Larry Warford Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On January – 26 – 2013

Larry Warford I Kentucky I OG I 6032 I 333 I Senior

"Larry Warford"


40 Time (E): 5.35

Overview: To really appreciate Larry Warford, turn on the Florida tape. Kentucky’s offense was dramatically overwhelmed by the Florida defense, all expect Warford. Warford showed his versatility in this contest. He’s a class sloppy body guard that gets pigeonholed as a man, power blocker. He’s more than that as you see in a game by game basis. Warford has surprising feet when asked to reach block on zone calls or pull as the backside guard. It’s rare that a man Warford’s size to do things athletically that he can. He is best suited in a man/power blocking scheme but that doesn’t rule him out as a zone blocker. Warford has a ton of experience as a three-year starter for Kentucky which should translate to early playing time in the NFL for the massive guard.

Pass Blocking: Warford is known for his ability in the run game but he’s a more than adequate pass protector. His anchor strength is second to none. He was one of the few prospects at the Senior Bowl that was able to anchor against Georgia’s massive DT John Jenkins. Warford’s strength at the point of attack and ability to lock out and mirror defenders should draw the attention of NFL scouts.

Run Blocking: Warford does a little bit of everything in the run; he downblocks as the playside guard as well any guard outside of Chance Warmack in the draft. He pulls on the backside with nimble feet and breaks down in space well. The most shocking part of Warford’s game is his ability to get into the second level on combo blocks. He’s not Jon Cooper in this category but for a 330 pounder, Warford is solid in his ability to reach the second level. The one area Warford needs work on is remaining sticky through contact. He’s a natural puncher but will lose defenders after the punch. Man power-based schemes will love Warford as he perfectly suits the scheme with his ability to maul with power and hand strength.

Technique: In the games I watched, I’m not sure that Warford was called for a holding penalty. It always seems that his hands are inside with proper hand placement. Warford does a solid job of using his leverage and keeping base under him. His ability to anchor and re-anchor is second to none.

Size/Strength/Athleticism: Ideal size and strength for a guard prospect. At little over 6-foot-3 and 333 pounds Warford has a great build despite not passing any eyeball tests with his shirt off. His leg power and anchor ability rival that of Chance Warmack’s in this class. As an athlete he will surprise with his ability to climb to second level, pull, and downblock. The one major area of concern is Warford’s conditioning. He appears to wear down over long stretches on the field and issues start showing up more consistently. He would be best served by focusing on his conditioning level during the offseason and possibly dropping a little weight. Offenses in the NFL are scoring more and more quickly, leaving there less turnaround time for rest. Warford checked in with 31 7/8 arms and 79 1/4 wingspan at the Senior Bowl.

Bottom Line: Larry Warford is a grossly underrated prospect at this point. With Chance Warmack and Jonathan Cooper garnering most of the attention, it will be Warford that brings the most value for where he’s drafted. As of now, Warford is going to carry a borderline first-round grade for me but most likely will slide into the latter portions of round two. As a RG in a man-power blocking scheme he could contribute immediately and turn into a Pro Bowl caliber player down the road.