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2014 NFL Mock Draft

Jordan White Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On January - 23 - 20121 COMMENT
Jordan White

Western Michigan

Ht. 6-0 Wt. 214

Hands:  Jordan White has a tremendous pair of hands.  A pure hands catcher that plucks balls out of the air.  It’s a rarity for White to allow the football into his body.  He is fearless over the middle and hangs onto the football despite vicious contact.  He has great in-air body control and attacks the football as well as anyone.  He wants it more than the other guy.

Route Running:  White understands all the aspects of playing the WR position.  He excels at finding openings in zone coverage and creates space between him and the defender as well as anyone not named Justin Blackmon in this draft.  He does have a tendency to round off his cuts and will need to shore that up as he doesn’t have the straight-line speed to fall back on.

After the Catch:  White has a solid frame at almost 215 pounds so he doesn’t shy away from contact.  He does struggle because of a lack of elite burst to find a ton of yards after the catch.  His size and thick lower body make him a tough tackle in the open field.  Read the rest of this entry » «Jordan White Scouting Report»

Rueben Randle Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect Rueben Randle"Rueben Randle


Ht. 6-4 Wt. 208

Hands:  Randle is an above-average catcher of the football and will only get better with more reps.  He is great at catching the deep ball and going up and snatching the ball out of the air.  For the most part, he’s a hands catcher and doesn’t let the ball get inside on him often.  Haven’t seen many drops in two years worth of film.

Route Running:  Randle’s route running sums him up as a wide receiver.  It’s under development.  He looked a lot better from 2010 to 2011 in this area which is a promising sign.  Mostly was used in the vertical game but uses his head well to set up double moves and is becoming more savvy in this area.  He has a solid understanding of defenses (probably from his days as a QB) and does a good job of finding holes in zone coverage.  Read the rest of this entry » «Rueben Randle Scouting Report»

2012 Senior Bowl: Ten to watch on offense

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect Doug Martin"

Martin could vault himself into the second RB slot behind Trent Richardson with a strong week

The 2012 Senior Bowl has officially begun.  Today players will meet with their respective coaches, go through physicals, and get equipment.  It’s the beginning of the pre-draft process and can make or break their draft status.  This week of practice is one of the most important weeks for prospects to either solidify themselves or move up or down team’s boards.  The interview process for these future NFL players has began, so we take a look at who we’ll be watching as the week progresses for a multitude of reasons.  Here’s a look at ten on the offense of both squads:

Doug Martin, RB, Boise St.

It’s no secret that I like Martin…a lot.  After Trent Richardson there is a traffic jam of running backs vying to be the second back taken in the 2012 NFL Draft.  Two of these players will be on display in the Senior Bowl (Chris Polk and Martin).  Martin is short but thick in the lower body.  He lacks elite quickness but could prove this week that he has enough to be a starter in the NFL.  I think he’s the most complete back in the draft outside of Trent Richardson and he will look to prove that this week.  With a solid week Martin could move to the second slot amongst a very good RB class.

Amini Silatolu, G, Midwestern St.

Silatolu is a 6’3 322 pound guard prospect that has dominated competition at Midwestern St.  Due to the lack of tape available on Silatolu we will be paying close attention to him.  I was fortunate to catch a game against Abilene Christian this season in which Silatolu was dominant.  He’s bull strong with surprising athleticism for a guy over 320 pounds.  The Senior Bowl will give Silatolu a chance to prove he can play with top competition.  He’s a late 2nd round prospect for us right now and I think he shows why this week. Read the rest of this entry » «2012 Senior Bowl: Ten to watch on offense»

Nick Toon Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect Nick Toon"Nick Toon


Ht. 6-2 Wt. 220

Hands:  Turn on Wisconsin game tape and you won’t see Nick Toon drop many balls in his career.  He catches most anything he can get his hands on.  He has a solid frame with long arm allowing for a large catching radius.  He very rarely allows the ball to get inside his frame and is a pure hands catcher.  Very solid fundamentals catching the football.

Route Running:  Disappointing route runner.  I expected him to be great because his dad was a fantastic route runner.  His lack of short area burst is evident getting in and out of breaks.  He is has a longer stride that doesn’t allow him to be sudden enough to create a lot separation.  He is fundamentally sound in terms of the actual route tree.  He uses his head to set up double moves very well.  Read the rest of this entry » «Nick Toon Scouting Report»

Philbin and Flynn in South Beach?

The Miami Dolphins selected former Packer OC Joe Philbin to be the team’s tenth coach in the franchise’s storied history.  Philbin served in the offensive coordinator role for the Packers since 2007 and has been with the team since 2003.  However it should be noted that Philbin didn’t call the plays in Green Bay as that role was filled by Mike McCarthy but is credited for the development of the system and more importantly, the quarterback(s).

Philbin is expected to run the West Coast offense in Miami and may look to a familiar face to spearhead his system.  Philbin’s hiring has to give the Dolphins an edge in signing highly sought after free agent quarterback Matt Flynn.  Flynn is/was Aaron Rodgers backup in Green Bay but has sparked the interest of every quarterback-needy franchise in the NFL after successes in fill-in roles.  Most notably was his 480 yard, 6 TD performance on New Year’s Day against the division foe Detroit Lions.   The 480 yards and 6 TD’s were franchise records for a franchise that has boasted some pretty good quarterbacks (Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Bart Starr, you get the drift).  His completion percentage in that game:  70.5%. Read the rest of this entry » «The impact of the Joe Philbin hiring on the 2012 NFL Draft»

Mohamed Sanu Scouting Report

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Mohamed Sanu


Ht. 6-1 Wt. 218

Hands:  Sanu has big, strong hands and snatches the ball out of the air well.  Drops only come when he allows the ball into his body which doesn’t happen often.  He’s one of the more reliable targets of the top level receivers in this draft.  He has long arms which allow for a giant catching radius.

Route Running:  Sanu has played the WR position for two full seasons.  You would expect him to be further behind most in terms of route running, but he’s not.  He will have to refine some technique issues in terms of route running in the NFL but has good enough instincts and football IQ to make a quick adjustment.  He’s certainly not the best route runner in this draft but I don’t see it being a negative for NFL teams as most will come with experience. Read the rest of this entry » «Mohamed Sanu Scouting Report»

DeVier Posey Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect DeVier Posey"DeVier Posey

Ohio State

Ht. 6-2 Wt. 212

Hands:  DeVier Posey’s biggest downfall is his inconsistent hands.  He allows the ball to get to his body too often and loses concentration more often than he should.  He does catch the ball well in traffic and doesn’t appear to duck contact over the middle.  He excels in the vertical game as he catches the ball at it’s highest point and can adjust in midair with the best of them.

Route Running:  Posey is one of the top route runners in the 2012 NFL Draft.  He is quick in and out of breaks.  He is a savvy route runner that finds openings in zone and instinctively knows when to sit down in coverage.  The crispness of his routes suggests a solid work ethic as he’s well beyond his years in this area.  Read the rest of this entry » «DeVier Posey Scouting Report»

Alshon Jeffery Scouting Report

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Alshon Jeffery

South Carolina

Ht. 6-4 Wt. 231

Hands:  Alshon Jeffery’s hands are right up there with the tops in this WR class.  He has a large catch radius and plucks the ball out of the air.  He very rarely allows the ball to get to his body, occasionally in traffic but it leads to very few drops.  His concentration on tough catches is incredible as he routinely pulls off circus catches.

Route Running:  Alshon Jeffery’s route running is the scariest part of his game and not in a good way.  He is lazy in and out of breaks as he relies on his physicality too often to overmatch defenders.  He doesn’t possess the burst to get separation on defenders which could scare off a lot of teams in this draft.  He looked very disinterested at times in 2011 as you can see in his routes.  The laziness in routes is a major red flag. Read the rest of this entry » «Alshon Jeffery Scouting Report»

Michael Floyd Scouting Report

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Michael Floyd

Notre Dame

Ht. 6-3 Wt. 228

Hands:  Floyd is a consistent catcher of the football and you won’t see many drops from him.  He snatches the ball as he uses his big body to shield defenders.  Very rarely allows the ball to get into his body.  Phenomenal at high pointing the football and uses his leaping ability to soar over defenders for tough catches.

Route Running:  Floyd has experience running an NFL route tree as he was coached by Charlie Weis for two seasons.  He gets into his routes quickly and is patient and precise in setting up his breaks.  He is a factor in all areas of the field…excels down the field on vertical routes by using his big body, willing to go over the middle, and is a major threat in the redzone.  He beats defenders off the line of scrimmage and is tough to jam.  He uses his hands so well at the line that he often wins the route before it starts. Read the rest of this entry » «Michael Floyd Scouting Report»

Kendall Wright Scouting Report

Posted by Brad On January - 20 - 20121 COMMENT
2012 NFL Draft prospect Kendall WrightKendall Wright


Ht. 5-10 Wt. 195

Hands:  Kendall Wright has reliable hands and is prone to few drops.  If they come they usually look to be concentration issues over the middle.  He won’t drop many.  His ability to track the football is uncanny and makes him so special.  He brings in tough over the shoulder throws with a regularity.  Despite being 5’10, he is a tenacious catcher that appears to want it more than defenders.

Route Running:  Wright runs crisp routes as he can get in and out of his breaks faster than most.  He has experience in the slot and outside and looks equally effective at either.  Hands down the top vertical route runner in this draft.  Shows the savvy to stem back to the sidelines on the deep fade and vertical routes prior to the catch to shield defenders.

After the Catch:  Wright is extremely dangerous with the ball in his hands.  Despite not having great size he possesses the power to break tackles in the open field as well run right by defenders.  He’s an explosive and sudden runner that gets to top speed very quickly.  If not for his prowess in the vertical game he could make a living running underneath coverage and turning up field for extra yards.  Read the rest of this entry » «Kendall Wright Scouting Report»