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Janoris Jenkins is putting on a clinic on how to turn off NFL teams looking to find reasons to take a talented but troubled player in the"Janoris Jenkins" early stages of the NFL Draft.

The latest in the Janoris Jenkins saga comes via a report from NFL Network’s Albert Breer of continued marijuana use at North Alabama after his dismissal from the University of Florida.  Jenkins reportedly signed a “Zero Tolerance” policy at North Alabama after his three marijuana related arrests at Florida led Will Muschamp to dismiss him from the team.

Solely based on talent Jenkins could challenge to be cornerback 1B in this draft following LSU’s Morris Claiborne.  Unfortunately his inability to see his marijuana usage as a problem will cost him in April’s draft.

“Physically, he may be the best,” said an AFC college scout. “It’s either him or Claiborne. But if someone takes him in the first round, I’m telling you right now, I’m gonna think it’s a dumb move. … I wouldn’t touch him in the first round under any circumstance.”

This seems to be the sentiment in league circles and it’s leading many to believe that its plausible that Jenkins could and should fall out of the first round.  It even has some questioning whether he’s on many teams draft boards.

“He’s running with the wrong people,” an NFC personnel executive said. “They gave him every chance in the world at Florida, and it didn’t work. … And he gets to North Alabama, and he’s still smoking because he’s got this big-fish, little-pond thing going. I don’t see him going in the first round, and a lot of teams have him off their board completely.”

NFL teams have proven they are more than willing to take a shot on a guy that has a troubled history but the red flags with Jenkins just can’t seem to go away long enough to justify that type of risk in the first round.  Jenkins inability to outweigh the character concerns with his enormous talent during the pre-draft process makes many wonder whether he’s willing to alter his lifestyle once the NFL comes calling.

Jenkins is the ultimate risk vs. reward pick in this draft.  Clearly there’s plenty of risk but will the reward outweigh that risk?

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