Senior Bowl Notebook: Wednesday South Practice Notes

Posted by Cody Bauer On January – 24 – 2013
"Senior Bowl"

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Mike James replaced Andre Ellington, Russell Shepard replaced Ryan Swope, and Terron Armstead replaced Dallas Thomas. Sanders Cummings didn’t participate in today’s practice. (No reason was given)

Player Team Height Weight Arm Hand Wingspan
Mike James Miami 5105 222 31 1/8 9 3/8 75
Russell Shepard LSU 6003 194 30 3/8 9 3/8 74 1/8

Terron Armstead

Arkansas Pine-Bluff 6046 306 32 7/8 9 1/8 81 ¾
Dustin Hopkins Florida St. 6014 184 31 8 ½ 75 3/8
Josh Boyd Miss. St. 6024 312 30 ¾ 9 1/8 76 5/8
Lavar Edwards LSU 6036 272 35 ½ 10 1/8 80 ¼
Montori Hughes Tennessee-Martin 6047 328 31 5/8 10 1/8 85 ¾
Jake Johnson South Alabama 6005 236 30 9 74 7/8



-Terrance Williams of Baylor looked to me like he was rounding off his slant route early in practice. In cones he knocked one over and was reminded by the coaching staff to keep his feet up. In one on ones he beat Marc Anthony on a double move deep. Williams later went against Anthony who had tight coverage on him but Williams was still able to go up and make a play on the ball. I thought he looked good in blocking drills.

-Conner Vernon from Duke got corrected on his slant route by the coaches. He later had a drop on the 7 on 7’s. I also thought Vernon struggled in the blocking drills, he quit moving his feet once he made contact. He also couldn’t get any separation from B.W. Webb. Vernon was quiet the rest of the day.

-Russell Shepard from LSU got complimented catching the ball with his hands off his frame during drill work, but then in the next drill had a bad drop. Later Shepard failed to separate vs. JJ Wilcox. Shepard was a late addition; he was quiet for most of the day.

-Cobi Hamilton from Arkansas looked as if he was rounding off some of his routes, but was complimented on his blocking. He also couldn’t get any separation from Robert Alford in one on ones. Hamilton didn’t do much to stick out in practice the rest of the day.

– Quinton Patton from Louisiana Tech looked very smooth during drill work. In one on ones Patton toasted Robert Lester. Patton later had a great catch on a deep route where he was able to get by B.W. Webb. Patton did get coached on his blocking, he was reminded to stay on his block all the way through the play. Patton had a nice catch during the 11 on 11’s.

-Tavarres King from Georgia had the best day of the WR’s. Early, coaches told him to keep his hands up when running through the drills. Later in the one on ones he was blanketed by Marc Anthony, on another matchup against Anthony, Anthony had a good pass break up. King ran a good out route vs B.W. Webb and had a nice grab where he had to go down low to grab it. King showed a nice toe drag on the sideline on another pass to the outside. During the 11 on 11’s King did a good job working back towards the football on a pass from Jones. King caught everything his way today and looked solid running routes.


-Landry Jones from Oklahoma I thought had rough day. He was inconsistent missing receivers everywhere.  In the 7 on 7’s he made a bad decision and threw into double coverage, it should have been intercepted but the DB’s fought over it and both dropped it. In 11 on 11’s he was really late on a throw over the middle, the pass was errant. Later Landry tried throwing deep to Patton but missed him badly. Later Landry missed Rivera high. It was a shaky day to say the least.

-Tyler Wilson from Arkansas had a pretty good day. A play that sticks out is where he had a nice play action and scrambled to his left and hit Rivera in stride. It was similar to his play yesterday. Wilson looks comfortable moving around. He did miss a receiver wide on an out route during 11 on 11’s, he threw it before the receiver turned around showing good anticipation, the throw was just a little off. He in my mind has established himself as one of the better QB’s here.

-EJ Manuel of Florida St. had an up and down day. He continued to show off his powerful arm, often rifling his passes to his receivers. In the 7 on 7’s he made a bad decision and threw into double coverage, the pass was broken up. Manuel in the 11 on 11’s threw a good ball to Patton showing some zip. Manuel definitely has some physical attributes NFL teams are looking for, he had a good scramble of about ten yards on a play no one was open.


-Michael Williams TE from Alabama showed why many think of him only as a blocking tight end. He had a bad drop early in practice and then couldn’t get separation from anyone.

-Mychal Rivera from Tennessee had a strong day. He showed good athleticism running down the seam making a good catch where he went up and snatched the ball. Also in one on ones he ran a good route and used his body really well to shield the defender off. It was a savvy play.

-Vance McDonald from Rice also flashed some good athleticism again today. In drills early with the QB he ran in the middle of the field turned around and went snatched the ball with one hand, he had the crowd buzzing. In one on ones he had a hard time shaking Baccari Rambo, and on another play ran right through Robert Lester, it would have been tough to call a penalty on Lester, he seemed to have established position. On one of the last plays on 11 on 11’s McDonald had a nice catch down the seam. He has great size, expect him to be a riser.


-Stepfan Taylor from Stanford again looked good running routes; he was getting open from the linebackers most of the day but Nico Johnson was able to stay with him on a wheel route. I didn’t see much drill work of but from the 11 on 11’s I thought Taylor did a good job. He started with a great cut back for a big gain, he showed good vision. He later tried to bounce another play outside but was met rather forcefully by Shawn Williams, the south squad defense was loving the pop. Later Taylor showed that he could get thin through a hole and some explosiveness to run through it. Another time trying to find a hole he was met by Nico Johnson who did a nice job filling it. Taylor has been one of the more impressive RB’s down here this week; he solidified a day two pick in my opinion.

-Mike Gillislee of Florida also looked good in practice today. He had the run of the day when he exploded through the hole showing great quickness and then faked out Marc Anthony with a nice juke at the 2nd level. He’s shown well this week.

-Mike James from Miami didn’t do much to impress today. He didn’t look very quick and on one play he did too much dancing behind the line of scrimmage waiting for a hole and was stuffed.


-Vince Williams from Florida St. stood out a few times today. He showed well in 11 on 11’s being a disruptive force in the run game, he made at least two nice plays. I also thought he looked good on special teams. He was fast down the field. Linebackers projected to go in the middle rounds often keep their worth by playing special teams, it was good to see him do well.

-Zavier Gooden of Missouri also had a nice day. He made a nice play filling a hole on a run play and then made a really athletic play in coverage leaping up and getting a pass break up. Gooden also made an interception off of a tip pass.


-Lane Johnson from Oklahoma had another good day today. He stuffed Malliciah Goodman on back to back plays, and then didn’t give up any ground to Lavar Edwards. Edwards did get him back in the 11 on 11’s when he beat him to the outside and forced Johnson to hold him. Overall solid showing from Johnson.

-Ezekial Ansah from BYU was quiet today, not offering much in the way of pass rushing. I noticed that when he was doing drill work he looked very high. In one on ones he was stoned by first Jordan Mills, then Xavier Nixon, and then Oday Aboushi. They did some double team work and Ansah was put on skates and driven off the line. In the 11 on 11’s he also got blown off the line. He did have a really nice pass deflection where he timed his jump really well to tip up one of Manuel’s passes. I definitely wanted to see more of Ansah this week.

-Larry Warford from Kentucky and John Jenkins of Georgia had some good battles today. It’s hard to say who got the better of it. There were times Jenkins was able to walk back Warford a bit but for the most part Warford held his ground. In the 11 on 11’s it was a different story, Warford was easily able to contain Jenkins, it was weird to see Jenkins so blockable in that format compared to the one on ones where he was an absolute beast for the week. Warford also faced off with Cory Grissom on 3 occasions winning all three of them easily, one time he put Grissom into the ground. In the 11 on 11’s Warford didn’t look very comfortable pulling, both times he stumbled but was still able to get to his man.

-Both Josh Boyd from Mississippi St. and Montori Hughes from Tennessee-Martin were relatively quiet in the one on ones but both were able to get penetration in the backfield during 11 on 11’s and make plays against the run. Boyd’s hit on James was impressive getting the crowd’s attention. Hughes is definitely the most vocal of all the players, it seemed to be all positive as he was trying to get his teammates fired up, it was fun to hear.

-Brian Schwenke from Cal had another solid day. He was able to contain Hughes on back to back plays, he also was also able to push Boyd to the outside. He had tough battles with Jenkins getting walked back a bit but showed a decent base.

Special Teams

-Ryan Allen from Louisiana Tech kicks a real nice ball; good hang time and nice spiral.

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