Futures: Amari Cooper has it all

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"Amari Cooper"

Could Cooper be as good or better than Julio Jones and A.J. Green?

NFL’s Future will kick off a new series that will feature future stars in the making. We will run the series periodically throughout the college season as take a look at the new crop of collegiate players.

Towards the end of the 2012 college football season, there wasn’t a better receiver in the country than Alabama’s Amari Cooper. The scary part – he was a true freshman.

Cooper found himself on the biggest of stages as a baby-faced 18-year old as he emerged into AJ McCarron’s top receiving threat on Bama’s National Title team. Yet there was nothing baby-faced or 18-years old about Cooper’s game. Cooper has size at 6-foot-1 and 202 pounds. He has track speed – his mother started him in track at an early age. His route running is that of the most experienced SEC receiver, although he wasn’t asked to run a varied route tree in 2012. Don’t get that confused with poor route running ability – Cooper sticks his foot in the dirt and changes directions with relative ease. And his hands, leaping ability and concentration were as good as any in the country.  Read the rest of this entry » «Futures: Amari Cooper has it all»

"Russell Wilson"

Joe Nicholson – USA Today Sports

Recent articles from Greg Bedard of SI.com/theMMQB.com and Chris Brown of Smart Football/Grantland have highlighted the offseason for defensive coordinators, specifically their read-option missionary trips to college football campuses.

The NFL has been historically slow to catch up to what guys in the lower divisions have been drawing up in the dirt. Brown’s piece touches on Rich Rodriguez and his Glenville State staff drawing up the zone read because they were “just trying to get a first down.” Much of the innovation at any level starts with disproportionate talent level trying to catch up – hence formations and concepts such as the pistol and zone-read being born.

“It’s easier to read someone, than it is to block them.”

In most pro-style offenses – the offense gives the defense the number advantage of at least one (the quarterback). It becomes an 11-10 advantage for the defense. The option offense gave the numbers back to the offense by leaving a defender unblocked and incorporating the quarterback as a potential running threat – flipping the number advantage to 11-10 for the offense. Read the rest of this entry » «The Golden Age of NFL offenses: Adding to the zone read»

Teddy Bridgewater

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Tajh Boyd

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"Tajh Boyd"

Joshua S. Kelly – USA TODAY Sports

Height: 6010 Weight: 225


Preseason Scouting Report

Final Scouting Report


Clemson Bio


Boyd vs. Georgia (2013)

Boyd vs. Wake Forest (2012)

Boyd vs. Auburn (2012)

Boyd vs. Boston College (2012)

Boyd vs. South Carolina (2012)

Boyd vs. Georgia Tech (2012)

Boyd vs. NC State (2012)

Boyd vs. Duke (2012)

Boyd vs. LSU (2012)

Boyd vs. Florida State (2012)


Under construction


HeightWeightHandArm40225 RepsVerticalBroad3-coneShort Shuttle

NFL’s Future adds analytics department

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"football analytics"

NFL’s Future promised major changes at the close of the 2013 NFL Draft. That time has come.

As you may have noticed we have added three additional writers to our team. Most importantly we didn’t just add writers – we added guys that have lived the game. Uptown Murf, John Middlekauff, and Shawn Burns bring significant talents in the evaluation process – each bringing different skill sets.

It’s not just our writing team that got an overhaul. Through my travels this spring and summer it was clear that I couldn’t avoid one term – analytics. Whether it be NFL or NCAA teams, anyone worth their salt is employing heavy doses of analytics in everything they do. Read the rest of this entry » «NFL’s Future adds analytics department»

Weekend takeaways from 49ers & Raiders Camp

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"LaMichael James"

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WR Group: With the additions of Austin Collie and Lavelle Hawkins the competition in this group should only increase.  Collie looks to be in good shape, and still has the play speed that made him one of the best young  WR as recent as 2011. If concussions weren’t an issue, I would like his chances to make the team, but head injuries just terrify me. Kyle Williams returned Sunday looking to be fully healthy, playing fast and catching the ball very naturally. Williams is a lock for me to make the 53 man roster in my eyes.  Another player who continues to excel/flash in practice is Marlon Moore – who had a couple nice plays Sundays and has the vertical speed to stretch the field. He will be a tough cut for the 49ers, and might make a case for them to keep 6 WRs. Last but not least Chad Hall looks to be fighting an uphill battle to make the team, with his limited role on special teams, it’s hard to justify keeping him as your sixth WR. Read the rest of this entry » «Weekend takeaways from 49ers & Raiders Camp»

The Johnny Manziel Saga Continues

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"Johnny Manziel"

Manziel latest misstep could affect his ability to play

The answer to when the Johnny Manziel saga will end is…not today. The latest blow could be the biggest to Johnny Football’s on the field performance. ESPN reported the NCAA is investigating whether the Texas A&M signal caller was paid for signing autographs in January.

Up to this point, Manziel engaged in ‘reputation’ assassination with his off the field exploits which included leaving the Manning Passing Academy early, underage drinking, and other missteps. 

The Outside the Lines report states that Manziel accept a “five figure flat fee” from an autograph broker named Drew Tieman during the 2013 BCS Championship game. The report cited two witnesses that saw Manziel signing autographs but couldn’t confirm money exchanging hands.

If the report proves to be true there is recent precedence with collegiate athletes violating NCAA Bylaw This prohibits student-athletes from accepting money for promotion or sale of a product or service, and the act of doing so can affect an athlete’s amateur status and eligibility to compete in NCAA athletics. 

A.J. Green was suspended four games in 2010 for selling a jersey for $1,000. The most notorious case involved six Ohio State players that exchanged memorabilia for benefits. Those six players received suspensions for up to five games and had to repay the benefits from $1,000 to $2,500 in value. 

Manziel just can’t seem to get out of his own way and has done any and everything possible to stain his reputation this offseason. The Heisman winner has traveled down the downward spiral since accepting the award. 

“Yeah, it could all come unraveled,” Manziel’s father told ESPN Magazine. “And when it does, it’s gonna be bad. Real bad.”

It’s safe to say that things are unraveling before our eyes and it’s happening at a breakneck pace.

"DaQuan Jones"

Evan Habeeb – USA Today Sports

Our 2014 NFL Draft Primed series will run through the start of the college football season. We will spotlight players that are flying under the national radar but could become household names in the near future.

The run of Penn State defensive tackles in the NFL Draft has seen Jared Odrick, Devon Still, and Jordan Hill in the last four drafts. Not many expected that run to continue this season – but the secret is out on DaQuan Jones.

Jones hails from Johnson City, NY – where he was a four-star offensive line recruit. Jones was a two-way star that immediately found a home on the defensive side of the ball at PSU. At 6-foot-4, 300 pounds Jones had the size and strength to play immediately at defensive tackle and injuries would force him to kick outside to end as a freshman.  Read the rest of this entry » «2014 NFL Draft Primed: Penn State Defensive Tackle DaQuan Jones»

A scouts view from Raiders and 49ers practice

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"Oakland Raiders"

USA Today Sports

I love training camp, and as a former NFL scout there is just so much you can take away from every practice. I was a little tough on the Raiders my first visit but I came away much more impressed with my second trip to Napa. While the 49ers continue to look the part despite some injuries, they are built and equipped to handle some setbacks because of roster depth. Here were some of my takeaways:  Read the rest of this entry » «A scouts view from Raiders and 49ers practice»

"NFL Draft"

USA Today Sports

As fall camps kick off we begin to dig deep into the evaluation process. We’ve visited multiple programs, watched a ton of video (thanks to the guys at Draft Breakdown), and already began to form man crushes on certain prospects (Anthony Barr).

Many argue that it’s too early to comprise a rankings – and I’m half in agreement. Ultimately, this winds up being a tool to begin our tape evaluation for the upcoming season. While it’s clear that we haven’t watched all the tape on every player, we have seen enough to begin to form strong opinions towards the direction we are going for the top players (eligible) for the 2014 NFL Draft. Read the rest of this entry » «2014 NFL Draft Top 32 Preseason Prospect Rankings»