"Johnny Manziel"


My absenteeism from the draft process this season has been purposeful and very tough. I haven’t scoured through the Draft Breakdown videos as I normally do. That said, I haven’t been a dormant watcher of the game and think I’ve come up with some solid opinions on many of the players this season.

Five Things I Think, I Think

1. I say my peace on John Football

John Football has been getting a lot of buzz and we can expect that will continue going forward. His latest ranting about the regrets of Houston and winning the Browns a Super Bowl were priceless. Many don’t believe Johnny is capable of backing up these statements – what you will come to find out is that I don’t reside in that camp.

As many of you know, I’m an astute observer of the quarterback position having played and coached the position at different levels. When I watch Manziel, it goes against my grain to fall in love with someone as reckless with the ball as he is. I’ve spent years preaching ball security and the value of not turning the ball over – all for it to come crashing down with my Manziel evaluation.

Look, it’s important to take care of the football but some guys knack for making plays supersede my need to controlling offensive touches. Manziel is that rare guy that I throw caution to the wind on.

The great ones have an “it” factor to them. It’s something that you can’t describe but a feeling that this person was put on this planet to play this game. Johnny Manziel is that guy for me. His throws off balance, into coverage, and running around recklessly are superseded by my belief that he’s going to be a star in the league. Read the rest of this entry » «2014 NFL Mock Draft and Five Things I Think, I Think»

Now that the 2013 season is in the books AND these signal-callers have made their draft decisions, let’s take a look at some metrics (ways of measuring quarterback performance).  Here are most of the quarterbacks who might hear their name called.

qb chart 1 Read the rest of this entry » «Statistically examining Quarterbacks in the 2014 Class (Part 2)»

The Francisco Llanos Q & A

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In a two part series, we’ll take a look at Francisco Llanos, a talented receiver who is working hard to ensure he gets enough playing time this year to lock himself into NFL scouts’ radars.

If you haven’t heard of Francisco Llanos you’re probably in the same situation as many fans. Francisco played wide receiver for Southern Mississippi where he walked on as a freshman in 2009. Llanos was red-shirted that first year, but earned and worked his way into an athletic scholarship before the following season in 2010. The unfortunate circumstance for Llanos is that during his time at Southern Mississippi, his production was limited by poor QB play and the fact that he was afforded limited opportunities to make plays on offense. For his career at Southern Mississippi, Llanos finished with 30 receptions, 399 yards receiving, and 2 TD’s and 13.3 yards per catch average, plus he returned his first kickoff 87 yards for a touchdown vs. Tulsa his Freshman season in 2010.

Many college athletes face challenges as they strive to reach their goals, and last October Francisco faced what he called the biggest challenge of his career undergoing a successful ACL surgery. The good news is that he is currently ahead of schedule in his recovery process.

The next obstacle for Francisco will be his unique situation. The fact that he was hurt so early in the season meant that he had used up his last year of D1 eligibility. However, he still had 1 year of NCAA eligibility, but again couldn’t participate in D1. So Francisco is currently deciding where he will finish not just his final season of eligibility, but also where he will earn his master degree. He has narrowed his choices down to two Division II schools, Lindenwood and Nebraska Kearny, and will be making his choice by the end of January.

Although he may slip under the national media’s radar, Francisco, much like Lindenwood’s current gem – Pierre Desir – could very well garner the attention of the NFL scouting community provided he sees more playing time in game situations. Read the rest of this entry » «The Francisco Llanos Q & A»

2014 NFL Draft Order: Top 20 Decided

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"Johnny Manziel"


It’s official – the Houston Texans are officially on the clock. It will be the third time since the Texans joined the league in 2002 that they have owned the first overall pick. The previous two times, the Texans selected a quarterback and defensive end (respectively). That trend isn’t likely to change as Teddy Bridgewater, another quarterback, or South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney will be targeted atop the 2014 NFL Draft.

The other story line that is likely to draw some interest is the St. Louis Rams owning Washington No. 2 overall pick – the final pick in the Robert Griffin III trade. St. Louis will have two top fifteen picks to continue to add to the talented and young Ram roster for Jeff Fisher. The Rams may be in an ideal spot to deal this pick as teams look to jump on whoever the Texans pass on with the first pick.

The top three will be rounded out by the Jacksonville Jaguars – who badly need a quarterback. The Jags should be in a position to grab a top two quarterback in this draft. Who that will be will be a large part of speculation leading up to May’s draft.

We will be updated the draft order as teams are bounced from the playoffs. With the top twenty locked in, it’s about time the 2014 NFL Draft starts to get real. After the break, check out the top twenty 2014 NFL Draft order. Read the rest of this entry » «2014 NFL Draft Order: Top 20 Decided»

2014 NFL Draft Underclassmen Tracker

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"Loucheiz Purifoy"

Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports

We have officially reached that bittersweet point of the college football season – the time the season winds down and we begin to learn the names of underclassmen declaring for the NFL Draft.

74 underclassmen declared for the 2013 NFL Draft, a record number. With back-to-back record setting numbers, one can anticipate a whole slew of surprises to come before the deadline. The deadline for early entrants for the 2014 NFL Draft falls on January 15, 2014. 

Not unlike most years, the quality and depth of the 2014 NFL Draft will largely depend on the early entrants. The decisions of a talented junior crop awaits but we could see a record number of third-year sophomores test the NFL waters. The decisions of sophomore prospects Johnny Manziel and Greg Robinson could shape of the top of the draft. 

While we don’t have any idea on the fate of those three, after the break check out who’s hinting towards exiting the collegiate ranks. Read the rest of this entry » «2014 NFL Draft Underclassmen Tracker»

"Blake Bortles"

Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

‘Tis the season and NFL’s Future is giving the gift of a completely inaccurate 2014 NFL mock draft. You can thank us later for this one. 

By a little before midnight on Sunday we’ll know the top twenty picks for May’s draft. It is then officially draft season for us – it’s been draft season for me (a lowly Browns fan) since Kiko Alonso blew out Brian Hoyer’s ACL. 

The top of the 2014 NFL Draft will surely be shaped by some major, impending underclassmen announcements. The January 15 deadline is looming large for guys like Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles. The need atop the draft at the quarterback position is glaring. At least six of the top eight teams could use a franchise signal caller – good news for Bortles and Fresno State QB Derek Carr who will likely vault into the top ten with the grave need of teams.

The other storyline carrying us into the January 15 deadline will be the decisions of the redshirt sophomores. I spent Monday night watching Auburn tackle Greg Robinson and came away convinced that he’s a franchise LT. Robinson isn’t the only talented third year sophomore were watching closely. Johnny Football is all but a lock in my book, so I’ve moved on to a trio of receivers in Mike Evans, Davante Adams, and Kelvin Benjamin. 

Enough of the speculation, it’s time to move onto our mock draft that is sure to change in four days time. After the break check it out and share your feedback in our comments section if were way off on your team’s needs or the player makes no sense in the spot. Read the rest of this entry » «2014 NFL Mock Draft – The Gift that keeps on Giving»

"Robert Griffin III"

Geoff Burke – USA TODAY Sports

The big winners of this week remain the St. Louis Rams. The Rams are soaking up the last of the Robert Griffin III trade and it’s beginning to look like we’ll have to consider the Rams winners. I’m not on the bus of calling the ‘Skins losers in this deal – as I’ve believed RGIII can be the face of that franchise for a very long time. With that in mind, it’s looking pretty good if you’re a Rams fan.

Chad Henne to Cecil Shorts put Houston back in control of the No. 1 overall pick and did the Browns in again. I said when Hoyer was injured that they would be selecting in the top five when it’s all said and done – I’m feeling good about that prediction. 

One that I’m not feeling so great about is my preseason prediction that the Panthers would be selecting in the top five. I couldn’t have been anymore wrong on that one, wiping out my Browns prediction.

This is all banter, you’ve all been waiting for content from NFL’s Future and I’m busy stroking my ego. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for. Read the rest of this entry » «2014 NFL Mock Draft: Washington keeps losing, St. Louis keeps smiling»

Statistical Analysis of the 2014 Quarterback Class

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"Jameis Winston"

If he were eligible, would Jameis Winston be the top QB selected in May’s draft?

This upcoming quarterback class looks to be the “year of the quarterback” with a record number projected to go in the first two rounds. From a statistical standpoint, it’s easy to see why scouts and coaches are in love with this group.  Let’s look at the 2013 collegiate passing numbers of some of the big name quarterbacks as of October 21. Read the rest of this entry » «Statistical Analysis of the 2014 Quarterback Class»

"Jack in the Box"

Feeling hungry? Me too. It’s been six years since I ate Jack in the Box and this video got me craving a trip to San Diego for what use to be my late night staple eats.

The San Diego-based burger joint has thrown together a massive deal with an unreal amount of food for a whopping $6. Jack in the Box’s late night eats consists of an entree (your choice of a stacked Grilled Cheese Burger, Exploding Cheesy Chicken Sandwich, Loaded Chicken Nuggets, or Brunch Burger), along with 2 tacos, half regular fries, half curly fries, and a 20 oz. soda.  Read the rest of this entry » «Sponsored Video: Jack in the Box Munchie Meal»

Vic Beasley vs. NC State

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vic beasley3

If you haven’t seen Vic in this game yet.

You need to.

And if you haven’t heard of Vic Beasley.

You really need to acquaint yourself.

Vic Beasley is an exceptional athlete who has showed several elite pass rushing traits so far this season. Beasley is a converted TE who is now playing defensive end in Clemson’s 4-3 defense. Vic often lines up with his hand in the dirt but can just as often be found rushing from a standing position and he appears  lethal from both positions.

In this game vs. NC State, Vic Beasley racked up 3 sacks and 5 total tackles, 3 of which were tackles for a loss. Vic showed tremendous talent in the areas of initial quickness; closing speed; hand usage; spin move; converting speed to power and the ability to pressure the QB. Although this game was vs. NC State and the linemen weren’t NFL caliber, you can’t teach speed and quickness, and that’s what I saw in this game. Granted, there is still much that will unfold in the film room this college football season, but if Beasley continues to play with this type of consistency, I believe I am seeing a clear cut top 10 talent. The NFL has become a passing league and pressuring /sacking the QB is paramount to success on defense.

Based on facts presented in the article quoted below, Beasley has shown the ability to add size while maintaining speed, power of which are evident when watching his film. This year he is listed at 6’2” / 235lbs, and has the frame to add some more size at the next level if needed.

"Vic Beasley"

“The converted tight end leads the Atlantic Coast Conference with five sacks, fifth-best in the nation, continuing the passing-rushing tear he’s been on since last year. He was Clemson’s breakout defensive star last year, leading the team with eight sacks in a part-time role. Earning a full-time spot this season, Beasley has been a big part of Clemson’s improved defense.” – AP via Fox News

When I’m looking at a DE / OLB and projecting him for the NFL, there are several qualities I want to see in an elite pass rusher – first and foremost, the ability to create pressure on and sack the QB; initial quickness off the snap / explosion of the line; the ability to translate speed to power; burst following a change of direction; hand usage to create space; and then the ability to defeat and shed blockers.

I have posted several Vine video clips below that I believe showcase Beasley’s usage of each of these aforementioned traits. I apologize for the quality of some of the clips but I believe the evidence in these clips is clear. I will be posting more player notes and in-depth profiles as the season moves along, but Vic Beasley is a guy that immediately jumped off the film to me and screams elite pass rusher. Aside from many scouts watching Tajh Boyd on the offensive side of the ball, if Vic Beasley can continue to show this type of athleticism and talent, the Clemson defense may be just as exciting to watch the rest of this season. Read the rest of this entry » «Vic Beasley vs. NC State»