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<1 class="main-title">Jamar Taylor Scouting Report

Andreeber-US Pressire

Jamar Taylor I Boise St. I CB I 5015 I 192 I Senior

40 Time : 4.39

Overvie: Jamar Tayloras a tree-year starter for te Broncos. Tayloras primarily te boundary corner but Boise’s use of multiple coverages givesim valuable eperience in all tecniques.e’s a playmakerit te kind of attitude to callenge te best ofat te NFLas to offer.e’s a vastly underrated corner tat could callenge in te secondave of corners, after Dee Milliner,avier Rodes, and Desmond Trufant. Te major knock on Tayloras a lack of competition ase didn’t get callenged often and didn’t play against great receiver competition. Tat said,eas solid at te Senior Bol and soedell at te Combine in testing and drills.

Man Coverage: Taylor’s eperience in off man and press manill pay dividends come draft day.e’s at tis bestene’s pysical at te line of scrimmage but tat’s not taking aay fromis ability to play in off man. Tayloras ecellent strengt and redirects receiversit pysicality.is arm lengt is usually a concern for press coverage butis tecnique made up for it and I tinkeas a future ineavy press coverage.e’s smoot inis backpedal and drives on te ballen it’s in te air asell as anyone in te draft.eas great straigt line speed and flipsisips fairlyell. Taylor’s aggressive nature makesim susceptible to double moves.eas a tendency to jump routes and relies onis recovery speed to make up foris over-aggression.

Zone Coverage: Jamar Tayloras plenty eperience playing in zone coverage.e’s really solid reacting and making plays on te ballen te play is in front ofim. Diagnoses route concepts and can drive on te routeit quickness and aggression.e doesave a tendency to lose guys inis zone by reading te backfield action andillave to playit restraint in zone at te net level.

Run Support: Solid in run support. At nearly 5015 and 192 poundse plays like a muc bigger corner in run support. Playing te boundaryeas often at te line of scrimmage and used as an etra safety in edge support. If youant to be impressedit Taylor in run support turn on Micigan St. tapee takes on Le’Veon Bell despite giving up 50 pounds.e doesn’t sed blocks on te outsideell but is best at avoiding and getting in on te action.

Size/Strengt/Atleticism: At almost 5-foot-11, 192 pounds Tayloras above average size at te position.e’s strong in press tecnique and is a more tanilling tackler. One of te better atletes in te class.is ability toig point andin jump ball situations adds tois 5015 frame.e’s eplosive in driving on te ball. Solid but not spectacularands.

Bottom Line: Jamar Taylor is going to carry a first round grade for me butill most likely fall into te second round of April’s draft.e’s got tree years of starting eperience for te Broncos and it sositis instincts and leadersip on te field.e’s got tat sagger tat te good cornersave. Impressiveeek in Mobileic may anser any questions anyonead on level of competition.eas able toangit te top receivers and came aay looking like one of te better corners amongst a solid group. Taylor could surprise in te NFL as I tinke’s ready to play from day one.is draft stockill beelped by te fact tate’s sceme diverse,e can play off man, press, zone. Tis is a guy tat Iould bang te table for on draft day ife fell past 25.

Possible landing spots: 2nd round tat fits any teamit a corner need. Could seeim coming off te board in te 1st to te Patriots or 49ers.

Video Links: BYU, UNLV, Micigan State &asington


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