patriots I would focus on DT and WR this season. Talib, Dennard, Arrington is not horrible. Yes if Taylor was their maybe but I would think Kawann Short could do some damage there.

        • bradc11

          I agree if the Jets trade up, it will be for Jordan. I think the Eagles have to look hard at Lotulelei. Gives them some much needed versatility on the DL and Chip Kelly is hellbent on adding size to the defense. Loves those long athletes off the edge with bigger bodies up front…can’t blame him.

    • Uptown Murf

      You’re right about BB and his DB prowess…But I’d caution you against calling these guys ‘Shutdown’ corners. The NFL is littered with guys that were hyped out the wazoo as being such coming out of college. Is Milliner a better prospect than Morris Claiborne was last season? What about when Joe Haden was coming out? Kareem Jackson? Kyle Wilson? Dre Kirkpatrick? Deangelo Hall? Prince Amukamara? Stephon Gilmore? None of these guys are ‘Shutdown’ corners and if you study the film there’s really only one guy who can take the best weapon and take him out of the game consistently, and that’s Revis. Milliner is a great prospect – but we need to see him against NFL receivers before we put a label like that on him. Bu I agree – the Pats need help at corner opposite of Talib. Although Kyle Arrington looked good when he led the league in picks 2 seasons ago…

  • John Steppling

    fascinating and another logical smart analysis Brad. A couple thoughts. I think detroit grabs Milliner if he’s there. And if they dont, they take DJ HAyen in the 2nd. Carolina has to take a stud tackle in round one I feel. Maybe Syl williams….he wont last until the 2nd. Dallas I feel strongly is going to grab Fluker. he is the larry allen identity jerry jones loves. I dont think Newsome is going to take Teo. Just doesnt feel right. Look for them to grab an Alonso later maybe. And I can see dallas taking Jenkins ahead of Hankins…..i really worry about Hankins endurance….and health….he has a bad knee. Plus Jenkins is a better fit if they want a real NT. The giants …i have to add this…….have Amukamara……who i happen to feel is going to be a star…..they arent too worried about the corners. I can see them grabbing shamarko though. Also….Akeem Spence wont last the second round…..and might be a guy the Niners grab instead of brandon williams.

    • bradc11

      I don’t see Detroit grabbing a cb until the 3rd or 4th. They really like their young guys. Bill Bentley looked good before the injury and Jonte Green came on strong. Adding Glover Quin will help that secondary a lot. OT, DE, and WR are bigger needs for me. CAR needs a playmaker on the outside. If S. Richardson, Floyd, or Lotulelei fell I would consider but otherwise I’m going Patterson. Akeem Spence is a guy that I don’t hold in the same esteem as you do…4th rd for me.

      Hankins played over 90% of the snaps on a bad wheel at 320+ pounds. I don’t think his endurance is a problem. Won’t find many DT’s that played a higher percentage of snaps.

      Prince hasn’t shown that he’s capable of locking down a starting spot and Corey Webster was terrible. I worry about his durability and I don’t see him or Hosley as stars and if they can’t beat out Webster or Thomas I worry about them long-term. Reese is going to go with value picks regardless and I think he’s one of the better GM’s at gauging the future of his roster and ensuring holes are filled for the future.

      • John Steppling

        hankins wore down a lot in games. He is a hard worker, but he was at his worst late in games. And yes, he was in the game the whole time. But his conditioning has been a topic before and he wore a knee brace last season. Im going to disagree about Prince Ak………but yeah, webster was bad. So the might take a CB but i dont think its because they worry about Amukamara. And here I thought you liked Spence. Id take him ahead of lot of other DTs here…..the most overrated being kawan short in my opinion. Anyway, great work as always.

      • Reggie

        Agreed. If Amerson fell to them in Round 3 I would say yes…otherwise we are fine. I think Ansah, Woods, Frederick, and Armstead would be a good draft. Maybe Bass and Dion Sims in Round 4 and 5. Could really turn into a great draft.

  • John Steppling

    add: I wonder if montori hughes goes that high. And spence and bennie logan might go ahead of him, or of kawaan short. Im just thinking out loud………and chris harper, boy, if he lasts that long, what a steal.

  • Alf G

    You’re being mighty generous with the Niners picks. By my reckoning Trent Baalke would be looking for at least the Steelers #79(195) if not their #186(17) too. 1160 – 950 = 210; that’s a big difference. So who do the Niners get at #79?

    • bradc11

      I can’t see Pitt trading to 31 and giving up their 3rd. But if they did, the Niners should look at adding an impact weapon…Da’Rick Rogers is a guy that I’m intrigued by in that offense. Comes with a ton of baggage but loads of upside.

  • Uptown Murf

    Great stuff!! Hopefully the Falcons steer clear of Warner. I want athleticism at that end spot. Especially considering Nolan goes to a 3-4 look in nickel pass rush situations. Warner would look stiff like starched jeans standing up as an OLB. I kinda like Datone Jones for the Falcons if we go that route. I have a feeling they might go another route because Kroy Biermann has the faith of the coaching staff. Either that or he has pictures of Coach Smith and Coach Nolan spooning…I so hope Patterson goes to the Panthers or Rams. I’d like to see him at the Dome once a year – to see if he really is Julio Jones. And I’d like for Bradford to get a top notch talent. Kinda scared for his football acumen though. Just need to get the ball in his hands anyway you can.

    • John Steppling

      werner doesnt have athleticism?

      • Uptown Murf

        Not the kind of athleticism I’m looking for. If he can put his hands on the dirt – I’m fine with it. But asking him to stand up and possibly drop in coverage is laughable. He’s not that fluid of an athlete…Nope not a fan. Send him somewhere other than here. I’d rather have Biermann continue at that spot if that’s the case.

        • Reggie

          I can get the worries on Werner but at 30 he is too much of a value. Nolan strikes me as the type of DC that gets the most out of his talent and is not a square in round circle type of guy. I would hope the Lions would trade up for him if he lasted that long. Would you rather they draft Damontre Moore? Could be a better fit and the Falcons have the locker room to add his type of personality.

          • John Steppling

            I would respectfully disagree. I mean, it depends how you define athleticism….but I think werner can play 43 or as 34 OLB -he is just brutally effective and was in every game, on every play and he’s still learning. I think he might drop and is going to end up a steal, maybe THEE steal of this draft in my opinion. He could be a lot like justin smith, but more versitile. Or chris long….he’s got that mentality and metrics cant show that.

          • Uptown Murf

            I respect your opinion – but if you’re comparing him to Justin Smith or Chris Long then you’re pretty much agreeing with me that he can’t be a 3-4 OLB. Both of those guys aren’t athletic enough to play 3-4 OLB. That’s not a knock on them – it’s just a totally different skillset then playing 4-3 end. You can be a good athlete and still lack the necessary tools to play 3-4 OLB. OLB in odd front alignments have to be able to play in space. It’s nothing to see Demarcus Ware (Cowboys) or James Harrison (former Steeler) covering a slot guy or tight end depending on the scheme. One of James Harrison’s best plays was an interception he had in the super bowl that he returned for a TD before the half. His agility and overall coverage acumen led to such a great play. 3-4 OLB’s have to play a lot of Zone and don’t necessarily always rush the passer. Werner would look like a Fish out water trying to cover a Percy Harvin in space .Werner will be drafted as a 4-3 in much like Chris Long and will be pretty good. But I know the Falcons run a hybrid defense and are looking for hybrid players. I’m not saying Werner won’t be good – he’s just a diff type of player then I want to see the Falcons get..A Dion Jordan or Mingo would be the type of player I’d be looking to play that John Abraham position. Both have the skillset of a 3-4 OLB.

          • Uptown Murf

            He’s a value at 30 – but only if he can be of service. The Falcons are stressing that Nolan doesn’t have the personnel to run his hybrid defense. Why would you draft a player that is scheme specific? Werner would’ve been good in Van Gorder’s defense – but asking him to play like Biermann, i just don’t see it bro. Biermann and Abraham were perfect for hybrid roles. Abraham got plenty of pressure from his stand up stance. And we already knew he could cover in short areas. Biermann is a special teams guy – who makes a lot of tackles on Kick coverage – so we know he’s an athlete. I don’t think Osi is that good of an athlete, and then to have Werener too? ehhhh I’ll pass, unless we stick to a straight 4-3….And I kinda like Moore – he plays more athletic then he times. I kinda like Sam Montgomery from LSU….

      • Uptown Murf

        And I meant ‘Werner” btw. He has that Ray Edwards type of athleticism. His C.O.D. and agility is suspect. I like him at left end in a 4-3. But not standing up doing what John Abraham did in a 3-4. He’d have to be an Aldon Smith type athlete..

  • Bex_R1986

    A very enjoyable read which is taken in the context it should be :) Logical thinking with the trade scenarios but who knows. It’s worth doing though because the one thing you can be sure of is that a mock with no trades is guaranteed to be wrong, as there will be some.

    Bucs draft… Well, you say some of us wont be happy and I can sort of get why. I sort of like and dislike it at the same time, but settling on the former. Getting Revis and EIffert is a big roster improvement in each case. Wilson is interesting. We certainly should get a mid round QB and the value is there (I’m sticking with Wilson as my no.3 QB on the big board). There are some nice options available on defense at that point that make me want to go elsewhere. Brandon Williams is excellent value, as is Okafor, I’d be tempted by those two as replacements for either Miller or Bryant.

    I must say, I am surprised by one aspect of this draft. You’ve stated almost in the form of a disclaimer constantly at the beginning of mocks that you fully expect someone to trade back into the first to take Barkley. Yet when you do your one mock with trades, it doesn’t feature! Change of thinking once it actually came down to the process of compiling this mock?

    • Bex_R1986

      Sorry, Bennett, not Bryant!

    • bradc11

      I really contemplated Brandon Williams at that spot. I’m not real high on Okafor and think he winds up in the 3rd. Wilson was just too good to pass on. I really think they will target a QB in the 3-5 range. Wilson presented great value at that spot and it sounds like Schiano isn’t sold on Freeman in the least.

      I got a little gun shy with Barkley…can’t find a fit for him and a team that would trade up to get him. I think he fits well in Buffalo’s system but I think the Nassib talk is real. Not seeing the fit with Arizona and I can’t see NYJ trading back into the 1st for a QB. So many needs on that team. I think they stand pat and wait for a QB to drop to them. If BUF, JAC, and PHI fill QB needs there isn’t really a need for ARZ or NYJ to trade up to get one. Came down to a numbers game for me and the way the board fell. Who knows???

      • Bex_R1986

        Yeah, glad that Williams got consideration. As I say though, I’m still happy with the idea of Wilson in spite of the defensive value (this is the 3rd therefore Okafor qualifies hehe). I have Wilson ahead of Nassib and Manuel, flying in the face of what will likely actually go down! So no real problems at all. I did like the value on some defensive guys though is all.

        I know what you mean on Barkley. I must admit I’ve rather liked a lot of what I’ve seen of him in the interview/classroom/film study clips I’ve seen, I’m sort of coming back around with him as the number 2 QB. We shall see!

  • tj

    terrible vikings draft

  • Nick Perry

    Love the Packers picks except first round. I think Ted T definitely trades from 1st round to a team picking in top 5 or 6 in top of 2nd round and a extrac 4th rounder. Can’t see them taking Williams who’s really a 2 down player, especially with Ogeltree still on board. That’s if they keep the 1st choice. Fun draft though!! Thanks Brad

    • bradc11

      I had the Pack trading out of the first but changed it because it didn’t make a lot of sense for the other team to move up to that spot to get a guy they could afford to wait on. T.T will be looking hard at getting out of the first with the strength of this draft lying in the 2-4 rd. range. I think Williams is more than a 2-down player. He can play the nose and gives you enough athletically to play him on the end on the 3rd down.

  • http://twitter.com/heydangle Dangle

    So who did the Texans take in round 2?

    • bradc11

      Sorry, got that fixed…thanks for the catch, that was a leftover.

  • ocmmafan

    It would kill me if the Chargers have to give up their 2 to move up and grab Johnson. Hell, 2 months ago it looked like Fischer may drop to them at 11 and now its just a hope that
    Lane Johnson is still there. Cool article though man.

    • bradc11

      To move up to 6 it will cost them that. Maybe they elect to bring in B. McKinnie and draft a young tackle in the 2nd or 3rd. If it were me, I wouldn’t trade my 2nd unless I was getting Joeckel or Fisher in return. I’m not 100% sold on Johnson like the rest of the national media.

  • bdh18

    As a Rams fan I really like this scenario…& then if Rams took Lattimore in the 4th & allowed him to redshirt his Rookie season & be 100% the following season Id be over the moon

    • Richromeo21

      Love that idea.. Use round 1 on o line and wr. Draft safety/lb in 2&3. If lattimore is there round 4…. Run to the podium !

    • bradc11

      Lattimore is all over the board. I’ve heard UDFA to 3rd round. I’d have to think he’s worth the risk in the 4th. Coming back from that injury will be more about mental than physical. No doubt that he’s on track to physically recover but mentally getting back out there will be tougher than any day of physical rehab. He’d be a great pick for the Rams in the 4th as they have some young depth to allow him to sit for however long he needs.

  • dan4rams

    The Rams should be trading down, not up. You do have some good points. But,the Rams sshould be trading #16 for Cincinnati’s #37,#53,#118. Then at #22 for the Buc’s #43,#73,#112. Then the Rams trade Roger Saffold to Detroit for their #36. The Rams will then have #36,#37,#43,#46 and #53 in Rd 2. Then #73,#78 in Rd 3. Then #112,#113 and #118 in Rd 4.
    #36: Kyle Long ROT/OG Oregon
    #37: Terron Armstead OT Arkansas Pin-Bluff
    #43: Matt Elam FS Florida
    #46: Eddie Lacy RB Alabama
    #53: Stedman Bailey WR West Virginia
    #73: Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M
    #78: Xavier Gooden OLB Missouri
    #112: Branden Williams DT MSS
    #113: Marquise Goodwin WR/KR Texas
    #118 Chase Thomas OLB Stanford
    #149: Josh Evans SS Florida
    #184: Zach Line FB SMU
    #222: T.J.Move WR Missouri.
    That’s better than one Austin and Cyprien no 2nd Rd then maybe some crumbs in rd 3.

    • Reggie

      As a Lions fan Roger Saffold would not be worth the 36th pick…would rather have Robert Woods. Its not that Saffold is bad but isnt any better than Riley Reiff.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ron.baker.14268 Ron Baker

      As a Rams fan ‘dan4rams’ mock would be awesome, but I don’t think Saffold will be traded. I also don’t agree with the writer having the Rams trading up. This writer seems to be in love with Tavon Austin but the Rams have so many needs they need as many players as possible. I’d rather have Vacarro & Cooper or DeAndre Hopkins AND Cyprien than just Tavon Austin.

      This draft is rich in talent, the Rams need more not less.

  • bauercody

    Nice job as always Brad. With Datone Jones, Tyler Eifert, and Johnathan Cyprien all off the board in the 1st I would hope the Packers try to trade back. Love the Sio Moore pick in the 2nd round, as you said very undervalued.

  • Dan

    If the lions did this trade they would not pass up millner being there at 9.

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