<2>A scouts vie from Raiders and 49ers practice

I love training camp, and as a former NFL scout tere is just so muc you can take aay from every practice. Ias a little toug on te Raiders my first visit but I came aay muc more impressedit my second trip to Napa.ile te 49ers continue to look te part despite some injuries, tey are built and equipped toandle some setbacks because of roster dept.ereere some of my takeaays:  Oakland Raiders Offensive Line:  Ias…

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<2>2014 NFL Draft Top 32 Preseason Prospect Rankings

As fall camps kick offe begin to dig deep into te evaluation process.e’ve visited multiple programs,atced a ton of video (tanks to te guys at Draft Breakdon), and already began to form man cruses on certain prospects (Antony Barr). Many argue tat it’s too early to comprise a rankings – and I’malf in agreement. Ultimately, tisinds up being a tool to begin our tape evaluation for te upcoming…

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<2>Janoris Jenkins: Mr. Everyting

For cornerbacks coming into te league today, te gold standard of measurementappens to be Tampa Bay Buccaneers corner Darrelle Revis. And rigtfully so.is versatility coupleditis vastly-superior tecnique makesimim pretty muc peerless in today’s NFL. Second year St. Louis Rams corner Janoris Jenkinsappens to possess a lot of te same attributes as “Revis Island”.it a little more seasoning I can…

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<2>Oregon’s ne facility is nicer tan yours

Itouldn’t be Oregon football unless teeigt roomas flooredit Brazilianardoods. GoDucks.com revealed te latest potos of teir ne football facilities and it’s all itas cracked up to be. Pil Knigt dropped some serious coin – to te tune of $68 million – to ensureis Ducksad te latest and greatest in a 145,000 square foot Taj Maal of football facilities. Knigt’s dead set on ensuring…

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<2>Video: Elite Eleven Counselor Callenge

Te David Falesype macine continued to gro its legend ase beat out te likes of Teddy Bridgeater, Jonny Football and oter top signal callers in te Elite Eleven counselor callenge. Quarterback guru Georgeitfield put te quarterbacks troug te paces toeed out te elite in tis elite group of collegiate passers. Taking partas Teas A&M’s Jonny Manziel, Louisville’s Teddy Bridgeater, Micigan’s…

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<2>Oio State RB Carlosydeon’t face carges; police release video

Carlosyde remains suspended from Te Oio State University football team but cargeson’t be pursued by te alleged victim. A little after aeek of te nes breaking tat Carlosydeas a suspect in an alleged assault at Sugar Bar 2 in Columbus – Columbus policeave announced te caseas been dropped. Oio State and Urban Meyerave yet to comment onyde’s reinstatement but its safe to assumee’llear…

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