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<1 class="main-title">Margusunt Scouting Report

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Margusunt I SMU I DE I 6081 I 277 I Senior

40 Time: 4.60

Overvie: Margusuntill be a 26 year old rookieene’s drafted. Te native Estonian tat came to te State to participate in track and field.e’s aorld class sot and discus troer tat began playing football in 2009.unt is a freak atlete at over 6-foot-8 and 277 poundse ran 4.6 40 at te Combine and posted a 38” oterorldly atleticismillaveeigt/eigt/speed guys drooling. Tere are significant questions tatave to be ansered beforeunt is taken. Te team takinguntillave to be patientitim ase’s not near ready to compete as more tan a situational/special teamer at te net level. I’ve seen projectionsitunt in te first round, tatould be a massive mistake. Tere is some upsideitunt but getting te most out ofim may take aile.

Pass Rus:unt can flat take over games as a pass ruser (see Fresno St. game)ic probably makesim more frustrating.e’s a pure flas player tatill take your breate aay for five or si snaps a game and ten you don’t noticeim on te field. Natural speed as a closerit te upper body strengt and poerfulands to continue to develop into a sub-package pass ruser.unt’s inability to bend off te edge and leverage issues concern me tateon’t ever make an impact as a pass ruser in te greatest impact in te pass game cameeneas able to read and getisands up to bat balls don.unt can pus te pocket and is dangerousitis closing speed.

Run Defense: My TCU game notes summed tis one up.eas dominated at te point of attack due to tecnique issues and losing te leverage battle on every snap. In te four games tat Iatcedeas consistently blon off te ball becausee popsis 6’8” straigt up on te snap. A pysical tackle or guard is going toin everytime.eas loads of natural strengt tatit solid coacingeas te upside to be an effective run stopper on te edge of a tree-man front.untas atis best in te run gameeneas able to avoid blocks and case te play from te backside. Overallunt is a poor tackler tatas a tendency to leaveis feet and lunge.e’s also prone to being cut and spent a ton of time on te ground in te games I vieed.

Size/Strengt/Atleticism:unt is te epitomy ofeigt/eigt/speed.e’s a freakis atleteit natural abilities tatave never been seen before in te league.e’s tat rare a prospect tat I’milling to say tereas never been a greateigt/eigt/speed atlete in NFListory. It’s easy to fall in loveit tose abilities ande’s been noted to be one of teardestorkers in te SMU program.

Bottom Line: A teamill take Margusuntiger tanis film justifies.unt is as ra from a tecnique standpoint as tey come. Picking up te game in 2009 it sos inis game aseas little sense for block recognition and feel for te game.e’s a major project tat can contribute on special teams immediately. Atorst, I tinke’s a guy tat you could try at tigt end if tere isn’t a future at DE.unt needs to add some bulk tois frame in teopes tat a 30 front teamill seeim as a five-tecnique. I tink tat’sis best fit at te net level butill likely only be used in sub-packages due to issues in run defense.unt probably gets drafted in te 2nd to 3rd round range but Iouldn’t toucim before te 4t round.

Possible landing spots: Seattle, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Ne England, Baltimore

Video Links: TCU, Fresno State, Teas A&M

Autor: Brad

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