Final 2014 NFL Mock Draft

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"2014 nfl mock draft"

It’s that bittersweet moment when the rubber meets the road. I know I said last week that I was hoping to hit the fifty mark in the Huddle Report contest but that may be a little lofty give the difficulty of predicting this years draft class. I’ll be lucky to hit on any of these…I say it every year but this year it’s a real fear. Tomorrow morning I’ll be adding two additional rounds to this mock. I’ll say this I went for the gusto on this one, so if the picks look a little strange it’s because I’m going all out in this finale.

1. Houston Texans – Jadeveon Clowney, DE/OLB, South Carolina

The Texans flirted (allegedly) with passing on Clowney. At the end of the day Rick Smith can’t pass on a guy that could be a once in a decade pass rusher.

2. St. Louis Rams – Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

The Rams may be looking for the right deal but I just don’t see it coming along. I scratch my head a little bit over this one as I see Robinson as an elite prospect – no slighting Matthews – who’s probably 1B.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

The wheels come off for me at No. 3. I’ve flip flopped between Mack and Watkins here about a hundred times and I really think this one could go either way tonight. Read the rest of this entry » «Final 2014 NFL Mock Draft»

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It’s important to make this distinction – this is not my rankings. This is my submission for the Huddle Report’s top 100 players drafted contest. This in no way reflects my personal rankings but is my best stab at what players will hear their name called in the top 100 selections. Without further ado, here’s my submission to this contest.


1. Johnny Manziel Texas A&M
2. Blake Bortles UCF
3. Teddy Bridgewater Louisville
4. Derek Carr Fresno St.
5. Tom Savage Pittsburgh
6. AJ McCarron Alabama
7. Jimmy Garoppolo Eastern Illinois
8. Aaron Murray Georgia Read the rest of this entry » «NFL’s Future Final Huddle Report Top 100 Players Drafted Board»

Late Round Gems

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The 2014 NFL Draft is as deep a draft as I can remember and the deepest that I’ve covered. With that in mind, teams are likely to get starting caliber prospects well into the third round and we could have more late round standouts than ever before.

For some perspective on just how this draft class stacks up to last years – one of my top 3 players last year would have cracked the top eight in this class. Only six of the players would have been in this class’s top 25. For the later portions, our 150th player last year carried a late 6th round grade. This year our 150th ranked player carried a high 5th round grade. While I didn’t rate players beyond 150 this year, I believe I very well could have had over 300 draftable grades on players – which would far surpass my previous record.

Needless to say teams are going to be doing some serious evaluation of late round prospects and could unearth some gems well into the latter stages of this draft. We’ll take a look at one player from each position that offers great value late in the draft. Read the rest of this entry » «Late Round Gems»

The All-Brad Team

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Everyone knows that I get stuck on certain prospects throughout the draft process and can’t get off of them, even in light of poor Combine’s, workouts, or off-the-field baggage.

I have to admit this idea came at the behest of a NFLF reader who asked that I did an article on a player at each position that I would want to start my franchise with. In lieu of a ‘what I would do if I were GM’ mock draft, I will supplement it with the 1st annual All-Brad team. In addition to just throwing players out there, I’ll give you some insight into what I look for in prospects which suggest they will become NFL stars. Read the rest of this entry » «The All-Brad Team»

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With five days until the 2014 NFL Draft kicks off at Radio City Music Hall, the smoke may be becoming fire. This afternoon ESPN’s Louis Riddick tweeted “hearing rumblings of a potential draft day trade that could blow the top off of the draft involving the QB position.” A couple of minutes later Riddick tweeted “all talk at this point, but caught me off guard, to say the least.” I hate speculating on league “rumblings” at this point in the process but it’s interesting to look at all the possibilities that have the potential to blow the roof off.

With all this said, let’s take a look at the possible trades with the potential to shape the 2014 NFL Draft and beyond. Read the rest of this entry » «Looking at potential QB trades that would blow the top off the 2014 NFL Draft»

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This anxiety of the extra two weeks of prep time is finally behind us and the one week countdown clock has officially started. This draft is as unpredictable as any during my time of covering the draft and possibly watching the draft. From the possibility of the No. 1 overall pick being traded to the historic depth we are bound to be glued to every second of the 2014 NFL Draft, not that we wouldn’t be anyway.

This mock is the last of my best guesses as we begin the transition over to the Huddle Report submission. Next Thursday, as the clock strikes midnight, my final mock draft will be submitted for this year’s contest. After a fifth place finish last year and three consecutive years scoring in the 40’s the goal will be to hit the 50 mark – which usually is good enough to secure a win. So follow along next week by checking out The Huddle Report scoring system and see if I can break 50 points.

1. Houston Texans – Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

Will Atlanta pull the trigger on moving up the draft for this ‘once-in-a-decade’ player? That’s the question that will lurk over the next week’s worth of draft talk. My bet is at the end they stay put or maybe make a less costly move up for Khalil Mack. In the end, Jadeveon Clowney is bound to be the draft’s top pick.

2. St. Louis Rams – Khalil Mack, Edge Rusher, Buffalo

I remain steadfast in Khalil Mack being the second player off the board next Thursday. Whether it be a team like Atlanta or Detroit moving up for Mack or Les Snead decides to opt to strengthen their already strong defense, my money is on Mack being taken in this spot. Gregg Williams will play a whole bunch of press coverage and bring blitzes from all over the defense. Adding Mack to bring heat off the edge and possibly to play more multiple fronts makes a ton of sense in my book.

Whoever wants Mack had better move into this spot because I see no chance he makes it past the Jags at No. 3.

MORE: Khalil Mack will be the second player off the board Read the rest of this entry » «2014 NFL Mock Draft: Breathe a sigh of relief, there’s only a week left»

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Like it or not we’ve about exhausted the additional time before next week’s draft. I, for one, hate waiting two more weeks for the draft but I’ve found ways to grin and bare it.

The two additional weeks allowed me to become bolder on my predictions as the overthinking process has set in and we’ve begun to explore avenues that weren’t even a thought this time last week (when the draft would normally take place).

Every year we make some bold predictions a week out from the draft. This year will be no different other than the fact that we have no idea how the top of this draft will play out. For three consecutive years, I’ve hit on the top four picks (twice on the top five) of the draft in The Huddle Report mock draft contest. That run could come to a close as I have no idea where this thing is going to go at the top. This uncertainty makes things very interesting and we’ll all be glued to ESPN or NFL Network next Thursday at 8:00 PM EST to see if Jadeveon Clowney is the top pick and whether Houston is still selecting in that spot.

Enough with the excitement building and onto the predictions. Read the rest of this entry » «2014 NFL Draft: Five Bold Predictions and One Not-So Bold Prediction»

"Jadeveon Clowney"

Jadeveon going #1 but will it be to the Texans?

It’s Saturday morning and in two weeks from today the first two rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft will be in the books. With that in mind, I bring you my predictions for those rounds on this glorious Saturday morning. Before anyone chalks me up as a moron (or worse) realize how many times the draft follows anyone’s expectations. No mock on NFL’s Future is ever your standard issue mock, and this one lives up to those expectations.

1. Houston Texans – Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

I believe the Texans look to move out of this pick…hard. If they can slide down the board and still swing Khalil Mack, they would. If they can move down and grab Johnny or Bortles, they will. I fully expect Jadeveon Clowney to be the top pick in this draft but I’d put the odds at 60-40 that he’s not wearing a Texans uniform next season.

2. St. Louis Rams – Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo

Jo-Lonn Dunbar was cut after a 4 game suspension but brought back. This defense is verging on an elite unit and Mack could be the force that puts them over the edge. Mack’s addition to the LB crew gives it some major punch and gives the Rams a ferocious front seven. My question, why is no one looking at Mack to St. Louis.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

The Jags miss out on Clowney and Mack, so the decision is likely to come down to Sammy Watkins or one of the QB’s. I, personally, feel Jacksonville may be the best fit (on both ends) for Manziel. Read the rest of this entry » «2014 NFL Mock Draft: 3 Rounds of Saturday Morning Reading»

2014 NFL Draft: Final Prospect Rankings

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"Dee Ford"

Outside of adding the final 50 players to the list there aren’t any major changes to the rankings. As expected these rankings were fairly static since the end of the Combine. Our biggest leaps up the board were with Kyle Fuller, Joel Bitonio, and Phillip Gaines. I really dug in on the cornerbacks because they are a positional group that I’ve missed on in the past. We learn a lot from our past mistakes and I’ve realized the errors of my old ways. In doing so, Fuller and Gaines jumped out at me for very different reasons and earned a re-ranking. For Bitonio, he’s a guy that I spent a lot of time on before the last rankings but really felt I was too low on him. For that reason, he’s been pushed up our board.

For the fallers, Brad Roby is one that sticks out to me (from 11 to 18). Roby’s fall was partially due to the fact that I’ve had this resounding thought that Jason Verrett was the best corner in this class for months, yet had Roby consistently ranked ahead of him. I went back and watched both of them last week and the thought became gospel. Roby is an elite athlete but there are some flaws in his technique, while Verrett is solid all around but lacks size. For those reasons, Verrett is officially our top corner in the draft.

This will be our final update to our rankings for the 2014 draft season. From this point forward I can be judged by these rankings. The booms and busts can be rehashed down the road and the mud slinging can commence on my hits and misses. I didn’t go as deep as normal but the time was invested heavily on those that are ranked here. For that reason, I feel pretty good about the final rankings with very few questions still left unanswered.

For those wondering where the Friday mock draft is, it will be out tomorrow with three rounds for your enjoyment. It will be our last multi-round mock as I begin to hone in on my final submission for the Huddle Report contest. Read the rest of this entry » «2014 NFL Draft: Final Prospect Rankings»

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The 2014 NFL Draft is less than three weeks out and things are as murky as I can remember in recent years. With so many great players atop this draft, it’s going to be a difficult call to accurately predict many of these selections. I think the top two picks have a shot at being dealt on or before draft day. If Houston settles on taking a QB and passing on Clowney I feel pretty confident they will move down the board a few slots remaining in the mix to snag Manziel or Bortles. In this mock, I’m sticking with Clowney but I went on the record last week, saying this pick could be dealt to the highest bidder.

1. Houston Texans – Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

This one is Clowney or a trade back in my book. The question will be what team will be willing to give up a king’s ransom to move up for Clowney.

2. Atlanta Falcons (trade w/STL) – Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo

Atlanta finds it a bit too costly to move up to No. 1 for Clowney and wind up finding a better fit for what they want to do. The Falcons sense the Jags pining for Mack’s services so they pull the trigger to get a guy they should be targeting. Read the rest of this entry » «2014 NFL Mock Draft: T-Minus Three Weeks Until Draft Day»