2012 NFL Mock Draft : Three Rounds of NFL Draft Bliss

Posted by Brad On April – 10 – 2012
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"2012 NFL Mock Draft"1.  Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

Any hype of the Colts entertaining the notion of taking Robert Griffin III ahead of Andrew Luck will be squashed in a matter of weeks.  The Colts will open up negotiations with Luck very soon and this pick is probably done before the 26th.  As much as I love RGIII, Luck has been and will be the draft’s top selection.  He’s as pro-ready as any QB in recent memory and I would argue ever.

2.  Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor

The Redskins traded the farm for Griffin and rightfully so.  He’s a special talent that is capable of beating teams in an assortment of ways.  Griffin’s game transitions to today’s NFL very well and due to that he has people buzzing about higher upside than Luck.  It really is splitting hairs…all I know is that both are going to be very good NFL QB’s.

3.  Minnesota Vikings – Matt Kalil, OT, Minnesota Vikings

I just can’t wrap my head around the Vikings passing on a franchise LT.  As good as Morris Claiborne is (and he’s real good) there’s not a chance Rick Spielman doesn’t come out of this draft with Kalil.  I say that with 90% confidence.

4.  Cleveland Browns – Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama

My head says Morris Claiborne but my heart says TR.  Come on, I’m a Browns fan; you know I’m going with my heart.  I really think this organization goes with an offensive playmaker with this pick and he won’t be named Justin Blackmon.  The only deal breaker will be if Heckert/Shurmur/Chilly fall in love with Ryan Tannehill.  This city doesn’t have the patience to wait on Tannehill’s development and the Heckert/Holmgren tandem know they won’t be around to see him develop.  Hence, the Richardson pick.

5.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU

This pick gets interesting if Richardson and Claiborne are on the board.  With TR going one spot ahead of them the decision becomes very easy.  The Bucs signed Eric Wright to a deal but he’s not the answer especially if Aqib Talib is suspended.  Ronde Barber is minutes away from retirement and this may be his last rodeo.  Claiborne gives the Bucs a legit No. 1 corner to pair with Wright/Talib for the long haul.

6.  St. Louis Rams – Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma St.

A lot of buzz about the Rams going DT here but I can’t see them passing on a weapon for Bradford.  They desperately need to surround Bradford with legit weapons before he is completely ruined.  Bradford took major steps backward in 2011, mostly due to the lack of protection and playmakers.  Blackmon’s combination of size, strength, and athleticism make him dangerous in the vertical game and with the ball in his hands.

7.  Jacksonville Jaguars – Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina

Ingram fills a need area and fits the style of player that Gene Smith covets….High motor, high character.  Ingram blew up the entire pre-draft process after a monster 2011 season.  He’s as versatile as any defender in the draft, being able to play RDE, 3T, and rush linebacker.  What Ingram lacks in size/arm length he more than makes up for with a non-stop motor.  The Jags need a receiver but I’m not sold on Smith pulling the trigger on Michael Floyd.

8.  Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M

The Dolphins need some positive after a shaky offseason which included trading Brandon Marshall, whiffing on Peyton and Flynn, and Jeff Ireland protests.  While I’m not the President of the Ryan Tannehill fan club, I am a member.  I’m probably in the minority on this one; but I don’t think he’s as far off from being a starting QB as some believe.  Let’s face it the Dolphins are likely cellar dwellers in 2012 and Tannehill could start by the middle of October.

9.  Carolina Panthers – David DeCastro, OG, Stanford

Carolina’s pick has been all over the board for me.  I have stuck primarily with a defensive player over the course of the last two months.  Now, I’ve come full circle.  I was mocking DeCastro to the Panthers back in October/November because I believe he’s capable of playing at a high level immediately.  I don’t see a starting guard on their current roster even with the additions of Mike Pollak and Bruce Campbell this offseason.

10.  Buffalo Bills – Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa

The Bills aren’t as bad off at tackle as some would have you believe.  Chris Hairston and Erik Pears played well last season and Sam Young gives them some depth off the bench.  That said, they don’t have much in the way of a bona fide LT.  Ideally, Reiff could step in on the left side and Hairston/Pears could battle it out for the RT spot.  Many of you are aware of my thoughts on Reiff, so I’m not sold on this proposition but the Bills can afford to take the risk.

11.  Kansas City Chiefs – Dontari Poe, NT, Memphis

I’m not sold on Poe’s best position as a “30” front NT.  Poe offers the “wow” factor despite carrying the stigma of limited collegiate

"Dontari Poe"

production.  His blend of size, speed, and overall athleticism is a thing of freakish beauty.  The Chiefs have been active in free agency but completely ignored their need at NT.  With DeCastro off the board this one probably comes down to Poe or Luke Kuechly.

12.  Seattle Seahawks – Luke Kuechly, ILB, Boston College

Seattle could go in a bunch of different directions with this one.  Kuechly might be a bit of a stretch here but fills a major need.  At this point, the Seahawks have to find a starter in the middle of the defense and Kuechly is close to a sure thing.

13.  Arizona Cardinals – Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame

The Cards could reach a little for a tackle with Jon Martin and Cordy Glenn still available.  I think they stay away on that one and instead find a complement to Larry Fitzgerald.  Floyd can stretch the defense and is a dangerous red zone threat which should help Kevin Kolb/John Skelton.

14.  Dallas Cowboys – Fletcher Cox, DE, Mississippi St.

Dallas did a nice job filling holes in free agency (minus the two guards).  Cox gives them a force at the five-technique which they have lacked.  He has elite movement skills and Dallas fans will love his motor.  His pad level and get off are inconsistent but he makes up for it with the tenacity he plays with.  Mark Barron could get some serious looks at this point as well.

15.  Philadelphia Eagles – Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina

Quinton Coples could be a factor at this point despite DE not being a position of need.  For me, this pick comes down to a secondary player.  With Mark Barron and Stephon Gilmore on the board they should look to shore up the backend.  The Eagles have some young safeties that they should look to develop.  I don’t see any possibility that Asante Samuel is on this roster when training camp starts which could influence this pick.  Gilmore is a fast rising prospect that fits a multitude of schemes.

16.  New York Jets – Cordy Glenn, OT/OG, Georgia

Wayne Hunter was abysmal in 2011 and Mark Sanchez felt the brunt of it.  With QB drama already ensuing, the Jets have to find a way to protect their signal caller.  Glenn impressed during pre-draft workouts with his nimble feet for a massive human being.  He has many convinced he can play RT which just happens to be the need in NY.

17.  Cincinnati Bengals – Mark Barron, SS, Alabama

The Bengals released Chris Crocker last week opening up a hole at SS unless they decide to fill it with Taylor Mays or Robert Sands.  Neither of those physical freaks are anywhere ready to take over as full time starters.  Teaming Barron with Reggie Nelson could give the Bengals a very formidable backend of the secondary.

  • Bauercody

    I wouldn’t complain about that haul for the Packers.

    • Brad

      An all defensive first three rounds but they come away with three good players at positions of need. I like Norman sitting for a year or two behind Woodson and learning. He’s a gambler that can make big plays.

  • Pcquinn13

    Couldn’t ask for more as a dolhpins fan..might take Givens over Charles, but wouldn’t complain

    • Brad

      Funny you mentioned Givens over Charles because that was a last minute change in the draft. Still like Charles in that offense.

  • Kaskela

    If the Niners got these picks I would be happy.

    • Brad

      No doubt, the Niners got a haul. Love pairing Silatolu and Iupati.

  • Perry Kanfer

    Pick 91 belongs to the Buffalo Bills!

  • Perry Kanfer

    My apologies 91 does not belong to the Bills!

  • Chuckhill13

    I know Alameda Ta’amu is a big man, but hard to believe he’s big enough to play for two teams on Sundays (#78 & #89)

    • bradc11


      Thanks for the catch. It’s amazing how many times you can double check these things and still miss.

  • Jsteppling

    Well, my boy Burris didnt make it, but Irvin is climbing. I think Rams go DT in the first. Or grab Coples. KC really cant see them taking Poe (they have Jerrel Powe at NT anyway and two NTs with the same name is just too weird)…Im starting to think Kuechly falls. I dont see Gilmore to Philly. Not if Glenn is there. Jets….no, i see defense. Not sure who. Massie to St L makes great sense. I dont believe randle and Sanu go so high. Maybe its me…but I just think the RBs and some of the wr are mocked too high by everyone. I love Guyton…he probably can play the 5….if he puts on a few lbs. Buffalo is going to be very tempted to go defense. Someone like Hightower….or a Coples….i just dont see any OL going that high. I love ronnell lewis to dallas… Ware and Lewis is a scary tandom. Nice mock…and i agree Osemele falls to third.. though Mike Martin is a super steal in the third. You think he falls that far?

    • bradc11

      Burris is probably a fourth round steal. Definitely getting some positive attention so I wouldn’t be surprised if he went in the third.

      Coples appears headed for a fall on draft day…where there’s smoke, there’s fire and a lot of talk of teams not loving what they see. I think he could slide into mid to late first. Pioli and Crennel value big bodies in the middle and Poe is certainly that. Kuechly could fall. I think Philly changes the ballgame come April 26…I see them trading up or taking a surprise with 15 (Gilmore). Philly is good at tackle and guard so I can’t see them pulling the trigger on Glenn. Barron could go there if they decide to pack it in on Allen, Jarrett or Coleman. Jets could go in a bunch of directions…crapshoot.

      I can’t see Buffalo reaching on Hightower or Coples at 10. I think that pick is an OT or WR. Could surprise with a CB if they fall in love with a guy like Gilmore, he’s a great fit in their system. I completely agree that any OL is a reach at 10 unless Kalil falls to them.

      Martin is tough for me to place. I want to put him in the second, just can’t find a home for him.

  • Jsteppling

    I think Tyrone Crawford is gonna make the third…ahead of a Massaquoi or the falling Minnifield. There are some real steals in that third round. Marvin Jones, wagner, Mike Martin, Brandon Thompson Josh chapman (!!!), .. Is Manning that well liked? he seemed a kind of limted guy….and not overly strong as a tackler…..but demario davis, great………some good guys in round three,

    • bradc11

      Manning has drawn a lot of interest. Can’t say I’m surprised given his upside. I think he slides into round three and possibly the early stages of the third. There were some steals in the third…think Wagner and Thompson are long shots to make it that far. Martin and Jones are probably early thirds that could go in end of round two. Chapman is headed for the third.

  • Tmane333

    Thanks for the effort that you put into you write ups. As a Lions fan I would be happy if the draft fell the way your described. However, I would expect the FO to take Brown if he fell to them in the 2nd and J. Norman or Minnifield in the 3rd. Chances are they’ll take an OL in the first 3 rounds, but I’d be very excited if we got Mercilus, Brown and Norman. I would see a player like Brandon Mosely being selected in the 4th and another OL in the 5th like Brewster or Molk. Finally we have 2 7th so maybe a players like Page out of Toledo (WR/KR) or K. Martin out of Mich St and Nick Mondek out of Purdue (Big 10 guy here) or another QB like Kellen Moore. My preference would be Martin and Mondek. Pick up Moore and Page as UDFAs.

    Thanks again!

    • bradc11

      Much appreciated for the positive comments. I really struggled with the Lions without an OL in the first three rounds but I went with fit/BPA. Zach Brown definitely got some thought with their second and I’m a big fan of Norman. The defense gets a ton of talent/upside with these picks adding to what they already have.

  • Jsteppling

    this is the best mock Ive read, Brad. The first ten makes sense….except for Rieff. And really, I wonder if Poe is gonna go that high? I can see KC going with Brockers ahead of Poe. And the Jags…..man…..is Ingram going to go that high, really? With Brockers and Cox there……i wonder. I think the Jags need speed to rush the passer….for sure……but I wonder if its Ingram. Just thinking out loud. Floyd is a hot topic….they might surprise us and go with a WR. What do you hear regards Barron? Seems a lot of polorizing opinions on him. Is he a throwback safety…..is he worth a top twenty pick. Curious your thoughts.

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