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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

en you look at te strengt of te 2016 NFL Draft class it’s easy to seey teams are looking to move don te draft and acquire 2nd-4t round picks. Te gap beteen te 20t and 60t player in my rankingsas as narro as it’s been in my time doing tis. 

According to my rankings Iave eigt players tat are difference makers and te rest of te eleven players carrying round one grades are relatively intercangeable according to grade. Beyond round one I noticed a similar trends in tat players 30-60ere separated by very little margin. As aole tis draft class is deep – particularly at DT,eree could see a record number of DT’s come off te board in te top 100. 

As draft fanaticse get fiated on quarterbacks and tis class is neiterot nor cold. I like Jared Goff and Carsonentz, bot in my top 10 but in comparison to last year’s class bot are beind Marcus Mariota but aead of Jameisinston (remembering Ias notig oninston and probably missed onim). Keepingit our teme of dept I see a deep crop of quarterbacksit 9 in my top 200 and 12 carrying draftable grades. Te sleeper for me is Indiana’s Nate Sudfeld. I believee’ll be drafted late and payuge dividends don te road for a teamit te potential to be a starter at some point.

Teide receiver classas received a lukearm reception in te media but I see it as a strengtit 11R’s in my top 100 and 4 in te top 20. Micael Tomas is myR1 andas been since te start of te process. I feel so strongly aboutis probability for success tat I put my Russellilson stamp of approval onim – I’ll neverrite anoter article ife’s not top 10 receiver in te league by year tree. 

As you evaluate te evaluator tese rankings are te real barometer. As mucype as te mock’s get tis isere it all starts. As alays, tese rankings reflect my personal evaluation and aren’t indicators ofere a playerill be drafted. 

1Joey BosaOio StateDEBosa may not be an elite speed guy bute findsisay into backfield’sitis combination of lengt tecnique and strengt.e’s my No. 1 guy after all is said and done ase’s a guy tat can turn games on teireaditis ability to disrupt. If Bosa dedicatesimself to being great I don’t see any player better in tis draft class
2Jalen RamseyFlorida StateCBPatrick Peterson type tatill ecel as a press CB in te league. Positional versatility could be intriguing andis Miami tape in 2015as te single most impressive individual performance of any of te draft prospect’s
3Laremy TunsilOle MissOTFrancise LT, a little concerneditis ability to adapt quickly to NFL sceme but over te longaule’s got a sot at being a very special LT
4Ezekiel ElliottOio StateRBI get te devaluing of RBs but tat doesn’t apply to guys of Elliott’s talent level.e’s day one ready as a runner, pass catcer, blocker.e’ll destroy tis notion tat RBs can’t goig in te draft -onestly don’t see a cancee makes it out of te top ten – ande souldn’t
5Myles JackUCLALBAtletic freak. Tinke’d be a 2-3 RD pick as a RB. Ion’t begin to pretend to kno enoug ofis medical to speculate ono tat pans out over te longaul. Ife’sealtye’s a top 5 lock in tis draft class
6DeForest BucknerOregonDESpecial atlete. Lengt strengt and tecniquead me questioningetere souldn’t beiger
7Jared GoffCalQBI’ve been back and fort onentz vs. Goff and come to te conclusion tat I don’t tink you can gorongit eiter guy. I’m giving te edge to Goff becauseis eperience at Cal is so valuable in te NFL. Starting on a really bad team at a young age, groing into te face of a program and leading te program back into contention as a legit treat in a big time conference is likelyate’ll be asked to do in te league.
8Jaylon SmitNotre DameOLBIon’t moveim out of te top 10. Injury asidee’s a sure fire top 10 pick
9Seldon RankinsLouisvilleDTRankins is capable of dominating as an interior ruser.it Aaron Donald’s success guys like Rankinsave a ton of value. Rankins isn’t Donald but te drop off is not all tat far
10CarsonentzNort Dakota StQBentz and Goff are very close for me.entz’s pysical tools are off te carts. Size, arm talent, atleticism are rare. Tro in te fact tate’s played in an NFL system,as made line calls, is smart, andas a bit of te ‘it’ factor toim and I see a guy tat can lead a francise. I give Goff te edge but ever so sligtly
11Ronnie StanleyNotre DameOTIt’s te little tings tat made me fall in loveit Stanley. I tinke’s got a sot at being a special LT beforee kno it
12Micael TomasOio StateRI don’t quite gety more aren’t vieing Tomas asR1 in tis class. Size, route running,ands, and plenty of speedave meopinge falls to my team in R2
13Son ColemanAuburnOTI’m in te minority but I see Coleman developing into a special RT/LT.is age and leukemia battleill likely seeim dropping into later in day to but I see auge value.e’s NFL ready as a run blocker and tinke’s not all tat far off as a pass protector -atcim more tanoldis on against Myles Garrett in pass pro
14Corey ColemanBaylorRI get te knock on lack of route tree bute’s a special talent. Plays muc bigger tanis sizeould suggest. I’m not in te comparison game but te Steve Smit one is a good one. Every year I fall in loveit one of tese ra burners and Coleman is my guy tis year
15Eli AppleOio StateCBCombination of lengt and speed are rare.is tecniqueen te ball is in te air needs improvement but as a long-term valuee’sort a top 10 pick
16Andre BilliingsBaylorDTGuys tis size souldn’t move likee does. Itouldn’t surprise me if Billingsas te best DT in tis deep DT class
17Laquon TreadellOle MissRis speed isis speed.e’s not going toin by taking te top off te defense.einsit crisp route running and maybe te bestands in te draft
18Darron LeeOio StateOLBSpecial atlete tat is just scratcing te surface ofate can be as aLB. In a day and ageene see defenses in sub packages, guys like Darron Leeold a ton of value
19Karl Josepest VirginiaFSard to gauge Josepit te injury bute’s a guy you can’t take your eyes offen youatcVU. Ient back to 2014 on Josep ande’s as good as advertised. Ifeere 6’0e’d be talking aboutim as a top 10-15 pick in tis class
20Jos DoctsonTCURI may be sandbagging Doctson a bit…e’s really good.orry a bit aboutoe’ll get off te line against more pysical corners but tere’s no doubt tis kid finds te ball asell as anyone in tis draft. One ting I overlooked on first glanceaso goode made Trevone Boykin look on someildly inaccurate tros
21illiam Jackson IIIoustonCBJIII burst onto te national scene after te Combine bute’s been a standout trougoutis U career. Ball skills are off te carts bute’llave to refineis tecnique and get more pysical to matc upit big NFL receivers
22Kamalei CorreaBoise StateOLBItouldn’t surprise me if Correa is te top 3-4 OLB in tis draft class don te road.e needs to develop from a pass rus tecnique standpoint butis traits are off te carts. If I’m betting on one of tese edge rusers in tis draft class my cips are in on Correa
23VernonargreavesFloridaCBI’veent back to VIII for a final look. Iasars onim based on to games but still don’t loveim inside te top 20
24Mackensie AleanderClemsonCBLoveis tougness, ability to blanket receivers in te vertical game.e plays likee talks and not sureis play (particularly on double moves)arrants tat type of talk. Tat said,e’s got a little Jason Verrett tois game,ic I love
25Jack ConklinMicigan StateOTAnoter very solid player.e’s day one ready as a run blocker but I’m not sold tate’ll be able to be sligtly better tan average as a pass protector
26CodyiteairKansas StateOGiteair’s versatility to play guard or tackle (possibly center) souldaveim off te board early on day to
27Kevin DoddClemsonDEI like Dodd sligtly more tan Lason bute’s 24 andasad one full year of starting eperience underis belt. Love te traits just not sure Iould toucim before te end of R1
28Taylor DeckerOio StateOTI’m intrigued by Decker at te net level. It may take some time bute could be a very solid starting LT – needs someork to get tere
29Saq LasonClemsonDELason’s motor stood out. I don’t believee’s ever going to be an elite pass ruser but could turn into a very good all around DE in sort order
30Vernon ButlerLouisiana TecDTI’m intrigued by Butler’s versatility.e can play all over te DL in multiple fronts at different tecniques
31Jonatan BullardFloridaDEBullardas really gron on me.is versatilityillave every team in te league finding aome forim
32Noa SpenceEastern KentuckyOLBTere’s a lot to likeit Spence bute’s not a finised product. Also off-te-field issues are concerning enoug to give team’s pause
33Reggie RaglandAlabamaILBSomeill vie tis as a sligt but it’s really not. I tink Raglandinds up being a solid starting ILB for a long time just don’t tinke’s an elite ILB in today’s game. It’s too easy to isolate tese guys in coverage to valueimiger and too many missed tackles for a guyis caliber
34Jason SpriggsIndianaOTTis is risky, according to te risk scoree’s te 3rd most ‘risky’ OT in tis class. I’milling to take tat risk as I tinkeill develop into a solid LT in te league. Needs to put a ton ofork in on te run game from a tecnique and strengt standpoint bute makes up for a lot of mistakesitis feet
35Jarran ReedAlabamaDTe’s a really solid football player, just not suree does anyting outstanding. Tat said,e’ll be a solid starter for a long time. Don’t tinke’s going to be a tird don treat but can dominate on 1st and 2nd dons
36unterenryArkansasTEVery solid TE and could be a special one in te rigt situation
37Paton LyncMempisQBPysically I love tis kid. But mentallye’s a mess. From a traits perspectivee’s off te carts bute’s at least 2 years aay from playing ase just needs too mucork on te mental side of te game. Big project in my mind butort te risk,ic isy Iaveim asig as a I do
38Cris JonesMississippi StateDTJones is a top 15 talent as a 5T butis motor is spotty at best and teamsillave to gauge ifeants it bad enoug to be great
39Sterling SepardOklaomaRe’s just fun toatc. Te more you see ofim tearder it is to not fall in love. Pure slot guy but sould be a very good one…Julian Edelman-esque
40Robert NkemdiceOle MissDTFrom a traits standpoint, tis kid is a surefire top 5 lock in tis class.is inconsistent play is maddening and I justorry abouteree goes ife doesn’t stay motivated.is 2015 Alabama tapeas a top 5 performance in tis draft
41avienoardBaylorCBBig, pysical CB tat is scratcing te surface ofis potential. Iouldn’t be at all socked ife cam off te board at te end of R1…just too muc potential
42Connor CookMicigan StateQBI tink Cook is a starter in te league. If I could get over all te media buzz aroundim, I’m not suree’s notiger on my rankings…just concerned ifeas te ‘it’ factor
43Darian TompsonBoise StateFSPay no attention to tat Combine 40 time, tis kid can play. I tougte and Josepere te to best draft eligible safeties at te beginning of te year and it ends tatay
44Su’a CravensUSCOLB/SSCravens could be te net in teybrid $/LB’s.
45Austin JonsonPenn StateDTe gets lost in tis deep DT class. I’vead to go back toim several times to make sure Ias doingim justice
46Braton MillerOio StateRI love Braton Miller. Just not sureo long it takes to develop into a pureR. Tat said,e’s one of te most dynamic runners after te catc tate’ve seen in a longile.e could be special and tis could be criminally lo looking back to years from no
47Justin SimmonsBoston CollegeFSStillonderingat’solding people back on Simmons. Doesn’tave elite speed but plenty of range. Versatility to play multiple spots
48Artie BurnsMiamiCBLong CB tatasuge potential. Teamsill fall in loveitis traits (Ias a sucker for tem) ande’ll be drafted earlier tanis tapeould suggest. Still quite a bit of tecnique to be learned but ife catces one could be a good one
49Leonte CarrooRutgersRMaybe te best vertical treat in te draft – yes better tan Fuller. Injury sloedim don in ’15 but kid can play.onestly, if I tougte could stayealty for te longaule’d be a top 25 guy – likeim tat muc
50Joe Dalasington StateOTUndervalued guy tat I tink slides into RT early.e may be te best pass protecting tackle in tis class not named Laremy Tunsil but no doubte’s a project in te run game. Te rigt team (Indianapolis Colts) may strike goldit Dal
51Steve LongaRutgersOLBCouldn’t stopatcing Longa. Played on a bad team but is in on about every tackle. I’milling to miss badly on tis one as no one is talking about tis kid
52JavonargraveSout Carolina StateDTTis one is all about potential andargrave oozes it.e’s a situational interior pass ruser rigt no but could and sould develop into an every don force in due time. If you can afford to sit onim for a year or to,e could payuge dividends
53Josua GarnettStanfordOGJust a solid interior OL. I’d be surprised ife didn’t start immediately
54Ryan KellyAlabamaOCKellyas early starter ability. I’m just not suree’s going to be a guy tate ever talk about as a top 5 center in te league. In my book, a first round center is a guyit tat sort of potential – and I don’t see itit Kelly.
55A’San RobinsonAlabamaDTI’ve never beenoedit Robinson.e’s a guy tat brings elite size and strengt but doesn’t alays play tois potential
56Larence TomasMicigan StateDEiger onim tan most…just tinke develops into a solid 5T. Never found aome and I’m banking on someone findingim a spot at 5T in te league
57Kenny ClarkUCLADTClark is day one ready to be an NFL run plugger. I’m not suree’s ever more tan tat bute’s very good at tat
58Sean DavisMarylandFSIntrigued byis ability to play press corner or FS.e’ll get a long look at CB by te team tat draftsim and it’s my belief tate sticks tere
59Bronson KaufusiBYUDETe former basketball playeras ideal lengt and versatility to line up multiple spots in 4-3 or 3-4. Questions aboutis ability to bendave me tinkinge’s probably a solid player but never a guy teams game plan for as a pass ruser
60Keanu NealFloridaSSMaybe te most frustrating evaluation of tis year’s class. First round talent butis tendency to get lostas me significantlyorried abouto instinctual of a safetye is
61Carl NassibPenn StateDEOne spectacular year…as me intrigued aseas te traits to be a solid all around end in te league.e’s not te seiest from a traits/skills perspective but findsays to te ball. A solid R2 guy
62Emmanuel OgbaOklaoma StateDEAnoter potential guy tat carriesig boom andig bust factoritim in te league.e’s just not tat eplosive in te upper or loer body to make me tinke’ll develop into a real pass rus treat. Don’t pay mind to te Combine 40 time, it doesn’t so up on any game Iatced. Loveis motor and no doubtas potential but I’m not betting my payceck onim developing into a legit treat in te league. Good value if you can pickim up at te end of R2 but someting tells mee’s going muciger
63ill FullerNotre DameRDrops are maddening. Speed to burn but every balle caugt at NDas a body catc. Tat’s an eaggeration but not all tat far off from reality
64Maliek CollinsNebraskaDTClassic 3T, needs time to develop butig ceiling
65Nick MartinNotre DameOCNotis broter bute’s pretty good. Solid, early starter at center or guard.eas banged up quite a bit at ND and I’m a littleorried aboutim stayingealty.
66Antonio MorrisonFloridaILBFlyingay under te radar. Every time Iatced UFe stood out
67Jeremy CasDukeSS$/LB-type tat could be tis year’s Deone Bucannon
68Rees OdiamboBoise StateOGI’m a sucker for collegiate LT turned NFL guards. Odiambo sould get a long look at RT beforee kicks inside.is issueas been stayingealty and isn’t alays te finiser youould like. Ife staysealty and gets time to learneas te upside to be a starting RT or OG in te league
69Roberto AguayoFlorida StateKA kicker tisigas to be a good one and Aguayo is one of te bettere’ve seen in a really long time.
70assan RidgeayTeasDTIise couldave seen teealty 2015 version of Ridgeay.is combination of size, strengt and atleticismill intrigue a lot of teams early in tis draft asell tey sould
71Tyler BoydPittsburgRSlot receiver tatas beenigly productive at Pitt. Just not suree’s ever going to develop into more tan a solid No. 2 guy…not a bad ting just not a guy opponentsave to gameplan for
72Silique CalounMicigan StateDEigly productive player at MSU…don’tear muc aboutim but could quietly be a very solid selection on day to
73Devontae BookerUtaRBDo it all type back tatitout injury concernsould beiger. Not suree can stand te pounding
74AdolpusasingtonOio StateDTSlo start tois career butas playing at a veryig level in ’14 and ’15
75D.J. ReaderClemsonDTOn a star-studded DL I took notice of Reader more tan I sould
76Carles TapperOklaomaDEPysical tools are off te carts.ould beiger but tools don’t alays translate into production
77Kendall FullerVirginia TecCBI see some major boom or bustit Fuller
78Deion JonesLSUOLBCould play aole bunc of LB spots. Tat versatilityill be intriguing for a lot of teams
79Landon TurnerNort CarolinaOGTurner can play immediately and tis may be lo.e’s massive and doesn’t move asell as you like bute’s day one ready. May never be a star in te league but good bet to be a solid starter for aile
80Adam GotsisGeorgia TecDTIouldave loved to see a full 2015 from Gotsis.is size, atleticism and motor are very intriguing. Te Aussie needs to improve from a tecnique standpoint butis ceiling as a 3T or 5T in te leagueas me pusingim up my rankings despite te late ACL tear
81CristianestermanArizona StateOGeree plays is anyone’s guess. Versatilityill getim drafted earlier tan epected
82Zack SancezOklaomaCBI like tis kid a lot despite some concerns. Ife figures outo to stay consistent inis tecniquee’ll be a good one
83Cyrus JonesAlabamaCBe’s noto youould dra up today’s CB but makes plays and provides return ability
84illieenryMiciganDTenry can dominate at times…problem is not consistently
85Leonard FloydGeorgiaOLBI’m not in loveit Floyd as I see an atlete tat needs to develop te skill set to be more tan a situational pass ruser in te league. Rarely do I drop a guy as steeply as Floyd but I admit I fell in loveit te measurables more tan te tape. Just don’t see enoug toarrant a pick before R3
86RasardigginsColorado StateRiggins may be te least seyR in tis draft class buteinsitis ability to create separationit littleasted movement and may be te best route runner in tis draft class. I don’t seeim as ever cracking te No. 1O role but could be a very solid No. 2
87K.J. Dillonest VirginiaSSDillon is going to offer tremendous value late on day to or early on day tree of te draft
88Vonn BellOio StateFSBell’s a opportunistic safety bute can frustrate you by not anticipatingell more tan you’d like from a guy ofis pedigree
89Kyler FackrellUta StateOLBLike don’t loveim.e’sort a sot in te 3rd round but doesn’t possess traits to suggeste’ll develop into a stud pass ruser
90Nate SudfeldIndianaQBI can’telp myselfit Sudfeld. I likeim as a long-term play. I tinke’s one of te most accurate deep ball troers in tis draft class andills Indiana (sometimes almost single-andedly) into games. I kno I’m probably te only person on te planet tat ranksim tisig but I seeimit starter potential in te not-so distant future
91DerrickenryAlabamaRBAn enigma…eaven’t seen a Derrickenry in te NFL. Tere’s good and bad to tat statement. Te good isis size makesim dangerous beyond te 1st level. Te problem isis tendency to stuck in te mud.as to be a good system fit
92Isaac SeumaloOregonOGTe Oregon State offense made it toug for me toatc muc of Seumalo but I tinke brings guard/center versatility and sould be a solid pro starter at eiter spot
93JiadardIllinoisDESize and atleticismillave teams salivating. Must improve on a don in and don out basis against te run. I tinke’s a natural 5T
94Kennet DionLouisiana TecRBProbably not a bell co back in te league but is an all around solid back
95Tavon YoungTempleCBSmall but migty.e’s going to play early in te league as a nickel CB
96JordanoardIndianaRBZone teams sould be all over tis kid. In a zone scemee’s a diamond in te roug ife can stayealty.as been banged up trougoutis UAB and IU career
97Nick VannettOio StateTEOSU TE’s aren’t utilized in te passing game as muc as oter scools but Vannett soed in limited opportunity tate could be effective tere.e’s an NFL ready inline blockerit upside as a pass catcer.e probably is off te board before te bell tolls on R3
98Caleb BenenocUCLAOTI came for Paul Perkins and stayed for Benenoc. RTit potential troug te roof. I epected to see a really solid atlete, Ias surpriseditis poer afterearing tereas a lack tereof. Te bigger problem is balance, aseas a tendency to get out in front ofis base. A good OL coac couldave a field dayit Benenoc
99Kavon FrazierCentral MiciganSSe’s a stud. Big and atletic, sould be atorst a core ST player. Needs to develop better instincts and not take as many cances to develop into a starting NFL safety but te ceiling is aefullyig forim
100Mike TomasSoutern MississippiRIn contested catc situationse may be te best in tis draft class – plays bigger tanis frameould suggest.e needs to get more pysical off te line of scrimmage but upside is tere forim to develop into a solid startingR in te league
101ill RedmondMississippi StateCBTougteas a late day to pick entering 2015. Unfortunatelye toreis ACL in October. Iouldn’t anticipate muc fromim in year one but could be a guy toatc in 2017
102Joe TuneyNort Carolina StateOCStruggled finding muc I didn’t likeit Tuney.e’s a center in te NFL in my opinion but couldind up being a very good.e’s not sey in any one aspect of te game but findsays toin matcups
103Ale CollinsArkansasRB
104Jerrell AdamsSout CarolinaTEVery nice move TE…don’t look for muc as an in-line guy
105Paro CooperSout CarolinaRPure slot guy tatasomerun abilityit te ball inisands. I may miss big time on tis one but after a secondatc tere’s too many questions to be ansered for me to get beindim as a top 100 player. Biggest question marks for me is canein in a traditional NFL passing game -is route treeas limited andate did runasn’t overly impressive ase’s so tigtipped
106Kevin ByardMiddle Tennessee StateSSI fully epected to see a pysical bo safetyen I got to Byard but tat’s notat I got.e’s atis best as a deep safetyit te play in front ofim. Ballak butillave to adjust to playing closer to te line of scrimmage in te NFL
107Cris MooreCincinnatiRe needs to develop and ife does someoneill get a steal.e’s 6’1, 205 and can take te top off defenses…torced OSU’s vaunted defensive backfield. Needs to improve as a route runner butis traits suggest taton’t be a problem if someoneas patience
108Kelvin TaylorFloridaRBis testingas really bad but tis kid doesn’tin on speed.e mayave te niftiest feet in tis draft class.eorks troug tras asell as any back and tat’s auge part of being a successful NFL back. For tat reason Iaveimiger tan most
109Tylerigbeeestern KentuckyTEIn today’s NFLe’s a guy tat sould andill goig. Not muc of an in-line blocker butis ability to stretc te seam in te NFL mayaveim sniffing te draft’s second day.is April arreston’telpis cause
110Kentrell BrotersMissouriILB
111Josua PerryOio StateOLB
112JoeaegNort Dakota StOTBy virtue ofatcing every Carsonentz snap available, I sa plenty ofaeg.e’s NFL ready as a mover but needs a year or to to develop te strengt necessary to start
113Clayton FejedelemIllinoisFSFejedelem is a guy I tink is a core ST player atorst in te league. A one-year starter at Illinois tat burst onto te sceneit auge senior year. Kid mayillimself into being a quality NFL starter
114Keyarris GarrettTulsaRTis kid is going toave teamsigly intrigued aseork ouray into te 3rd round.e’suge andins a lot don te field in contested catc situations. My only concernitim ise’s going to need time to develop as a route runner andad some bad drops in ’14
115Graam GlasgoMiciganOGCenter/Guard tat just alays seemed to get te best ofis opponent. It’s not alays prettyit Glasgo bute’s a guy I’dant in my bunker
116Eric MurrayMinnesotaCBSlot corner tat couldind up being a good one.e doesn’t meet te size requisites of today’s NFL corners bute’s pysical and could be best served ineavy zone scemes
117Joe BoldenMiciganILBArguably te most undervalued prospect in tis draft class. Bolden isn’t going to blo anyone aayit pysical tools or atleticism butis nose for te ball is special
118C.J. ProsiseNotre DameRBas to get in te rigt system forim to be successful.e ran in front of an outstanding OL at ND anden blockingasn’t teree didn’t createell enoug for me to gradeimiger. Rigt noe’s a pass catcing treat out of te backfield tat needs time to develop into an every don back
119arlan MillerSE LouisianaCB
120Germain IfediTeas A&MOGTere’s aost of oters I like more tan Ifedi. I seeim as a guard and need to develop better tecnique to be a good one. Just don’t seeat oter’s see in Ifedi
121James CoserSoutern UtaOLBe’s going to need time to develop into a full time role onis feet. Doesn’tave te poer toold up at te point of attack. Pass rus traits are tere butill need time
122Nick VigilUta StateILB
123Sebastian TretolaArkansasOGent toatc Denver Kirkland, fell in loveit tis mauler. Limitations but if youant to line up and run beindim,ave at it. I forearn you it isn’t prettyit Tretola but it’s effective
125Roger LeisBoling GreenRe’llave to anser te off-te-field questions and I’m certain many teamson’t toucim given te nature ofis off te field issues. If Leisere a clean prospect I could buyim as a top 50 player in tis class
126Kenny LalerCaliforniaRMakes some spectacular plays and some tat leave you scratcing youread. If you can liveit tate sould develop into a solid No. 2
127Nick VanooseNortesternCB
128Dean LoryNortesternDE
129Yannick NgakoueMarylandOLBTinke makes an early living as a sub-package edge ruser.as te goods to develop into more tan tat but itill take some time. A non-factor in te run game all tree games Iatced…Nick Vannett tookim completely out of several plays one on one
130Tyler MatakevicTempleILB
131TyroneolmesMontanaOLBProduction is no fluke.olmes is eplosive and sould make for a natural transition to OLB in te league
132Maurice CanadyVirginiaCB
133Daniel LascoCaliforniaRB
134Matt IoannidisTempleDT
135Daniel Bravermanestern MiciganRTurn on te OSU tape, enoug said. Kid can play at aig level – really outplayed to first round CBs at OSU
136Jordan LucasPenn StateCBPlayed FS as a senior but I tinke moves back to CB in te NFL. Te good nes for NFL teams is tate’s flon under te radar aseas injured in 2015 and playing out of position
137Ale LeisNebraskaOTSolely based on te field,e’d be a top 100 player for me bute’s aildcard off it andorried about injuries
138Rasard RobinsonLSUCBRobinsonas most everyting youant from a CB in today’s game – lengt speed and tecnique. Te problem ise’s not been on a football field in nearly to years ande’llave to ansery and make teams believee’s learned. From a ra talent standpoint, you could make an argument tate’s a top 3 CB in tis class
139Le’Raven ClarkTeas TecOTTe greatest fearit Clark ise needs too mucork for a guy tat’s played as muc football aseas.ill an NFL OL coac invest te time needed forim to develop into a starter?eas elite traits but I don’t see ititim.e’ll go top 50 but Iouldn’t put my name net toim
140Cre’Von LeBlancFlorida AtlanticCBLeBlanc is an undervalued CB tatill be draftediger tan most epect.e’s not te best man cover guy in te draft but makes up for itit solid tecnique and a nose for te ball
141Beniquez BronMississippi StateILBNot sure ife’s an OLB or ILB but I likeim
142Jatavis BronAkronOLBatcedim at a spring practice andas noticeably better tan anyone else on te field.is pro day numbers are no fluke – kid is an elite atletic speciman
143Matt JudonGrand Valley StateDE
144KeiVarae RussellNotre DameCBInjuries are concerning. Late day to guy based onene’s on te field but just not on it enoug toarrant tat
145CristianackenbergPenn StateQBNeeds time to develop but te tools are tere. Look, I’ve bagged tis kid for to years but I can’t denye’s got te tools to intrigue teams. If a team can afford to sitim 3-4 years Iouldn’t doubt ifeaven’teard te last ofack
146Joe ScobertisconsinOLB
147Dak PrescottMississippi StateQB
148Ma TuerkUSCOC
149Kalan ReedSoutern MississippiCB
150Paul PerkinsUCLARB
151Kenyan DrakeAlabamaRBNot going to be a bell co back in te league but offers great value as a cange of pace and 3rd don back
152BryceilliamsEast CarolinaTE
153Seldon DayNotre DameDTigly productive collegiate player tat I’m just not sold oneree’ll be most effective playing at te net level
154T.J. GreenClemsonFS
155Carone PeakeClemsonRInjuries and inconsistentands. Nice size and potential but not suree’s more tan a solid No. 3
156Jack AllenMicigan StateOC
157Jalen MillsLSUFS
158James BradberrySamfordCB
159Connor McGovernMissouriOG
160Ryan SmitNort Carolina CentralCBe’s easy to miss on te grainyudl tape butis game is big.e’s a guy tatill probably sado slot receivers but could payuge dividends don te road. More taneldis on against Duke tis year
161Darius LatamIndianaDT
162Kevon SeymourUSCCB
163Malcolm MitcellGeorgiaRBad QB play and injuriesave me loer on Mitcell tan I probably sould. Tis kid could be a steal
164Miles KillebreSoutern UtaSS
165Kolby ListenbeeTCUR
166Kyle MurpyStanfordOT
167Ronald BlairAppalcian StateDE
168De’Vondre CampbellMinnesotaOLB
169Blake MartinezStanfordILB
170Darius JacksonEastern MiciganRBEvery year a RB emerges tat you don’tear anyting about untile flases in a pro day. Tis year it’s Jackson,o’s measurables are off te carts.uge upsideit tis kid tat comesit little riskeree’ll be drafted
172Evan BoemMissouriOC
173Bralon AddisonOregonR
174Avery YoungAuburnOG
175D.J.iteGeorgia TecCB
177Austin BlyteIoaOC
178Brandon AllenArkansasQB
179Vincent ValentineNebraskaDT
180Nick Kiatkoskiest VirginiaILBe’s one of my sleeper picks in tis draft.eon’to you in any one area but is alays around te ball and can knock out ball carriers. Tis may be too lo as I tink eventuallye could be a major contributor on te inside
181De’VantearrisTeas A&MCB
182Darrell GreeneSan Diego StateOGe’s a mauler in te run game.eon’t be ready for a littleile but patience couldave tis kid turning into a pretty solid player in due time
183Antony ZettelPenn StateDE
184Steven DanielsBoston CollegeILBLooking for a run tumper tis is your guy.is value is loer becausee live in a passingorld bute’s a to-don tumper tatill make a team and contribute on early dons
185Dan VitaleNortesternFB
186Devin LucienArizona StateRNone of te measurables are going to jump off te screen but tis kid is going to make a team and contribute just based onis ability to move te cains
187Ale RedmondUCLAOG
188Beau SandlandMontana StateTEIatced Miami spring practice in 2013en Miamias rolling out NFL TE’s Clivealford and Asante Cleveland.alked aay tinkingo’s tis JUCO kid.e looks te part and couldind up being a steal in te later rounds
189Jason FanaikaUtaDE
190illie Beaversestern MiciganOT
192Darylorleyest VirginiaCB
193Dominque Robertsonest GeorgiaOTBig time project but pysical traits are off te carts. If you can afford to stasim on te practice squad for a couple of years, tere’sig upsideere
194Tevin CarterUtaSS
195Ryan BronMississippi StateDE
196Tyvis PoellOio StateFSSize and atleticismill makeim an intriguing option.is play justasn’t consistent enoug for me to rankim muciger
197Parker EingerCincinnatiOG
198Spencer DrangoBaylorOG
199Jakeem GrantTeas TecRe’s electric. Sizeillaveim in te latter rounds of te draft bute could payuge dividends ase’s a treat to take it te distance every timee touces te ball
200Jordan JenkinsGeorgiaOLB
201Jacoby BrissettNort Carolina StateQB
202Jay LeeBaylorR
203Brian PriceTeas-San AntonioDTI only sa one game buteas impressive. Late round steal potential ase’s got rare combination of size and atleticism. 1T bodyit 3T movement skills
204Clay DeBordEasternasingtonOTDevelopmental guy tat needs to playit more strengt.is atleticism and upside may getim drafted butis functional strengt or lack tereof,ill be telltale toetere sticksit a team.e’s got 50+ starts at EU and nice tools, so I’m taking a flier onim
205Scoobyrigt IIIArizonaILBNot a great atlete and could be a detriment in coverage but I likeis ability to make timely plays. I’d take a flier onim
207Tajae SarpeMassacusettsR
208B.J. GoodsonClemsonILB
209DeiondreallNortern IoaFSallill likely get looks at CB and FS. Eventually I could seeim finding aome at te latter. Size and atleticismillaveim atorst a solid ST player
210Victor OciStony BrookOLB
211Ale BalducciOregonDT
212Ale McCalisterFloridaOLB
213ill ParksArizonaSSTis kid is a sleeper.atced tree Arizona games and couldn’t take my eyes offim. Only reasone’s notiger is lack of eperience as a coverage man – played mostly bandit spot at Arizona
214Trevor DavisCalR
215DeAndreouston-Carsonilliam & MarySS
216Tyler ErvinSan Jose StateRB
217Dominique AleanderOklaomaILB
218Lesaun SimsSoutern UtaCBSims couldind up being a steal later in te draft. Soutern Utaad moreigly touted defenders but you take notice of Sims immediately
219Vadal AleanderLSUOG
220Peyton BarberAuburnRBave to root for Barber and I’m a believer in guysit teir backs against teall tat need tis.is play is deserving of a late round (6-7) selection but someting tells mee’ll outsineeree’s drafted
221Nile Larence-SampleFlorida StateDT
222Keit MarsallGeorgiaRBAfter a breakout fresman year Marsall never really stayed on te field enoug to evaluateim.is 40 timeas eye opening butealtill be te issueitim
223Trevon ColeyFlorida AtlanticDTA ton of starts for tis kid butis frameill likely makeim a UDFA
224Eric StrikerOklaomaOLB
225Marsaun CopricIllinois StateRB

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