Senior Bowl Notebook: Wednesday North Practice Notes

Posted by Cody Bauer On January – 23 – 2013
"Marquise Goodwin"

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Travis Johnson replaced John Simon, Sio Moore replaced Trevardo Williams, and Ty Powell replaced Arthur Brown. Kyle Long didn’t participate in practice today because of the flu.

Player School Height Weight Arm Hand Wingspan
Alec Lemon Syracuse 6007 200 30 1/8 8 3/8 72 ¾
Travis Johnson San Jose St. 6014 244 31 ½ 9 5/8 77 ½
Sio Moore Uconn 6006 240 33 10 3/8 79 ½
Ty Powell Harding 6023 245 32 10 1/8 78 ¾



-In drill work I thought Jordan Poyer showed a nice, smooth backpedal. He had an up and down day today. When lined up against Denard Robinson he got turned around and beat. He got high on TE Nick Kasa on a tackle. He had good coverage for most of the day but he didn’t stand out as well today as Monday and Tuesday. A case could be made for him as the best CB here.

-Dwayne Gratz also looked to have a nice low back pedal. Gratz was active in practice today doing some nice things. He got complimented by coaches for a nice pass break up, showed that he has a nice press.

-Desmond Trufant seemed to be high when coming out of his back pedal. He had a nice pass break up, but was also beat a few times by wide receivers.

-It was an up and down day for receiver from Texas, Marquise Goodwin. In early drill work he had two drops. They were both high throws that he got his hands on but couldn’t haul in. While doing blocking drills he lunged at the DB and fell over, he was given a 2nd opportunity right after and looked much better. He was giving good effort. I noticed that Goodwin caught the ball with his body too much. Later Goodwin displayed his speed and was able to run right by Duke Williams. On 7 on 7’s Goodwin again dropped a pass that he let get into his body. Goodwin later shined on the 11 on 11’s. He made two nice catches on out routes; Wreh-Wilson was on coverage for both of them.

-Markus Wheaton WR from Oregon St. continued to look good today. In drills he looked very natural and was quick in and out of his cuts. During blocking drills he was complimented by coaches for keeping his feet moving. Wheaton then burnt Jamar Taylor on a deep route. Later Wheaton matched up against Trufant who have a bit of a rivalry going, Wheaton put on a beautiful double move to get open, unfortunately the throw was bad. Trufant still took it upon himself to talk smack. In the 7 on 7’s Wheaton made a nice diving attempt at a pass way outside. Wheaton later in the 11 on 11’s had a really nice catch in traffic in the middle of the field.

-Aaron Dobson had a nice day. He got complimented by the coaches for his blocking; it was a loud pop when he hit the DB. He lined up against Trufant and put a nice move on him at the line to get initial separation, he then ran by CB Will Davis to get open. He was quiet in the live work but I thought played pretty well.

-Aaron Mellete WR from Elon struggled today. He had a drop early in practice; I noticed he will too often let the ball come into his body. Later Will Davis tried to press him and Mellete did a good job releasing but couldn’t get any separation on a deep route. That was the theme for the day from Mellete, both Jonathan Cyprien and Duke Williams were able to blanket him, Mellete couldn’t shake free from the defenders. Duke Williams made a nice pass break up going against him. After the safeties were able to handle him Dwayne Grantz linde up vs him and also allowed no separation. Another time vs Grantz he wasn’t able to get separation and had trouble with a good press but still made a nice catch, it was unfortunately with his body. In the 11 on 11’s Melette was on the receiving end of the play of the day. It was a beautiful bomb down the right sideline from Glennon.

-Chris Harper WR from Kansas St. had a nice day. As a bigger guy he has good feet but when running strait it’s almost as if he lumbers a bit. He displays natural catching ability looking it into his hands the entire way. In one on ones he went against Phillip Thomas who had a really nice jam on him; it even had the coaches oooing. Harper was still able to get just enough separation to go up and make a nice catch over Thomas. In one on ones he was able to burn Jordan Poyer on a nice move. Harper was quiet in the live work but has had a pretty good week so far.


-Mike Glennon from NC State started the day slow but really came on at the end. He was first complimented by coaches on some balls he threw warming up, showing good footwork, and tight spirals. He had some misses early throwing one into the dirt and hung another one up too long. While working with the WR’s he threw a nice ball to Denard Robinson, but then was way late on another pass to Robinson. Robinson had put on a really nice move on Blidi Wreh-Wilson. During the 7 on 7 work Glennon was mostly throwing check downs but at the end had a really nice pass down the seam. Glennon also had a nice pass to Goodwin for a good gain. In the 11 on 11’s Glennon threw a beautiful deep ball to Mellette that pass showed scouts why he could be taken in the 1st round. Glennon separated himself today as the best QB on the North squad.

-Ryan Nassib of Syracuse didn’t have a good day. He was complimented early by coaches while warming up but he didn’t have many good throws during work. He was long on a deep ball when working out with receivers; he then threw a terrible pass that had the coach working with him on his footwork. Issues with his ability to throw the ball vertically are showing up this week and he hasn’t done anything to answer those concerns. During the 7 on 7’s he missed wide on an outside throw, and followed it up with two more passes that were too high for the receiver on out routes. In the 11 on 11’s he did have a nice quick out pass to Goodwin. Today was Nassib’s worst day.

-Zac Dysert from Miami of Ohio had a mixed day. He started by throwing late on a deep ball that hung in  the air too long while working with the receivers. He then had a nice throw on an out route to Alec Lemon. During the 7 on 7’s he threw too high to an open receiver in the flats. In the 11 on 11’s he over threw Nick Kasa down the seam after Kasa beat Ty Powell. Not a great day for Dysert.


-Jack Doyle TE from Western Kentucky looked good again today in pass protection, he had a real nice block on T.J. McDonald. He also was able to push Phillip Thomas to the outside and eventually to the ground. Doyle also made a nice catch while being covered by Johnson.

-Jonathan Franklin from UCLA was again the best running back in pass protection. He was beat once by Kevin Reddick who had a good outside move to get by, but Franklin than shut down Travis Johnson, and then stoned Jonathan Cyprien.

-Robbie Rouse from Fresno St. continued to struggle blocking. Steve Beauharnais ran right through Rouse. Rouse did later have a win vs. LB Khaseeme Greene, who instead of overpowering the smaller back decided to try and dance around him.

-Kenjon Barner from Oregon also had a hard time blocking. Jonathan Cyprien bull rushed right through him on one play and Duke Williams had a huge pop coming in hard the pushed Barner back. With Barner’s size he will have to work on his pass protection because he will primarily be on the field on 3rd down. In the 11 on 11’s Barner got wide open on a nice route but bobbled the catch, it would have otherwise been a TD.

-TJ McDonald from USC had a nice inside move on Nick Kasa

-Kyle Jusczyk from Harvard seemed to be too aggressive trying to block. He initially made good contact with Reddick but didn’t keep his balance and was beat with a secondary move. He also lunged at Duke Williams and was beat.


-Alex Okafor from Texas had another great day.  He started off by letting Eric Fisher get the best of him but came to back to abuse Ricky Wagner. Fisher again stuffed Okafor but Okafor would have the last laugh on 11 on 11’s where Okafor put a nice inside move on him and was able to sack the QB. Okafor also showed some toughness in the run game, he was able to get off the block of Kasa and disrupt a play.

-Datone Jones from UCLA had a good day with his share of wins and some losses. Justin Pugh pushed Jones outside the pocket on one play, but then came back to abuse him when they were both lined up on the inside. Fisher got the best of him when Jones went with an outside speed rush. In the 11 on 11’s Datone was able to get off his block and make a play in the run game. He later had a nice inside move on David Quessenberry who was playing right tackle to pressure the QB.

-Brian Winters from Kent St. again had a decent outing. He had good wins against Brandon Williams where he put him on the ground and also dominated Kawaan Short. Brandon Williams ended up getting the best of Winters a few plays later when he put a nice move on him. The next time these two met Williams showed good power to initially rock Winters back, but Winters showed a good base. It was a tough battle. Williams had his best day as he later had good penetration during 11 on 11’s.

-David Quessenberry from San Jose St. had an up and down day. When lined up at Left Tackle he was able to deny Michael Buchanan. Buchanan got his revenge during 11 on 11’s when Quessenberry was lined up at right tackle Buchanan got by him for what would have been a sack. During one on ones Quessenberry got the better of Kawaan Short and put him on the ground.

-Justin Pugh had a solid day. He started by getting beat by a nice inside move by Margus Hunt but later didn’t allow Sio Moore any penetration. Later when Pugh faced Hunt again Pugh was able to easily dominate him. During 11 on 11’s Pugh pulled to the outside and laid out Blidi Wreh Wilson, coaches were loving it.

-Eric Fisher from Central Michigan was pretty dominant again all day. Aside from the plays above he was able to put Travis Johnson on the ground and also completely shut down Hunt during live work. Fisher’s stock will definitely get raised after his good week here.

-Ricky Wagner from Wisconsin has hurt his stock down here in Mobile but probably had his best day today. He was able to ride Buchanan out of the pocket on play and then showed a good base when Sio Moore tried to bull rush him.

– Joe Madsen from West Virginia has also had a rough week but on one play was able to deny Kawann Short, and later got initially beat by Jordan Hill but was able to recover. Jordan Hill from Penn St. also struggled against Hugh Thornton

– Sylvester Williams was pretty quiet today he had a hard time getting by Braxton Cave on one play, if Williams doesn’t beat you off the snap he really has a hard time of getting by the defender. His hands and pass rush moves could use some work.

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  • MProfetta

    Great stuff, Cody. A few questions:

    Has Okafor been getting any reps standing up?
    Has Gilkey seen any action at OT?
    You touched on Montori Hughes’ vocal leadership; have any of the other prospects jumped out as vocal leaders? I’ve heard that Cyprien isn’t afraid to bark.
    Consensus opinion seems to be that Margus Hunt is having a rough time down there. What’s your opinion?

    Load up on sunscreen, Cody. A midwesterner in the south is a second-degree burn waiting to happen.

    • bauercody

      -Okafor has strictly played with his hand in the dirt. He’s had a strong week, showing great speed around the corner, good shoulder dip. With his great bowl game and solid showing here I don’t see a reason he doesn’t get taken in the first round. Especially with Atlanta picking towards the end. He could play standing up, but I think he’s more of a natural 4-3 end.
      – Garret Gilkey I don’t beleive has played any offenseive tackle. He’s had his ups and downs this week at guard.
      – Cyprien has been barking a bit, early in the week more so. Trufant and Wheaton like to gab at each other. Trufant is pretty cocky. Patton has been vocal, I heard when he interviewed he showed a good personality, with some swag. Confident in his ability but in a good way. Hughes has been fun to listen too, went up and down and the line of players patting them each on the shoulder getting them fired up. When we talked ot him on the field today he said it that he thrives on being energetic. The Lions d-line coach was certainly vocal, it fit Hughes personality.
      – Margus Hunt has really been a no show. I thought he looked thin at the wigh-ins. When he turned side ways he dissapeared. He plays too high, and doesn’t offer much in the way of pass rush moves. Disapointed in his showing. The first round talk should really slow down, a 26 year raw player shouldn’t be drafted in the top 30 IMO.
      – Its nice getting a little sun, back in Wisconsin its been negative degrees all week, I’m loving it!

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