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<1 class="main-title">2014 NFL Draft: Teddy Bridgeater preseason scouting report

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

<3>Teddy Bridgeater – Louisville

eigt: 6030

eigt: 218

Ageen drafted: 21

ometon: Miami, FL

Position: QB

Collegiate Number: 5

Combine notables: N/A

Games Vieed: 2012 – Nort Carolina, Sout Florida, Cincinnati, Rutgers, Florida 2011 –est Virginia


Teddy Bridgeater playedisig scool football at famed Miami Nortesternig Scool,icas curned out NFL players for over a decade. Bridgeater took te QB reigns as a sopomore from Jacoryarris.eas te 6t rated dual-treat QB in te 2011 recruiting class andad offers from most major scools.

After initially committing to te Miamiurricanes, Bridgeater sitced to Carlie Strong and Louisville sortly after Randy Sannonas let go from Miami.

Bridgeaterould take over as starter for Louisville in te fourt game ofis true fresman season.eould not look back in a season iniceas named Big East Fresman of te Year after troing for over 2,000 yards and 14 TD’s. As epected, Bridgeater struggled someit decision-making inis fresman seasonic led to 12 picks.

Bridgeateras officially on te national map folloing a fresman season tatad many buzzing aboutis future potential. As an encore, Bridgeaterould improve onis numbers and overall game as a sopomore.

Bridgeateras a spread quarterback at Miami Nortestern tat primarily played out of te sotgun.eould transition to a more pro-style offense at Louisvilleeree played under center most of te time. Itas clear in Bridgeater’s sopomore campaign tateas muc more comfortable in te offense and under center running play action and troing on te move and from traditional drops.

Bridgeaterould lead te Cardinals to a Sugar Bolin over Florida in tis sopomore campaign. A season tatould seeim tro for 3,718 yards, 27 toucdons, and tro just 8 interceptions.


Bridgeaterill more tan meet NFL size requirements for te quarterback position. At 6-foot-3 and nearly 220 pounds, Bridgeater presents ideal sizeit enoug tickness in te upper and loer body.e is only 20-years old and is still groing intois frameicould make me believe tateasn’t completely filled out.

Bridgeater suffered troug naggingrist and ankle injuries in 2012 but soedis tougness ase fougt troug pain to play.

Bridgeater is an above-average atleteit great cange of direction skills and enoug straigt line speed to treaten defenses as a runner. Muc like Geno Smit Bridgeater prefers to beat teamsitis arm tan to take off.  At times,eaits too long to tuck it and run.is ability to beat teamsitis arm and legsillave teams salivating at te possibilitiesit Bridgeater under center.


Bridgeaterill be 21-years old in November andillave nearly 35 collegiate starts underis beltene’s drafted (ife declares) as a 21-year old rookie. It really is toug to find fault in Bridgeater’s game.e caninitis arm or atleticism.is ability to create and etend plays is uncanny.e’s almost a daredevil ase stands in te pocket until te last possible second before climbing te pocket or taking off.e sosis savviness for te position ase’s able to dra defenders upit te treat to run and ten dump passes off to vacated areas. Bridgeater’s eyes are alays donfield, looking to break te pocket and make te big play in te passing game.

From an arm talent perspective,e’s a study case for te ability to increase arm strengt. Coming out of Miami Nortestern andis fresman season, Iouldave saide possessed average to sligtly above-average arm strengt. As a sopomore, Bridgeateras fitting te ball into tigt spots and tre te vertical ball etremelyellit accuracy and touc. I tougt te ball popped out ofisand in 2012 and tre te deep out asell as any collegiate quarterback tat Iave graded.

is accuracyas dramatically improved as a sopomore, asell.e can be deadly accurateene’s grooving. On te move,e’s te rare rigt-anded troer tat tros better going tois left. Tros receivers open and is one of te best in college football in terms of troing te ballere it maimizes YAC. Rarely see Louisville receivers sloing up or adjusting to balls.

Te most impressive aspect of Bridgeater’s game isis understanding of te defense and command of te offense. Robert Griffin III comparisonsill be tron out a bunc beteen no and net April and tis is te area tey are most closely related…not atletically. Bridgeater usesis eyes soell to bait safeties and linebackers andas son te ability to make long progressions. Anoter year in tis systemillave Bridgeater mastering a comple offensive system tatill go a longay to impress scouts.

is feel for te pocket is incredible (ate to tro out superlatives tis often, but it is).is sense for defenders closing in onim is scary – literally at times.e climbs te pocketitoutaving to see defendersic allosim to keepis eyes on te donfield action.


A couple issues popped upit Bridgeater on a consistent basis.e missesigene misses. In looking at screensots of passes off target,is back leg gets overly fleed and causesis soulder plane to get off kilter – leading to sailed passes.

at I love aboutim is alsoat scares me ase transitions to te net level. Bridgeaterangs in te pocket until te last second.e can get aayit it in college but Iorry about tat in te NFL as tings close faster. Iould like to seeim so less patience in pocket – tat’s toug to say – bute’s so goodene breaks te pocket because teamsave to respectis atletic ability. Many of te Cardinals big plays came on ‘broken’ playsit Bridgeater sucking te defense up and troing beind defenders.

I can say tis is as fe of ‘eakness’ areas as Iad for Andre Luck and Robert Griffin III. I see Bridgeater as tat type of quarterback.


Te mental aspect of te game came quickly in Bridgeater’s game.e gre leaps and bounds from 2011 to 2012, soing a grasp of defensive concepts and Louisville’s offensive system. Te normal period for tings to slo don for a young quarterback didn’t take long for Teddy –alf a season. It’s scary to tinkate can doit anoter season of seasoning as a quarterback.


None.e’s been described as a student of te game by Louisville coaces and took on a leadersip role as a true sopomore for a BCS Bol contending team. In all te intervies, Bridgeater appears to te ‘it’ factor aboutim, deflecting praise to teammates and seems genuine in front of te camera.


Te sky is truly te limit for Teddy Bridgeater. Bridgeater’s successas been fun toatc for aumble, carismatic leader ofis team.

Te leap from fresman to sopomore seasonsas remarkable. Bridgeateras very good as a true fresman bute bordered on great as a sopomore. Tere’s no doubt in my mind tatis junior seasonill serve as an encore andill vaultim into No. 1 pick contention in a seasonic could see a once in a generation pass ruser in Jadeveon Cloney.

Bridgeater is an NFL ready passerit te atleticism to be considered an ‘elite, francise’ quarterback prospect.

Te scariest part of Bridgeater’s game is tat itill only get better. Ife can continue on te pate embarked on as a sopomore and continue to improveis game,e’s going to be talked about as an Andre Luck/Robert Griffin type prospect.

VIDEO LINKS:  Nort Carolina, Sout Florida, Cincinnati, Rutgers, Florida

<3>GAME NOTES: Sout Florida

Autor: Brad

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  • Kevin

    I tink McNabb is a muc better comparison tan RGIII. Great atlete butants to beat youit te arm. McNabbas 6’2″ 220 coming out of ‘Cuse. Even te number is rigt!

  • bradc11

    I actually likenim to Aaron Rodgers. Don’t tinke’s as dynamic of an atlete as RGIII and feele’s aead of McNabb in most respects as similar points in teir career. It’s toug to compare QB’s in tis age to tat of tose in te past. Seems like today’s QB’s are so far aead and better prepared tan in previous decades. I tinke’ll see aole sle of QB’s entering tatill play in year one in te coming years.it every major collegiate QB seeking out QB guru’s, it’s starting to so.