2013 NFL Draft Position by Position Rankings – Quarterbacks

Posted by Brad On April – 30 – 2012
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"Logan Thomas"

The 2012 NFL Draft is behind us and we begin to look forward.  Instead of boring you with pointless 2012 NFL Draft grades we will turn our focus to the 2013 NFL Draft.  If you were wondering, my grades for every team are as follows, wait and see.  For all we know Jacksonville’s 3rd round punter will be an immediate Pro Bowler and the Browns 3rd round reach on John Hughes will turn out to be a stud.  We break down the rearview mirror today and look forward at the offensive skill positions.  Today we’ll hit on the QB’s and RB’s and tomorrow we’ll look at WR’s and TE’s.


1. Matt Barkley, Southern California

Height: 6-2  Weight: 228

Barkley is the clear cut favorite to land in next year’s top spot.  He’s not nearly the slam dunk Andrew Luck was but for now he’s our top guy.

2. Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech*

Height: 6-6  Weight: 262

Thomas is the favorite to knock Barkley out of the top spot.  He’s got Cam Newton size with immeasurable arm talent.  Not quite the athlete that Newton is, he could experience a similar meteoric rise up draft boards.

3. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas

Height: 6-3  Weight: 220

Wilson has an opportunity to show what he’s made of this season, his final at Arkansas.  The program has been riddled with off-the-field coaching distractions giving Wilson an opportunity to show his mental toughness.  Wilson has all the physical attributes of being a special QB.

4. Tyler Bray, Tennessee*

Height: 6-6  Weight: 213

The junior QB didn’t finish last season but has the goods of a No. 1 pick.  With a dominate junior season he could be moving up draft boards very quickly.

5. Landry Jones, Oklahoma

Height: 6-4  Weight: 229

Jones had a rough junior season which led to him coming back for his senior season.  A very wise decision as he will need to show marked improvement if he wants to be considered a first round prospect.  Jones has all the physical gifts but needs to show improved decision making and pocket presence.

6. Aaron Murray, Georgia*

Height: 6-1  Weight: 211

Murray is an undersized QB prospect that would be higher on this list if he were in the 6-2/6-3 range.  He’s probably closer to 6-0 which may be a detractor to him declaring early.  Murray is a good athlete with an excellent overall skill set.

7. Geno Smith, West Virginia

Height: 6-3  Weight: 214

Geno Smith may be the odds on favorite to be this year’s Robert Griffin.  He doesn’t get the hype of a Matt Barkley but quietly throws up huge numbers.  His combination of production, experience, athleticism, and arm talent could see him soaring up draft boards the closer we get to next April.

8. Brad Sorensen, Southern Utah

Height: 6-5  Weight: 235

It took me one game to see why so many are in love with this guys tools.  He’s a big, strong QB that should be a top 60 pick based on skill set.  He plays some underwhelming competition but dominates.

9. Mike Glennon, NC State

Height: 6-6  Weight: 232

Glennon had a terrific junior season last year and will look to capitalize on it this season.  He has the size and arm talent to move up draft boards and become an intriguing prospect in next year’s draft.

10. E.J. Manuel, Florida St.

Height: 6-5  Weight: 238

Manuel has all the physical gifts of the great ones but hasn’t put it all together for a complete season.  Manuel is a guy that will go one way or the other this season.  It’s a make or break year for the Senior signal caller.

Check back later today for our 2013 Running Back rankings


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