The “Suck for Luck” Power(less) Rankings Week 8

Posted by Brad On November – 1 – 2011
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The Colts remain the leaders in the "Suck for Luck" Power(less) Rankings

As we pass the midpoint of the season, the “Suck for Luck” rankings will be dwindling by the week.  For this week’s rankings we have five teams that are considered legitimate contenders to win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are just a bad football team.  The struggle is to find one thing that they do well.  They rank at the bottom of the league in every major statistical category.  The schedule features two games with Jacksonville and one with Carolina.  I doubt they win any of those games and are looking at the very real possibility of drafting Andrew Luck.

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Miami Dolphins

Bad teams find ways to lose.  Miami is a bad team and they are finding ways to lose.  Coming off a defeat to the Denver Broncos, the Dolphins blew a lead against the New York Giants.  Their schedule doesn’t do them any favors but my gut is telling me they sneak out a win and lose out on their chances at drafting Andrew Luck.  Believe it or not, Miami has been competitive in every game aside from the Jets.  With the reality of a lame duck coach the players are going to struggle to block out all the distractions.  My prediction is 1-15 for the Dolphins.  In most years, that would be good enough to secure the number one pick but the Colts are 0-16 bound.

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Denver Broncos

How do the 2-5 Broncos jump the 1 win teams in Arizona and St. Louis?  The schedule isn’t going to get any easier for Denver.  Denver could realistically end the season with two wins.  Tim Tebow is not ready to start in the NFL nor does it appear the coaching staff is interested in him as a long-term answer.  At best this is a three win team that could be drafting in the three spot.

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Arizona Cardinals

Since their week one win against the Panthers, the Cardinals have been terrible.  They can’t stop teams from throwing the ball on them, they don’t run the ball well, and they can’t keep Kevin Kolb upright.  The only thing they have in their favor is winnable games with St. Louis, Cleveland, and Seattle.  My firm belief is the Cards are a 3-4 win team at season’s end.

Previous Week:  5

 St. Louis Rams

The Rams are coming off a win over the New Orleans Saints.  Yeah, those New Orleans Saints.  As improbable as it was, the Rams managed to hold Drew Brees and Co. in check.  Because of their efforts they move down one spot in my rankings this week.  I’m going to hold true to my prediction that the Rams win five games this season and don’t sniff the possibility of drafting Andrew Luck.

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