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<1 class="main-title">Kyle Long Scouting Report


<3>Kyle Long – Oregon

eigt: 6061

eigt: 313

Ageen drafted: 24

ometon: Ivy, Virginia

Position: OT/OG

Collegiate Number: 74

Combine notables: 4.94 40it 1.68 10 split, 28” vertical, 8’11” broad jump

Games Vieed: 2012 – USC, Arizona State, Stanford


Kyle Long attended St. Anne’s-Belfield Scool in Carlottesville, VA.e played baseball and football andas drafted by te Cicagoite So in te 23rd round of te 2008 MLB Draft. Long didn’t signit teite So instead coosing to play baseball at Florida State.

A DUI in January 2009 combinedit academic struggles led to Long leaving Florida State. Long opted to return toome, getis life togeter and enrolled in Saddleback Junior College in Mission Viejo, CA. Longould return to te football field and played to years at Saddleback before enrolling at te University of Oregon. Long’s first season at Saddlebackas spent at defensive end before settling in on te offensive line in year to. Longas one year of major college football underis belt at Oregonicill be te major knock onim entering te draft.

Longas pedigree in spades asis fater isall of Fame defensive endoie Long andis broteras te No. 2 overall pick for te St. Louis Rams, Cris Long.


At 6-foot-6, 313 pounds, Longas ideal size for te tackle positionit 33 3/8” arms.

As an atlete, it’s toug to find muc better tan Long on te offensive line. Impressive speed getting to te second level and pulling.e’s quick out ofis stance and sos great lateral agility ase slides to protect te edge.

From a pysical perspective, Long cecks all te boes in te strengt category. Strongandsit overall solid musculature. Tick in te loer bodyit better tan average fleibility. Natural bender tat could be te prototype for a zone tackle or guard.


Long’s ability to beat te defender to edge plays tois favor and detriment at times. Te quickest of ends is going to struggle to beatimit speed off te edge. Longill overset te edge and get beat inside on occasion.eas great lateral agility and doesn’t crossis feet. Natural knee bender tat can re-ancor against more poerful defenders. Strongands tat is toug to disengage fromene’s locked in. Troubles came at tackleen teams overloaded tois side.e really struggled diagnosing etra rusers.


Long’s footspeed is incredible in getting to te second level.ene gets tere it’s a different story. Long struggles to break don in space and leftis feet too often, causingim toiff on key blocks at te second level. May struggle as a guard at te net level due to leverage issues. Stands uprigt off te snap and loses leverage battles against guys tat can easily get underis pads. All tat said,e can be a dominate run blocker soing plus speed and poer at te point of attack. Once Longasis defender engaged,e soedeas virtually unstoppableit a nasty disposition aboutis game.


As epected from a player tat played one year of major college football, splitting time beteen guard and tackle, Long is ra in terms of tecnique. Tese issues are easily correctable and come from lack of eperience on te offensive skill set screams left tackle ase looks like a fis out ofater on te inside.


Longillave plenty of questions to anser aboutis DUI and maturity issues tat led toim eiting Florida State. By all accounts, Longas doneis due diligence in ensuringe’s dotted all te “I’s” and crossed all te “T’s” on correcting tese issues.


Kyle Long can fairly be labeled as an ineperienced player butis ability to play to positions in a fairly comple system sos tat te learning curve may not take as long as some epect.e’s a natural fit at left tackle tatasuge upsideit good coacing at te net level.itis atleticism,e is an ideal fit in a zone-blocking sceme. Longill be taken on day to of te draft and itouldn’t surprise ife came off te board early in round to.

POSSIBLE LANDING SPOTS: Piladelpia Eagles, Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolpins, Carolina Panters, San Diego Cargers,ouston Teans, Dallas Coboys

VIDEO LINKS:  USC, Arizona State, Stanford

Autor: Brad

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  • Jon Steppling

    you kno te more Ive looked at Long te bettere’s looked.atc some game videos a second time……….and seeat I mean.e is really an elite prospect. If Iave a pick late first round Idave noesitation takingim. None.

    • Brad

      Te only ting Iorry aboutitim iso bad doeseant to be great. I’veeardeas a bit of a knuckleead during practice but seemed mature in intervies.e’ll see,eill be as good ase’ll alloimself to be.