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<1 class="main-title">Jonatan Franklin Scouting Report

Ricard Mackson-US PRESSIRE

<4>Jonatan Franklin – UCLA

eigt: 5100

eigt: 205

Ageen drafted: 23

ometon: Los Angeles, CA

Position: RB

Collegiate Number: 23

Combine notables: 4.49 40, 1.54 10 split, 31.5” vertical, 4.31 sort suttle, 6.89 3-cone, 18 benc reps

Games Vieed: 2012 – Rice, Nebraska, Stanford, Baylor 2011 –ouston, Stanford, USC


Jonatan Franklinas a tree-year letterinner at Dorseyig Scool. Franklinas a standout at running back and earned four stars from

Franklin redsirted in 2008 butas a standout on scout team earning recognition foris efforts. In 2009, Franklin started eigt games and played in all tirteen.e led te team in rusingit 566 yards and 5 TD’s. In 2010, Franklin emergedinning team MVPene totaled 1,127 yards and 8 TD’s on te ground. Franklin lost some steam as junior in 2011 despite averaging 5.9 yards per senior season served as a breakout seasonene rused for 1,734 yards and 13 TD’s. Most importantly, Franklin soed tate could be a factor in te passing game ase caugt 33 passes for 323 yards and 2 TD’s.


Compact buildit surprising strengt for a 205 pounder. Could stand to add a little more bulk tois loeralf. Good sign tate soed up to te Combineeavier tane played tis season.

Underrated atlete. Former track star inig scool tat ran 4.49 at te Combine. Didn’t blo te doors off te agility drills butis tapeould tell a different story. Franklinas teiggle to make people miss and can run over defenders. Really impressive balance and body control.


Biggest progression in Franklin’s gameasis ability to be patient to teole and burst into te seam. Tougt tat early on inis careereas too quick to teole instead of letting it develop. In 2011 and 2012e soed better patience and it soed inis yards per carry average.e’s a decisive runner tatas te game breaking ability to take it te distance.

e isn’t te quickest in terms of lateral agility bute makes a lot of people missitis ability to cange speeds and burst.e stops and starts as quick as any back in te draft. One-cut runner tat is an ideal zone back.


Franklin isn’t going to makeis living beteen te tackles at 205 pounds. Tat said, you don’t see Franklin looking to bounce everyting.e gets to teole quickly and into te second levelit ecellent burst. At te same time, Franklin’s patience to teole is an asset running beteen te tackles. Franklin isn’t going to break a ton of tackles at te net level bute can surpriseitis ability to run troug arm tackles and alays keepsis legs curning.


Franklin’s bestork came on te edges.eas te ability to get to te edge and run by defenders. Very fe times do you see Franklin getting caugt from beind.e’s slippery as often times defendersadim dead to rigts in te backfield ande slips out of te backfield off te edge.


Franklinas used very little in te passing game before tis season.e didn’t so enoug to say tate can be a factor on 3rd don bute’s an intriguing option in te passing game tat could gro into te role. Tougte stood out at te Senior Bol in te passing game and in pass protection.e’s ailling blocker tatasn’t afraid to take on blitzing linebackers andas effective taking on blocks.


None. Ecellent student tatants to be te mayor of Los Angeles. Tat’s a goal tat te Political Science major isorking toards ase interned in te mayor’s office.ill be an ecellent locker room presence from day one.


Jonatan Franklin is a guy tatill gro on you te more youatc ofim.e doesn’t possess great size or elite speed but does everyell.e’s an ideal zone backit one-cut ability.

Franklin emerged inis senior season to putimself in te talk amongst te best backs in tis draft.easomerun ability and took monumental steps from te timee stepped foot on te UCLA campus. Ias most impressed by te fact tat I tougteas atis best in big games.e’s a guy tat many knocked as a scat back up until recently. Tat couldn’t be furter from te trut as I believee’s an everydon back tat could callenge Eddie Lacy for being te first back taken.

Franklin could go asig as an early 2nd pick (Cincinnati) and souldn’t fall tat far into day to of te draft.

VIDEO LINKS:  Rice, Nebraska, Stanford, ouston (2011), Stanford (2011)

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