Clearing the Smoke

Posted by Brad On April – 12 – 2012
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Ryan Tannehill

"Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert"

These two thinking of moving up to 3?

We are two weeks away from the 2012 NFL Draft and teams are working vigorously to lay their respective smoke screens.  With that in mind we are going to be attempting to clear some of the smoke so draft fans can get a clearer picture.

Yesterday brought about a flurry of rumors with the end all, be all being Ryan Tannehill taken with the 3rd pick in the draft by the Cleveland Browns.  Let me go on record by saying that NFL’s Future will close its doors if the Browns trade up to No. 3 to take Ryan Tannehill.  As most of you know, I’m a fan of Tannehill’s so this is in no way a slap in the face of the Texas A&M signal caller rather a personal guarantee that the Browns are not taking Ryan Tannehill.  And definitely not trading up to No. 3 to do so.

The flurry began with an Adam Schefter report that Rick Spielman (Minnesota Vikings GM) was desperately attempting to trade down due to equal grades on Justin Blackmon, Morris Claiborne, and Matt Kalil.  It’s fair to say that every team, aside from Indianapolis and Washington, are looking at trade down possibilities on April 11th.  So I have no doubts that Spielman is looking to do the same.

What also became clear on April 11th was SI’s Don Banks is out of his gourd.  Banks offered his two cents on trading to No. 3 by suggesting the Browns could move up to Minnesota’s pick to take Ryan Tannehill.  Not happening. 

Quinton Coples

Mike Mayock paid no respect to the North Carolina defensive end in his top 100 prospects segment on Path to the Draft.

Mayock was quoted as saying “If I’m a general manager, I’m not taking him in the first round.”  Mayock furthered that statement by offering “He wouldn’t even be a draftable player.”


Mayock had Coples ranked No. 50 on his top 100 board.  Which would make him draftable but certainly much lower than most have him projected.

Coples has been and continues to be a bit of an enigma for me as I really can’t slot him anywhere and feel comfortable.  Clearly, he’s a talented prospect but his senior tape is really bad which makes me wonder how high NFL personnel will be willing to go on this guy.

In my latest mock draft, I had him going No. 19 to Chicago which wouldn’t shock me despite many having him as a top ten pick.

Buffalo Bills

Adam Schefter was asked about the possibility of the Bills selecting a WR with the 10th pick in the draft via Twitter.

Schefter seems to think (as most do) that the Bills are locked into Iowa tackle Riley Reiff with that pick.  It’s not a far stretch given their lack of quality/depth at the position.

My application to the Riley Reiff fan club has been denied due calling him a second-round pick.  So, 10 is a major stretch but probably is the card turned into the Commish on April 26th.

Kendall Wright

According to sources close to TFY Draft Insider Kendall Wright may be headed to Chicago with the 19th pick in the draft.  They cite “a very real possibility” of Wright joining newly acquired Brandon Marshall as Jay Cutler’s 1-2 punch in Chicago.

This one may have legs with the reality of Johnnie Knox starting the season on the PUP list (may not play at all in 2012) setting in.  This would leave Earl Bennett as the No. 2 and Devin Hester working out of the slot.  Doesn’t sound too appetizing for a team looking to revamp the offense under new OC Mike Tice.

  • Jsteppling

    Well, Banks is an idiot. — that said, I trust you on this one, brad. Browns will take Richardson would be my guess right now. I kept thinking defense, but nobody really makes sense….unless they reached for Kirkpatrick….but his interviews dropped him, Im told. they will be tempted to go with a guy like Kuechly, but he doesnt grade out that high I dont think. Who else is there…..and I agree on Coples…too many people have had hesitations about him. I still think the Bears will at least consider at TE…..Fleener…..or orson charles even. I keep wondering about Miami. Tannehill just isnt good enough to reach for. I dont see it and I dont think Miami wants him, really. They need LBs and they need an upgrade on the OL> Cordy Glenn would be perfect for them. A lot of teams need LBs…not just OLBs, but inside too. Problem is, there arent any blue chip guys there…..unless you rate Kuechly that high and i dont. I wouldnt be surprised to see a mid round run on Upshaw, Hightower, Branch, McClellin, and Mercillus. At this point, McClellin could end up top 20. All of them going a bit higher than normal, based on need. they dont rate top 15….but starting at 18……they may get a run going.

  • Jsteppling

    and buffalo……i have the same problem i have with cleveland. I dont know who, on defense, fits for them. Nor do I see an tackle who qualifies. I think anything is possible with them. But not Rieff……i must be not seeing something with him. I must be. To me he’s a second rounder. Massie and Adams both seem far better. Ok, i keep saying this….but we shall see. They might be tempted by someone like Cox.

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