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Posted by Brad On December – 13 – 2012

Over sixty 2013 NFL Draft prospect scouting reports are completed and ready to release.  It’s just a matter of transferring the notes to the website, which is the most tedious task.  But between now and April, sixty (possibly more) will be available to you for your viewing.  Here’s our Tyler Wilson scouting report.

"Tyler Wilson"

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Tyler Wilson I 6020 I 218 I QB I Senior I Arkansas

40 Time (E): 4.75

All Star Game Appearance: Senior Bowl

Arm Strength: Wilson gets a lot of credit for his arm strength.  While he can make all the throws he doesn’t possess an extremely strong arm.  It would be considered above-average but he’s not an elite arm strength guy.  That said, he can make all the throws at the next level and definitely won’t be downgraded due to arm strength.  Wilson gets himself into trouble trying to fit the ball into tighter windows than his arm will allow.

Accuracy: Tyler Wilson’s accuracy is spotty.  His accuracy issues come down the field and the problem is a double-edged sword.  First, Wilson has been consistently pressured this season causing him to develop poor mechanics from the feet up.  Second, he has had a tendency to throw of his back foot throughout college.  In 2011, when he was very solid overall, he missed due to balance issues.  Wilson should benefit from a QB coach during the pre-draft process and needs a strong Senior Bowl performance to prove he has the accuracy to be a top pick.

Throwing Mechanics:  Wilson’s mechanics from the waist to the arm are great.  He has a tight, quick delivery and gets good elbow extension allowing for a tight, catchable ball.  His problems with mechanics are at the feet.  He, too often, throws off balance.  He will get lazy with his lower half relying on his upper body to do all the work.  This is an area that needs improvement as it will help accuracy issues.

"Tyler Wilson"

Mobility/Athleticism: Wilson is a sneaky athlete that can climb the pocket and also take off and gain yardage if and when needed.  I think this a major strength for Wilson as he doesn’t need to have a clean pocket to make plays.

Pocket Presence: If this scouting report was done in 2011, I would have little criticism for Wilson’s feel for the pocket.  But as pressure grew, so did his wanting to leave the pocket early.  I found several occasions that Wilson would exit a clean pocket before it was absolutely necessary.  I believe this is correctable as it has recently appeared and hasn’t been a consistent issue over the course of his collegiate career.

Intangibles/Character: This is an area of strength for Wilson.  Wilson is as tough as they come and is mentally capable of comprehending complex systems.  Wilson is capable of garnering support of a veteran locker room with his toughness and willingness to work.  Wilson has been noted as a film junkie that is well respected by coaches and teammates.

Size: Height measurements on Wilson vary from 6’3″ to 6’1″.  I believe Wilson will come in around 6’2″ at the Senior Bowl.  His height isn’t a major issue but he doesn’t possess prototypical NFL QB size.

Overall: Tyler Wilson doesn’t possess all the physical tools of a prototypical elite NFL QB.  What he lacks in physical tools he makes up for with his intangibles.  The guy is as tough as they come and showed the mental toughness to persevere through a tough time at Arkansas. Clearly, the Bobby Petrino scandal didn’t do any favors for Wilson’s draft stock but he showed the moxie to battle through a new coaching staff and lack of weapons around him.  Wilson played from the shotgun for most of his time at Arkansas but has the foot skills to excel under center in an NFL system.  Wilson is a guy that will rank outside round one for me but could go in the first round because of positional value.

Here’s a link to my draft notes in a google spreadsheet for Tyler Wilson versus Rutgers and LSU

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  • Duncan

    I agree, Wilson’s draft stock was hurt majorly do to circumstances beyond his control. If he can fix his mechanics and decision making then he will have a bright future in the NFL.

    He will most likely end up with a team like Buffalo or Arizona.

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