Top QB’s won’t throw at the Combine

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Andrew Luck"

Andrew Luck and others won't be throwing at the Combine

In what is becoming an annual right of passage for the top quarterbacks at the NFL Scouting Combine, this season’s best will pass on passing at the event.

In today’s news (that’s not really news to anyone) teams (Indianapolis Colts) have told Andrew Luck to forgo throwing at the Combine and wait until his March 22nd Pro Day at Stanford.  This news comes on the heals of Robert Griffin III electing to not throw and Ryan Tannehill will pass with his ailing broken foot.

Its been en vogue lately for the top signal callers to elect to wait on showing scouts their throwing wares until much anticipated pro days.  Luck was reportedly prepared to throw at this week’s Combine until he was given the green light by Indy teams to graciously bow out of that portion.  Luck will run and plans on participating in all non-throwing drills.  The same is expected of Robert Griffin III.

Past top throwers Sam Bradford (injury), Matt Ryan, and Matthew Stafford all elected to keep their throwing talents hidden until pro days.  Last season, Cam Newton elected to pass at the Combine but under much different circumstances.  Newton was still battling with Blaine Gabbert in the minds of most for the rights to be the top quarterback in the 2011 class.  Gabbert elected not to throw at the Combine while Newton’s team decided to allow him to show off his big arm.

Andrew Luck is the consensus top pick in April’s draft and has nothing to gain or lose by throwing, other than getting use to the lighting in Lucas Oil Stadium.  The same can be said for Robert Griffin minus the Lucas Oil comment.  Ryan Tannehill on the other hand could use a strong showing spinning the ball to prove to personnel that he is worthy of a top pick in April’s draft.  Tannehill is likely to be nursing his foot injury into his pro day and we may only see him weigh-in.



Brandon Thompson Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Brandon Thompson"Brandon Thompson


Ht. 6-2 Wt. 315


Pass Rush:  Brandon Thompson has the natural strength to beat opponents with the bull rush.  He’s never going to be a high sack total guy but can push the pocket and move the QB off his spot.  He’s a one-gap penetrator that will make a living with his ability to win matchups with good leverage.  If Thompson got off the ball low, he was tough to handle.  Unfortunately, he played too high most of time.  This took away from his ability to win leverage battles and detracts from his power game.  He’s a limited pass rusher in terms of technique, very few pass rush moves and lacks the burst to be effective in this area.  Read the rest of this entry » «Brandon Thompson Scouting Report»

Dontari Poe Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Dontari Poe"Dontari Poe


Ht. 6-5 Wt. 350


Pass Rush:  Dontari Poe has incredible get off for his size.  He showcases impressive burst off the snap which allows him to blow by blockers.  He is best in tight areas where he can show off his impressive short area quickness.  He is a natural bender that plays low for his size.  Poe has impressive lateral agility and strength which could be utilized more at the next level.  Poe is a work in progress.  He struggles to disengage if he can’t be the blocker off the snap.  He needs to work on extending his arms through contact and not popping upright into contact.  He shows limited pass rush moves, rip with occasional bull rush and spin move.  Read the rest of this entry » «Dontari Poe Scouting Report»

Devon Still Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Devon Still"Devon Still

Penn St.

Ht. 6-5 Wt. 310


Pass Rush:  Devon Still was a much more impressive pass rusher in 2011 than in years past.  He has a solid get off and burst for his size.  He fires off the ball low considering his 6’5 frame.  He flashes violent hands and can be overwhelming with the bull rush.  He showcases good lateral agility a very nice swim move.  The biggest problem with Still has been/is his inconsistent motor.  He appears to quit once he’s initially stopped.  He’s a more limited athlete than other first round DT’s which will probably limit his pass rushing abilities in the NFL.


Run Defense:  Still is a more than capable run defender.  He anchors well and if his pads are low, he wins.  He is excellent at stacking and shedding blockers.  He has good ball awareness and can get off the snap quickly and into run lanes.  He has the athleticism and lateral agility to play down the line but his motor is questionable.  I would like to see more effort on plays going away.  Because of his height he is susceptible to allowing blockers under his pads but when he wants he stays low.  For Still he could be a dominate run defender if he develops the motivation play in and play out. Read the rest of this entry » «Devon Still Scouting Report»

Brock Osweiler Film Breakdown

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Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler will be analyzed to death over the course of the next two months.  It starts next week at the NFL Scouting Combine for the junior gunslinger and will continue on through his Pro Day.  Osweiler is a polarizing quarterback prospect that most felt should have stayed at ASU for his senior season.  Instead, the junior elected to test his wares in the 2012 QB class.

Osweiler has great size and athleticism but he lacks game experience.  At 6’7″ and 245 pounds he has all the physical tools to be a starter in the league.   After my initial scouting report on Osweiler, I was criticized for calling him a potential first rounder with a floor of the second round.  My defense for this prediction has been that Osweiler’s mechanics are flawed but correctable.  When Osweiler can set his feet and takes a proper stride he can throw with velocity and accuracy.  For a one-year starter, Osweiler showed a solid grasp of the ASU offense and what defenses are doing.  He rarely appears indecisive and most of his misses are caused by poor footwork.  In the following screenshots I will show you a couple of instances in which Osweiler throws with solid mechanics and another without.



"Brock Osweiler"

Osweiler wants Aaron Pflugrad up top and looks in his direction until he senses the outside pressure.

"Brock Osweiler"

Osweiler is forced to come off the deep out and scans back into the middle because of edge pressure by Nick Perry. He shows the ability to progress through his reads quickly and decisively.  He holds the ball until the last possible second to allow his second progression to cross the linebacker. Read the rest of this entry » «Brock Osweiler Film Breakdown»

Fletcher Cox Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Fletcher Cox"Fletcher Cox

Mississippi St.

Ht. 6-4 Wt. 295


Pass Rush:  Fletcher Cox is loaded with upside.  He has experience rushing the passer as a three and five technique.  He’s a tenacious pass rusher that sheds blocks with violent hands and his long arms.  He’s got an athletic build with vines for arms.  He’s explosive off the snap and can blow by blockers with his first step.  He is raw from a technique standpoint.  At times appears unorthodox and unsure but his non-stop motor carries him.  He gets too tall off the snap and through contact which forces him to lose leverage and balance.  He will need to add to his pass rush moves as he uses the bull rush extensively. Read the rest of this entry » «Fletcher Cox Scouting Report»

Jerel Worthy Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Jerel Worthy"Jerel Worthy

Michigan St.

Ht. 6-3 Wt. 310


Pass Rush:  Jerel Worthy is a pure three-technique in the 4-3.  He possesses above-average burst off the snap.  From a sheer physical standpoint Worthy has the abilities to be the most dominant pass rusher in this group of DT’s.  He possesses a great first step and shoots the gap as well as any DT in this draft.  I was impressed with this awareness as he was routinely the first player off the snap and in the opponents backfield.  Worthy appears to wear down in games and doesn’t have the conditioning to be consistently dominant.  It appears the more worn down he gets the less effective he becomes.  He has a tendency to pop upright off the snap as the game goes on.  I thought his best performances came against the top centers in the Big Ten.  Read the rest of this entry » «Jerel Worthy Scouting Report»

Michael Brockers Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Michael Brockers"Michael Brockers


Ht. 6-5 Wt. 300


Pass Rush:  Michael Brockers has elite first step quickness at the DT position.  He showcases the burst of elite inside pass rushers with the ability to shed blockers with his long arms.  He has the power to match his speed.  He only tallied 2 sacks in 2011 but was a consistent force in the backfield and passing lanes.  His natural athleticism and power are overwhelming for collegiate blockers.  That said, he will need to play with a lower pad level to be an effective NFL inside pass rusher.  He plays too high and allows blockers under his pads.


Run Defense:  Brockers get some undue criticism for his play against the run.  I see a strong anchor that just needs to learn some gap responsibility which will come with good coaching and time in the NFL.  He’s a naturally powerful man with a thick lower half.  His length is a plus in the run game as well as he uses his hands and arm extension to keep blockers away from his body.  He shows good ball awareness but needs to maintain gap responsibility.  He gets caught out of assignment and up field too much.  He needs to extend his arms through contact, does a nice job into contact but doesn’t maintain. Read the rest of this entry » «Michael Brockers Scouting Report»

Nick Perry Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Nick Perry"Nick Perry


Ht. 6-3 Wt. 250


Instincts/Recognition:  Nick Perry is another college DE that appears best suited to transition to 34 OLB.  He played with his hand in the dirt primarily at USC, so we don’t have a lot to go on in terms of instincts and recognition.  There were times at DE that he appeared slow to recognize play action and lost contain too often.  Read the rest of this entry » «Nick Perry Scouting Report»

Courtney Upshaw Scouting Report

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"2012 NFL Draft prospect, Courtney Upshaw"Courtney Upshaw


Ht. 6-1 Wt. 272


Instincts/Recognition:  Courtney Upshaw was used all over the field at Alabama.  Its tough to grade him on instincts and recognition because of the multiple ways he was used.  Standing up, Upshaw did show the ability to find the football and excelled at sniffing out screens.  With his hand on the ground he was able to recognize play action and kept contain very well.  He wasn’t asked to drop into coverage a lot at Alabama, so it remains to be seen how well he’ll read the QB and move in zone.  In limited opportunities, Upshaw showed the ability to read the QB and make plays on the ball.  Read the rest of this entry » «Courtney Upshaw Scouting Report»